*Two weeks later*

*both phone rings*

Doctor ”Good morning,I just want to inform you that the results are out ”

As they both got the call only Laura was able to go to the hospital and Maximo couldn because he was in a meeting with his fellow corporators and they where doing some business.

Since Maximo said that they mustn give Laura the report unless he is there or has read it himself,So with no other choice Laura was told to come back later and this time with Maximo.

With that information at hand Laura went to Maximos mansion instead of her home and when she got there she was denied an entry at first until she told Vincent that the reports were out and Maximo decided she could come once it is out.

Vincent allowed her in and she went to straight to the wine cellar and got some drinks for herself while drinking Maximo has already returned and Vincent alerted him she was inside.

Maximo ”Laura! Laura!! where are you? ”

Laura ”honey I am in the wine cellar ”

Maximo went to his wine cellar and saw her with two bottles of wine empty.

Maximo ”I am not your honey, receive correction ”

Laura ”oh!you are here, come now take a seat Lets drink together ”

Maximo ”A pregnant woman thinking foolishly ,what a shame ”

Laura ”Oh crap am I pregnant?!! ”

Maximo ”You must have been drunk from birth to start drinking like this with almost 6 months of pregnancy,I can believe I had sex with someone like you ”

Laura ”hahahaha, fortunately for you ,you did and I am sure you will want more but not now am okay being just pregnant alone and not horny ”

Maximo ”Thats enough of drinking for a lifetime for you,now get out of my wine cellar ”

Laura ”wait, just one more wine I promise ”

Maximo ”Stop that now,we have to go ”

Laura ”oh!are you taking me to an eatery or something?! ”

Maximo ”This is useless ”

Maximo lost his cool and went and dragged the bottles with her ,dropped it,started dragging her out of the wine cellar ”

Laura ”Baby I want more pwease just one moreee ,baby eyes with cherry on top please ”.

Maximo ”you are pathetic no doubt,drunk or not ”

Laura ”honey you are so…. ”

Maximo ”I said stop calling me… ”

*Snores snores*

Maximo looked and saw that the person he was dragging has fallen asleep.

”what is all these now ”Maximo complained.

He no choice but to carry her like a baby on his palms and then he took her to the room she used to stay in ”.

Maximo ”because of you the test results will have to wait ”

Maximo was leaving the room when

Laura while sleepy and low voice ”wouldn you kiss me goodbye before going ”

Maximo ignores and continue moving.

Laura ”please stay with me I don feel well ”

Maximo ”when you drank like a maniac what do you expect ”

Laura ”you don have to sleep with me or anything just please stay.

Maximo didn care about what she said and left for his room instead.

He took a cold bath to cool himself from the day he just had and was going to rest.

As he came out of the bathroom and headed to his bed naked to sleep because he like all the path of his body feeling the breeze he just ,he thought that as very relaxing.

Before he slept he thought about Laura and gave what she said a thought and just went there after he put some clothes.

*knock knock*

*knock knock*

He opened the door and saw she was still asleep and with no reason to wake her up he sat on the couch close to the wall in the room and before he knew it he had slept off.

”Sleepy head wake up,sleepy head wake up ”

As Maximo woke up he quickly got up because he never wanted Laura to see him there.

”I came here to call you so you can get ready and we can get to the hospital before they close for the day ”

Laura ”hahaha I know I know ,when you were here calling me to get ready according to you,I had already gotten ready, so we can go ”

Maximo ”wait for me down stairs ”

Laura ”where are you going? ”

Maximo ignores her and left the room to his and he went and washed his face and combed his hair to look neat.


Lets move

Laura ”oh you are here already ”

Maximo ”get the jeep ready,we are off to the hospital,hopefully it isn mine ”

That upsets Laura

”So where are we going to after the hospital ”

Maximo ”Look Laura I have to tell you something ”

Laura ”Okay am listening,is it about where we will be branching to on the way back!!? ”

Maximo ”Laura you have to know something and what you need to know is that we are not friends will never be friends and never be couples,a silly mistake will not make me live with you for the rest of my life ”

Laura ”What is bringing all these up ,I thought we were cool ”

Maximo ”Are you a tortoise,get that stupid idea out of your head and put this into your big thick skull you were my maid ,we shared no relationship apart from that and it will remain like that,I know you are just someone that wants me to keep making mistakes. ”

Laura ”oh that what all this is about ”

Maximo ”I made this silly mistake and mistakes like you want to ruin my life ”

Laura ”MAXIMO!!!!why are you saying all these now,(sobs) ”

Laura ”driver stop the car,I will walk there ”

Maximo ”We are heading there already no need to get down ”

Laura ”I want out now ,open,OPEN,OPEN!!! ”

Maximo ”driver stop the jeep,let her get out ”

*door opens*

Laura got out ”You are the worst Maximo,I have never seen one more worse ”


she slams the door.

Maximo ”Are you waiting for an invitation from the hospital to drive off ”



Maximo was waiting for Laura to reach the hospital so they can go on with checking the results.

Finally after 47 minutes she reached and when she entered Maximo came out of his Jeep and followed her in.They saw each other but didn interact.

They bought went to the doctor for the results.

Doctor ”okay you are both here,have a seat will you? ”

Laura sat down

Maximo ”I would rather not ”

Doctor ”Sir are you su… ”

Maximo ”am I here for you to entertain me,stop all these and get along with the results I have a busy schedule. ”

Doctor ”Sorry sir,Well tye test came out positive ”

Maximo ”meaning it isn mine right? ”

Doctor ”No sir,Meaning the child belongs to you. ”

Laura turns towards Maximo

Laura ”Now it is yours will you kill it ”

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