Marriage is not an option

*yawns* ”Wow its morning already ” ”No sir ,this is night sir ”maid replies. ”Wow so I slept for just little time and still feel well relaxed,What are you doing in my room ”.While sobbing replies ”No sir,you came back drunk yesterday,*still sobbing*did some stuffs and as been sleeping till now and sir this my room. ”

”Whaattttt!! you mean I have been asleep for a whole day and you didn care to wake me up?,don you know I have businesses to run?!! ”*still sobbing* ”How dare you,and what the ** are you wimping over ,infact, get out , I SAID GETT OUTT!! ”

”Sir sorry am going ”

”What I mean is ,YOU ARE FIRED ”

”Nooo you cant do this to me ”

”Well I have the money to , do you have to stay?*laughs out* ”

”you can **** me and just throw me out of your house ”

”shut the ** up ,I didn **** anyone ,now am very pissed,get out! ”

”MAXIMO STOP THIS!!! ”she screams


He slapped her very hard.

”young woman ,mind yourself,so rude ”

He grabbed her by the hand as dragged her out his compound ,out the gate and pushed her to the ground. ”

”I wouldn forget this Maximo ,I promise you this ”.

”Fuck off ,Whore,you drug me and try to get advantage of me ,I ain no cunt. ”

*2 days later*

Maximo ”get me my bag Laura ”

His gateman looking at him strangely

”LAURA,LAURA,Where the ** is this girl ”

*Sir you sacked her two days ago*

”Oh right,then why the ** are you standing there ,get me my bag. ”

Vincent ”sorry sir,yes sir ”

*4 months After*

*Princeton Oils Limited*

Lady: ”Okay so do you have an appointment with him ”

”Yes I do ”

Lady ”by which time maam ”

”Don worry I will wait here he should be on his way down. ”

Lady ”Okay maam ”

After few minutes Maximo gets to the last floor and was about leaving.

”Are you forgeting your unborn child Maximo ”

Maximo was shocked as he glazed at Laura ”

”You must be joking,who let her in here in? ”

Lady ”Sir she said she had an appointment with you. ”

Laura ”You haven changed one bit Maximo,still bossy and arrogant as always. ”

”Where are the security men ,why can they be useful when you need them ,** this am out,Make sure the gets her out of here. ”

Lady ”Yes sir. ”

”I will go for now but I will be back ”Laura stated and she left.

2 weeks later Laura returns early in the morning but this time it his main residence because she knew Maximo will take a day off as he always does every year.

”Maximo come out am carrying your child ,you can deny me and your child ” She kept on chanting those same words over at the front of the gate until one of Maximos security men(Vincent)came to report the issue to him in his room

*knock knock*

Maximo ”Who dare knocks at my door at this time of the day ”

Vincent ”Pardon me sir,its me Vincent ”


Maximo ”Well do you need a card to start talking ,speak up ”

Vincent ”Sorry sir,I came to inform you that Laura has been in front of the gate shouting you are the father of her unborn child ”

Maximo ”Is that why you came to disturb my morning sleep,ignore that whore and don come back unless you have something reasonable to say ”

Vincent ”yes sir,okay sir ”

Vincent was about to go to his position when he noticed the gate opened and his fellow security men who where at the front gate with him lying on the ground.

Vincent ”what happened,why is the gate opened and why are you guys on the ground. ”

security man 1 ”She kicked my balls hard,awww ”

security man 2 ”She did same to me,awww ”

Vincent ”what do you mean by she ,wait where is Laura? ”

security man 1 replied with a tone of pain ”that is what we are saying,she fell to the ground and I thought she fainted ,I opened the gate to help her up,as soon as I did that she kicked me in the balls ”

security man 2 ”Then she tried coming in and I tried stopping her then she kick me in the balls too ”

Vincent ”Are you saying she is inside ”

Both security men in harmony ”yesss ”

Vincent ”you are both useless,if a pregnant woman can do this to you what will happen to you when a robber attacks,what are you still doing on the floor,get the ** up and find her ,I didn see her on my way out so she must have tried passing one of the other ways I to the building,get her before she gets to Mr.Maximo ”

Both security men in harmony ” yes sir ”

They both stood up really quick and let in search of Laura .

Maximo was done with the shower he was taking and stepped out of his room just to find Laura sitting on his bed waiting for him.

He was shocked and didn even notice his towel fell on the floor

”wow it hasn even changed one bit ”she commented

”** ”he said as he picked up his towel and tied it round his waist in hurry.

Maximo ”how did you get here ”

Laura ”through the gate of course,where else ”

Maximo ”Security can let you in ”

Laura ”*laughs out*You call those dimwits security ahahahah!,you must really know how to crack jokes ”

Maximo ”ARE YOU INSANE!!?,Do I look like Im joking? ”

Laura ”If you were wearing your suit I would have said yes but with your stuff dangling over there then no ”

Maximo already getting really mad goes and grab her by the arm

”If you ever try playing tricks with me you will regret or… ”

”or what ,will you get drunk and **** me again*laughs*,you are full of empty threats ,you can do anything to me ”

He grabs her harder and give her a slap

”Empty threats, suck on that,now leave ”He said

”Slaps like a baby ”she replied as she was about leaving when he called her back

He stopped her because he just remembered he has cameras in each rooms.Maximo ”now all this your rubbish will stop and you will have nothing against me. ”

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