Maximo ”ahahaha!!too bad for you I just remembered there is a camera in this room ”

Laura frowns

”Lets go to the surveillance room ”

Laura ”I don think that is a good idea we can just leave the matter here and now ”

Maximo ”what do you mean,after stressing me out,you can pull strings again,cos once you try anything stupid again you will be arrested. ”

Laura ”Okay am sorry,can we leave it now ”

Maximo ”You disgraced me at my one of work place and you also came here,no is not an option now **ing move ”

By this time Vincent has already gotten to his room and he saw Laura and Maximo.Vincent ”Sir don worry I will take it from here,Laura out this minute. ”

Maximo stopped him and told him want he wanted to do and he should tag along.

Laura ”Are you sure Maximo,please don do this ”

Maximo ”Shut up cunt and move. ”

They all started moving to his surveillance room and when they got there he looked for the clip and so the clip for that night and he played it



Laura ”ah Sir,are you okay? ”

Maximo ”Get out of my sight you brat ”

Maximo staggered and fell on the floor and Laura decided to help him up

Laura ”Sir at least let me help you to your room ”

Maximo ”No oo leave me the fuc….(he slept off).

Laura ”What did you drink this time. ”

Laura took him to his room and removed the shoe he was wearing and from there she started pulling off his shirt.

(current Maximo ”Am sure this is where you did it ” Laura didn reply but kept quiet)

She pulled off his shirt and went for his trousers (current Maximo ”I said it ”) and just remaining his boxers she laid him on the bed and left the room and went to her room.

Current Maximo was shocked and then remember it happened in her room

while Laura was sleeping

*knock knock

she went and happening the door

Laura ”oh Sir its you,do you want anything ”.

Maximo ”yes iiii want….. some milk ”

Laura ”oh okay let me get that for you ”.

Maximo ”Not that milk. ”

Laura ”Which milk Sir ”

Maximo ”let me show you ”

Maximo pushes the door open and grabs Laura and pushes her on the bed and tore off her night gown leaving her naked.

Maximo ”yes its this milk I want ”.

He started sucking and pressing her to pleasure himself

Laura ”Sir what are you doing?,please don do this Sir,Sir please

”Then he stood up and went to his room ”

Laura with do much shock started crying but happy nothing happened

(Current Maximo ”I knew it ,it was either nothing happened or you used my drunkenness to your advantage)

Laura hurried to lock the door to her room but unfortunately Maximo was already back and he pushed the door open.

He grabs her again meanwhile Laura was begging for him to not do anything,he didn listen ,this time he brought two of his belts and as he pushed her against the bed he tied both of her hands to the edges of the bed.

He started his routine of of pressing ,licking and sucking her nips,Laura was crying and begging for him to stop.

He didn listen and now he was pulling down his boxers for the main stuff.

(Current Maximo offed the tv playing the recording)

”What was that Maximo,the main fun was about to start ”Laura said.

Maximo looked at her with shock all over his face and found her smiling right back at him..

He grabbed her by the the shoulders and pushed her against the wall.

Maximo ”You knew this would happen then why did you then pretend ”

Laura ”*she laughed*I just wanted to see your face after all this ”

Maximo ”You tricked me into allowing us to watch this ”

Laura ”Don forget about Vincent ”

He turned back and found Vincent in shock too watching him.

He was vicious now and was about to slap her when Vincent held his hand.

Maximo ”What are doing,are you insane ”

Vincent ”Pardon me but I don think what you are about to do is wise besides she is really carrying your child,we are even lucky she hasn told the press ,take this from your best friend ”

Maximo calms down and walked out on them ,closing the door very hard.

Laura ”I never new you were this smart,he is lucky he has someone like you or he would have been in jail before he even raped me ”

Vincent didn reply and Laura went out of the room and left the building.

*THE NEXT DAY/Weekend/Sunday*

Laura came back to the building with a big bag.

Vincent ”What is all these now ”

Laura ”I am carrying his child so what do you expect ”

Laura shouting ”Honey I am home!! ”

Vincent ”Can you just let him rest,he is having a hard day thinking about what happened yesterday ”

Laura ”And I who is carrying his child his have a nice day ,is that what you are saying ”

Vincent ”you know fully well that that is not what I meant ”

Laura ”hmmmm,just go and tell Maximo am here and ready to pack back in ”

Vincent ”If that is what you want,I will do that quickly so you can go ”

Laura ”I assure you I will not be going anywhere ”


Vincent got to his room

Vincent ”Maximo are you alright? ”

Maximo ”yeah am good,what are you doing here ”

Vincent ”Sorry to disturb you but Laura is here ”

Maximo ”And the reason why is? ”

Vincent ”Well she said she wants to comeback to the house,like live here ”

Maximo ”That is absurd,because she is bearing my child doesn mean she will come back here ”

Maximo ”give me some time let me freshing up and meet you at the gate ”

*40 minutes*

Laura ”Oh you finally showed up ”

Maximo ”well speak up,what do you want? ”

Laura ”judging from the bag you can see me carrying,I want to move back in obviously ”

Maximo ”And where do you want to be working cos I have offered you job to another person though the person doesn live here ”

Laura ”*laughs*Maximo you always know when to crack a good joke,I am not coming back to work ”

Maximo ”Then why do you choose to come back here ”

Laura ”well I am bearing your child ”

Maximo ”well I don still believe that thing you are carrying is my child ”

Maximo ”Vincent lets go come inside with me lets have some drinks at my winery ”

Vincent ”Oh!okay ”

Laura ”I will still be waiting for you to change your mind Maximo ”

*blows kisses*

Both Maximo and Vincent had few shots of alcohol and some wines and was just talking about some stuffs like girls and latest cars,It was getting late already late and Vincent was already going back to his duty post to find Laura still there.

Vincent ”Maximo she is still there ”

Maximo ”it is getting late she will soon go,don let her in no matter what ”

Vincent ”okay Sir ”

Vincent went and told the other security men what Maximo ordered.

Time flew by really fast and rain started drizzling and Vincent when to Maximo to tell him It was already drizzling and she was still outside.He still denied her entry

Maximo replied saying ”That will give her a better reason for her to leave ”

Vincent ”Maximo I don think that is a go… ”

”Are you disobeying my order ”Maximo interrupted.

”Sorry Sir ”Vincent responded.

”Since it is drizzling you and the other guards should come inside and just watch the house through the surveillance cameras ”Maximo ordered.

”Thank you sir,will do ”Vincent replied.

”oh and don watch the rooms within this mansion ,only survey outside for intruders,arm robbers and so on and don come back here again unless there is an emergency. ”

*20 minutes later*

It was already raining really hard with storms and thunder and checked his window to be sure she has gone but unfortunately for him she was still there and he didn bother but with his guilty conscience eating him up he ran out of his room not even remembering to take an umbrella and got to the gate and opened it to find her shivering with pain.

Laura(shivering) ”oh… yo…u came,I kn..ow you wouldn leave me.. ”

Maximo ”just shut up for once and stand up and follow me ”

Laura ”I can st…and ”

Maximo ”What do you mean by you can stand ”

Laura ”it means I can…not sta…ND ”

Maximo was already beaten up by the rain and soaked wet and just decided to carry her,he carried her with arms like a newly born baby, he carried her into the Mansion and then to one of his living rooms and placed her on a sofa bed.

Maximo dropped her and started going

Laura ”Are you lea..ving al..ready,I ne..ver knew you could be such a gentleman ”

Maximo ”you talk too much now keep quiet ”

after some minutes Maximo came back with a towel.

Maximo ”now take this and go and freshing up and use this to dry yourself up,Use hot water since you are feeling cold ”

Laura ”really ”she said sarcastically.

Maximo ”I thought I told you to be quiet ”

Maximo ”now,when you are done your room is still available for you ,so you can spend the night there but for only this night, tomorrow I will give you some money to take care of yourself and the day after we will go to a doctor and confirm if the child is really mine.

Laura didn say anything and just took the towel and went to bath and Maximo did the same but in his home bathroom.

*two days later

Maximo and Laura went to take the test.

Doctor ”we are done with the samples taken for the test the result will be out in two to three weeks time we will contact the both of you when the result is out. ”

After that Maximo gave Laura some money again that will keep her for four weeks and said she should come back unless the results are out and they will decide what will happen next.

Laura obliged and took the money and they went their both separate ways.

*Two weeks later*

*both phone rings*

Doctor ”Good morning,I just want to inform you that the results are out ”

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