The Past 2

I type of the women who always priorities my family first no matter how busy Im with my work. My wife very understand about my work and always encourage me and patient even Im working until midnight. Im the one of most richest billionaires in my country called Gala White. They called our country it so I said it too. Im to bad when it come to study about history, the history I remember the most about my wife and daughter. As the heiress to the Alpha Corp most of the time I should go to another country but my wife, sometime she go with me if she have a free time but after we have Aurora our beautiful daughter.

Nothing in this world I love the most than both of them. Jenna, my wife we met since high school and together until we married. Shes my rock and confidant. I really appreciate her and our daughter for be there with me in this lonely world. I only have mom before I met Jenna. Mom someone who very gentle but hardworking person. Shes rarely with me since Im kid because of work so I only take care of by nanny. Things change when mom met with the man after she go to outstation to Narith Country. After that our relationship never be the same. I want to investigate about that man but my aunt always remind me that it not necessary because now I have family to protect. At first I never understand what the meaning of it but now I understand more and more.

One week ago.

” Honey, are you ready, we are late! ” I said to my wife while pick up Aurora and striped her in her baby seat at the back of our car. My wife really the most late people I ever meet in my life. Shes the most beautiful women in my life but still need more time to get ready either go to work or out together. I never get it but she alway said ”I beautiful for you ” and wink at me.

Its make me blush when I remembered about her word and reasons for look presentable for me. The ride to the cabin silent but most of the time Aurora talking with her mommy about her friends at school. Shes 6 years old now and genius of course my daughter, right?. Shes close to new and her mommy too. My wife look anxious and look at me with love. Its make me curious because she type of people who very honest and straightforward all the time.

”Baby, I have something to tell you ”. She bit her lower lip and pat my left tight slowly like she try to collect her thought. She never like this in the past. I decide to tease her ”Yes, are you pregnant again? ” I am and still concentrate while driving it very dangerous if I lost my focus. Her face turned red either it from blushing or embarrassed because of my comment.

”Are you tried to make me share my secret? Don you curious about the news I want to share with you? ”. She lean in with her beautiful smile and kiss my cheek softly . I smile proudly toward her behaviour and my heart beating fast enough to not jump out from my chest. I intertwine our fingers to feel her clomess toward me and kiss her knuckle. I nod my head to encouraging her to speak. She smile and said ”Im pregnant again and we are going to be are parents again! ” She yelled excitedly in her sit also Aurora following her mother lead without knowing what her mother shared with me but to become her loyal supporter.

Im shocked with the news Eliza just shared with me. Its lie if I doesn think about to expand our little family. As a wife I don want to force my love of life to think about it. Enough she take care of our daughter, working at hospital also hard for to balancing work life balance. ” Im very happy honey also I had thought about to expanding our family before but I think about your job and Aurora ”. I replied to her and looked at her with smiling face. ”You never tell about this and I just think you not happy about it. ” She suddenly speak those words. Maybe she think I don want to add new family member in our little family. That why she doubt about my reaction of the new.

Finally, we arrive at the destination. ”Okay, we already arrive at our destination so thank you for hired me as your driver for today, your majesty. ” I joking with Eliza and poke her straight nose. Shes laughing lovely than take my hand to squeeze softly. Her beautiful smile I locked in my mind and cherish the most. Thanks God for given me Eliza in this life. Im very happy.

”You always be like this, that why I love you so much and or baby too. ”Aurora too ” My beautiful daughter add from her set. I turned my attention toward and see her still set on her. ”Still you are my princess ”. I pick her up from her set and Eliza take her from me. I feel something weird in my heart like someone observing us from the a far but I quickly dismiss it. I told Eliza and Aurora to go to cabin first while pick our beg and I also want to investigate who try to following us. As long as I know this cabin far from city and only our family know about it.

*I will edit this chapter in future*

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