ppening soon, should it? I ask myself repeatedly.

I sink into the seat as the building began to roll away just like it did before we got here.

”Heard a celebrity stopped by. You should have come to call me… ”

”Why? ” I ask interrupting her

”Well… We need a lot of connections while we are on our mission don you agree? ”

”We? ” I asked her instead. ”If we are going to do this we need to start opening up to each other, Don you agree? ”

She scoffs and momentarily looks away from me to the window.

”Well, heres for being open. Im stopping to get gas ” and with that she hopped out of the car. I look around to see we were in a different place.

That was fast.

I stay seated and watched as she had a normal conversation with the attendant.

Something she knows how to do well with almost everyone we have come across… Like it was normal.

In a short time, she opens the door and got in. She made to put the key on the ignition to start the car, but she pause and turn to me.

”Ohh right and for the sake of being open, now we are heading back to the house. ”

I stayed mute till we were halfway from where we took off. I had insisted on not saying anything because apparently anything I do or say happens to offend her. The drive had been pretty quiet… Not till she suddenly hit the breaks and we came to a halt.

Looking at the surroundings I was pretty sure this was not the building I had spent the night. This place was strangely familiar.

Alexa comes down from the car and turns to open the door for me.

I came out my confused expression showing clearly.

”Why are we here? ” I questioned looking at the surroundings. I could tell evening was fast approaching from the pale look of the sky.

”Taking you back to where we came out from. ”

”What do you mean? ” I asked confused and startled. My gaze follows her as she moves back to enter the car.

”Hey you can leave me here! ” I almost cried

”Why can I? ”

”The queen sent you to come with me to be a companion. You can just dump me here. Im supposed to find him so we can get back remember? ”

”If this is what you think companionship is all about then we better retreat. Because Im looking like an escort… ”

”Isn that why you are with me? ” She scoffed and let out a chuckle.

”If Im accompanying you to serve as a **ing guard count me out! ” She screeched at me.

It took a moment before I realized it. She knew. She knew I saw him hence the attitude.

”Look I didn say anything because I wasn sure Im sorry! ” And it was the truth. Well plus the fact I think shes just trying to get rid of me and take the glory.

”Im sorry. ” I tried again. ”Ill tell you next time around. ”

”Im not trying to take away anything from you. Im only here for the fun. I can go close to the guy. Im magic! He can sense me! ”

She reasoned and I mentally face-palmed myself for forgetting that.

Of course!

”… Just the way I can sense something strange around us. Linda… Stay close! ”

I shudder and immediately rushed to stand behind her.

The trees rustled and the birds flew around as if indicating danger is coming.

”When I say run! Don **ing look back ” Alexa says and I felt my heartbeat escalate.

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