That night, I took a stroll out on the streets on my new scooter. I just wanted to savor the free moment I had left before I started working for the almighty Oscar King.

According to Mira, hes a tough nut to crack and all his other drivers were killed in one way or the other. That was enough reason for me to quit but I didn . I got a feeling that something was amiss. Mira didn want me to stay, that was why she told me all that, if not, who would tell the new guy horrible tales about his new job? She clearly wanted me out but sadly, I couldn be moved.

I got a call from dad. Though his drinking reduced when he ran out of money, he went into a more dangerous game, gambling. Now hes got tons of loans on his back and guess whos gonna pay em, this gal. Ugh.

”What is it old man? ” I asked as I stopped my scooter.

”My dear daughter… ”

”Just spill it. ” I interrupted, knowing fully well what he was at. Somehow, when he speaks in that tone, it disgusts me. ”How much do you need this time? ”

”Just twenty thousand dollars! ” He said like it was no big deal.

”Just? What the heck man?! ” My brows furrowed with anger. It felt like the more I gave him, the more he would demand.

”Its not my fault this time. The other guy cheated. ” He tried to find an excuse.

”I don care whose fault it was. If you stop gambling, there will be no faults. ” I scolded. This man called my father, could drive me nuts in a matter of seconds.

”Just help your father this last time. I promise to stop. ” I kept silent for a while and spoke softly.

”You said that for the past 5 times but I don see any sign of stopping. When is all this gonna stop? ” I felt emotional for a sec but immediately regained myself. ”Well, I don have any cash on me now and I just got a new job, so until the end of this month, don disturb me, okay? ”

” But… ”

”Fuck off! ” I cut the call feeling my head steam. I was so furious and at the same time sad. I chuckled and sniffed ”I don know why I give him money anyway! ”

I turned on the engine of my scooter and started riding away.

I was no longer fighting at the underground arena and I had no way to earn money till the end of the month. How was I to get money for my dad? I didn want some goons beating him up, only I was allowed to do that, anyone else can be regarded as a bully.

My mind was still a mess as I rode steadily on the dark road with only my headlight to light the way. Suddenly, I caught the figure of something at a distance but before I could comprehend what it was, I found myself stepping on the breaks as the figure magically turned into a man. Damn!

As soon as the scooter stopped, he collapsed. I got off to examine if I had killed someone.

”Oh no! I didn hit him right? ” I turned him over and luckily, he was still breathing. I looked around, there was no one in sight. I looked back at the man and noticed his tux was of high quality. ”He must be rich. ” I assumed ”But where did… ” I sensed someone behind me but I didn see anyone. My instincts were never wrong especially when it smelt danger.

Before I could turn to the other side, I got hit in the head really hard. As a fighter, I was supposed to hold my ground but aside from being a fighter, I was also a girl, fragile and weak.

I woke up the next morning to see myself on the same bed with a man. I quickly checked my body, phew, my clothes were still on and so was his. He was the same man from last night. Did someone set him up with me? But who was he?

My watch clicked and I checked to see it was four in the morning.

”Its still quite early, I can still go home. Wait, where is my scooter? ” I couldn help but feel down. I had spent quite a sum of money on that scooter. I looked at the man. ”This is all your fault! ” I blamed him even when I knew he was also a victim. ”I need some sort of compensation. ”

I looked at his clothes, surely there was something I could take. I wasn a thief but a girls gotta survive.

My eyes spotted his golden Lexus wrist watch and I whistled softly.

”This must cost a fortune! ” I exclaimed as I carefully stripped it off his wrist and headed for the door. I made sure he was still asleep before dashing out. I felt like I had forgotten something but couldn remember what it was.

At times like this, I was glad I had facial blindness, that way, even if we cross paths in the future I wouldn fret because I would have long forgotten his face.

I wasn born with facial blindness but it was as a result of my eyes having close contact with shattered glass every now and then. I couldn recognize people I meet for the first time without taking a picture.

Coupled with that, I couldn see peoples face from afar nor could I read from afar. Youd wonder how I could still see to drive, well its easy. I can still see the color of lights no matter how far it is, so traffic lights weren a problem for me.

Right now, the only peoples faces I can recognize are my dad and the arenas manager but even his face seems to be blank now. So I guess my dads the only one.

That morning, I got to work and discovered an uproar among the workers. They were all gossiping about one topic. None of that had to do with me, so I went straight to the vice presidents office. I had forgotten how he looked like and I didn know if I was talking to the right person, so I asked.

”Were you the one who interviewed me yesterday? ” Though it sounded stupid, I didn want to address the wrong person. He looked at me surprised.

”Why, yes! Don you recognize me? ” He asked.

”Sorry! ” I pointed at my eyes. ”Ive got some problem with facial recognition. ” I said and he gave me a I understand look.

”So you won recognize Mira either? ” He asked

”Oh, I will! ” I took out my phone and showed it to him. ”I took a pic of her yesterday. ”

”Then, do you want to take a pic of me too? ” He asked and I nodded.

”Sure! ” I raised my phone, ready to take a pic of him while he tried to get into character. He wanted me to take a very good shot of him but I didn really have to.

As soon as I raised my phone, I had already taken the picture. I just left my hand hanging just so I could watch him assume all the poses in the world. It was funny. He was funny.

”Aren you gonna take the shot? ” He asked

”Already did! ” I said and he looked at me shocked.

”What? ” He took away my phone and checked the picture. ”This…this… How could you take such a silly photo of me, I look hideous. ”

”You look fine! ” I snatched my phone away.

”Is that how youll remember my face to look like? ”

”Whats wrong with it? ” I looked at his puzzled expression and looked at the picture. They looked exact. ”Besides, Im not totally blind. I just need to know the details on your face. ” He sighed.

”You wouldn understand! ” He shook his head. I didn intend to understand in the first place.

”Okay then. ” I kept my phone not intending to ask any further questions. Our interactions for this morning was already enough.

”My name is Nathan! ” He introduced. I didn even ask.

”So, wheres the boss, Mr Nathan? ” I inquired

”Oh, just call me Nathan! ” He suggested but I brushed it off.

”Where is he? ” I asked plainly

”Well, he got caught up in something, so hell be a little bit late. ” He walked back to his desk. ”Here, put this on, its your uniform. ”

”Im not gonna look like a chaffeur, right? ” I asked accepting the pack but instead of answering, he simply shrugged his shoulders.

”Just go to that room over there and change! ” He pointed at the door at the corner of the office. I eyed him before walking towards the door. I scanned the door, making sure there was no hole in it because from what I could tell, Nathan was a pervert. A little pervert.

I opened the door and discovered it was a bedroom. There was another door which led to a bathroom. I locked the door and scanned the ceiling carefully and found it.

I was sure that he was sitting behind his laptop watching me at the moment, so I raised my middle finger at the tiny camera and stuck out my tongue. I went to the bathroom and changed before going out.

”Touche, Miss Dale! ” He clapped twice ”Touche! ”

”Oh, just call me Tasha! ” I said mimicking his previous words.

He looked at my outfit and I looked at it as well. Though it was clearly a chaffeurs uniform, I looked great in it.

”How did you know there was a camera? ” He suddenly asked.

”I don mean to sound offensive to my superior but please, you had a vivid smug on your face. ” I said hoping he wouldn feel offended. All the while weve been talking, I had completely forgotten that he was my superior and the one who gave me this job.

”I get that a lot! ” He smiled and looked at my hair. ”Didn Mira tell you about your hair? The boss hates orange hair. ”

”Tsk! ” I couldn help but tsk and looked away. ” Hang on! ” I dropped my cap and asked, ”Do you have a rubber ring? ” He searched and found one. ”Thanks! ” I took the rubber ring and tied my hair. Though it was short, I could still tye it backwards. There were some loose strands at the corner of my face but it couldn be helped.

I wore my cap and it hid my hair perfectly.

”There, problem solved! ”

e a pretty lady! ” He complimented which took me by surprise.

”Says who? The mayor of Washington? ” I rolled my eyeballs. I was the least pretty as far as I was concerned. No one ever said it, so I was sure of it. Afterall, no one had the guts to.

”You don hear that often, uh? ”

”I don hear it, at all! ” I felt a bit annoyed. It almost felt like I was being mocked. I didn like to hear such words that sounded vain, being directed at me. Especially coming from a guy. The first guy who said I was pretty, got a punch in his face. But even at that, he still kept sticking around me claiming we were friends.

”Hey! ” Nathan snapped his fingers at my face. ”Earth to Tasha, do you read?! ” My mind must have wandered for a moment.

”Whats up? ” I asked

”Well, the boss has arrived. His office is at the first floor. ” He said and I nodded. I headed straight for the door when he called out. ”Tasha, do be careful with your words. ”

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