Asteria: Dead island

Chapter 5: Back in Oaklahoma

The group couldn sleep the only thing they could think about where how grotesque they looked.

”Well atleast we know where the towns people went ”Ezekiel said jokingly slightly believing it

Anna hit him for it wasn the time or place for it.

”Guys we need to sleep ” stated simon drifting off into a deep slumber. one by one they each fell asleep letting the fear wash away with sleeps warm embrace.

”WAKE UPPPPP ” your never gonna believe what I found shouted Ezekiel shaking Simon.

Simon got up rubbing his eyes still a little groggy from last night.

What did you find he questioned?

Theres a hidden room behind this book case with stairs leading downwards, not only that theres a massive room full of swirling Floating lights.

I haven gone inside yet because I wanted to do it as a group but you where asleep.

Ezekiel started walking towards the stairs ”come on he shouted ”.

Simon got up

the girls walked behind them as they followed Ezekiel cautiously because of what had been happening.

walking down the stairs, they came to a massive cave like room as it expanded before them.

The group walked further in but as they approached several of the lights shot torwds them slamming into there chests, A massive shock wave destroyed a wall as the group was flung backwards.

Dust filled the air

Anna got up in front of her a pearly white egg layed motionless on an altar

she reached out of instinct and instantly walked torwds it approaching the egg, cracks started to form and finally the top popped off revealing the head of a baby Bird it looked like a snake, with blue feathers on its body and yellow feathered wings its body about half as big as Anna herself.

It instantly jumped onto her and snuggled her cheek.

”WHAT IS THAT? ” Screamed April

Anna started to laugh.

GUYS the room feels really really hot

Simon ripped off his shirt as a massive flame pillar surrounded him.

Ezekiel jumped away feeling the burning heat,

then a storm cloud appeared above Ezekiel

drenching him in ice cold water.

The flames died down but Ezekiels cloud didn stop ,everyone was silent unable to comprehend what was unfolding before there very eyes, except Anna who was to busy hugging and playing with her new friend casually glancing at the rest. Finally it stopped .

simon cursed ”what the ** ”

The group rushed up the stairs and shut the door panting,scared shitless and not knowing what to do.

”I think I need some time alone ”stated Simon Im gonna go to the house next door and figure out stuff before I talk to you guys and with that simon walked off.

Eventually the group all split up. This divide happened for 3 days there powers slowly growing more and more powerful. During there time alone April Discovered she could control inanimate objects.

Anna isn able to cast anything but her new friend is rapidly growing now taller then her it has the ability to shrink so it can fit into her pocket.

Simons house burned down within the first night, he had to relocate.

Lastly Ezekiel started controlling the weather making more than one cloud.

(Damiens viewpoint)

”WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ” sloth screamed

” Whip ”

be a good boy and do as I say and you won get hurt.

Damiens crying beatenbloody,stitches covered his body Half of his face is burnt off.

”Yes Sir ” Damien sobbed

Now do the spell I told you about and invade there dreams and this time make them want to kill themselves.

sloth continued screaming walking off.

Damien laid there the pain started to grow numb insanity slowly creeping in, Undead guards watching over him closely ready to whip at a moments notice.

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