*yawns* ”Wow its morning already ” ”No sir ,this is night sir ”maid replies. ”Wow so I slept for just little time and still feel well relaxed,What are you doing in my room ”.While sobbing replies ”No sir,you came back drunk yesterday,*still sobbing*did some stuffs and as been sleeping till now and sir this my room. ”

”Whaattttt!! you mean I have been asleep for a whole day and you didn care to wake me up?,don you know I have businesses to run?!! ”*still sobbing* ”How dare you,and what the ** are you wimping over ,infact, get out , I SAID GETT OUTT!! ”

”Sir sorry am going ”

”What I mean is ,YOU ARE FIRED ”

”Nooo you cant do this to me ”

”Well I have the money to , do you have to stay?*laughs out* ”

”you can **** me and just throw me out of your house ”

”shut the ** up ,I didn **** anyone ,now am very pissed,get out! ”

”MAXIMO STOP THIS!!! ”she screams


He slapped her very hard.

”young woman ,mind yourself,so rude ”

He grabbed her by the hand as dragged her out his compound ,out the gate and pushed her to the ground. ”

”I wouldn forget this Maximo ,I promise you this ”.

”Fuck off ,Whore,you drug me and try to get advantage of me ,I ain no cunt. ”

*2 days later*

Maximo ”get me my bag Laura ”

His gateman looking at him strangely

”LAURA,LAURA,Where the ** is this girl ”

*Sir you sacked her two days ago*

”Oh right,then why the ** are you standing there ,get me my bag. ”

Vincent ”sorry sir,yes sir ”

*4 months After*

*Princeton Oils Limited*

Lady: ”Okay so do you have an appointment with him ”

”Yes I do ”

Lady ”by which time maam ”

”Don worry I will wait here he should be on his way down. ”

Lady ”Okay maam ”

After few minutes Maximo gets to the last floor and was about leaving.

”Are you forgeting your unborn child Maximo ”

Maximo was shocked as he glazed at Laura ”

”You must be joking,who let her in here in? ”

Lady ”Sir she said she had an appointment with you. ”

Laura ”You haven changed one bit Maximo,still bossy and arrogant as always. ”

”Where are the security men ,why can they be useful when you need them ,** this am out,Make sure the gets her out of here. ”

Lady ”Yes sir. ”

”I will go for now but I will be back ”Laura stated and she left.

2 weeks later Laura returns early in the morning but this time it his main residence because she knew Maximo will take a day off as he always does every year.

”Maximo come out am carrying your child ,you can deny me and your child ” She kept on chanting those same words over at the front of the gate until one of Maximos security men(Vincent)came to report the issue to him in his room

*knock knock*

Maximo ”Who dare knocks at my door at this time of the day ”

Vincent ”Pardon me sir,its me Vincent ”


Maximo ”Well do

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