Maximo ”Are you waiting for an invitation from the hospital to drive off ”


driver ”Sir,I don need to intrude but I think you were too har.. ”

Maximo ”Finish that sentence and you are fired for sure,peasants like you and Laura need to learn where you place is and how to remain there ”

driver ”yes sir,pardon me sir for my mistake ”

Finally after 47 minutes she reached and when she entered Maximo came out of his Jeep and followed her in.They saw each other but didn interact.

They bought went to the doctor for the results.

Doctor ”okay you are both here,have a seat will you? ”

Laura sat down

Maximo ”I would rather not ”

Doctor ”Sir are you su… ”

Maximo ”am I here for you to entertain me,stop all these and get along with the results I have a busy schedule. ”

Doctor ”Sorry sir,Well tye test came out positive ”

Maximo ”meaning it isn mine right? ”

Doctor ”No sir,Meaning the child belongs to you. ”

Laura turns towards Maximo

Laura ”Now it is yours will you kill it ”

She was walking out on him and he grabbed her by the hand.

Maximo ”I have been thinking about it Laura and I think I was a little bit hard on you earlier today ”

Laura ”You think,a little bit,you and your ego ,you are not worth my generosity,you are pathetic ”.

Maximo held her even tighter now

Laura ”I just knew it,you can never change and that is for sure now get your hands off me ”

Maximo ”don you dare try me… ”

Laura ”or what you will **** me again,doctor,you can see he didn deny it so if anything happens me I believe you know the right thing to do ”

Maximo ”grrr ”

Laura ”will you continue behaving like the wolf you are or get your filthy hands off me ”

Maximo left her but still was very angered.He walked out leaving her and the doctor in there ”.


Maximo got home and when to one of his living rooms to cool himself down from his presumed miserable Laura caused day.

Vincent walked into the room in hope of knowing what happened.

Vincent ”Hey Maximo ”

Maximo ”Am not good,what do you want? ”

Vincent ”whats wrong ”

Maximo ”nothing ”

Vincent ”oh!okay if you say so ”

Maximo ”hmm ”

Vincent ”so what did the results say ”

Maximo ”Are you asking me that,what do you think? ”

Vincent ”oh sorry,how do you feel about that ”

Maximo ”its either you are deaf,blind or you are both that you look at me right now and ask such a stupid question ”.

Vincent ”sorry about that,but what will you do now ”

Maximo ”as for then I don know and I don give a ** but as for now you can clearly see I am relaxing and need peace and quite ”

Vincent ”sorry for the disturbance but if you need a friend beside you or something am a call away or we can go to the club,thats if you want okay bye ”.

Maximo ”oh okay wait,give me some time let me get set,get one of the cars ready ”

*45 mins later*

Maximo came down and saw Vincent already sleeping

Maximo ”Hey wake up ”

Vincent ”am tired ,leave me a lone ”

Maximo ”either you stand up or go to your post ”

Vincent with a sleepy voice ”neither ”

Maximo ”hmmm maybe I should leave him and go ”

Maximo ”no no no,he brought up the I idea ,he must go ”


Maximo ”sleepy head wake the ** up ”

Maximo gave Vincent a hot slap.Vincent stood up very quickly because it was a shock to him ”

Vincent ”oh,you are done,

Vincent ” you are awake?,I mean ready ”

Maximo ”hahaha,you might be the one that will make my day now not even the club ”

Vincent ”Maximo don tease me ,you wasted a lot of time,what were you washing ”

Maximo ”You have it too so am sure you know what I was washing,haha ”

Vincent ”hmmm,okay sir ,haha ”

Vincent ”so,which club should we go to ”

Maximo ”is that a question,the elite club of course do I look like a low life ”

Vincent ”Sorry sir,I was thinking maybe should go to of those middle class clubs ”

Maximo ”And the reason why is? ”

Vincent ”Well the way you are now,I think you need a new friend,or friends and you can find them in the Elite club because you already know most people there ”.

Maximo ”Hmmm I am not feeling good about that idea ,true I can need a new friend or two but Im not feeling too bad about the idea too ”.

They started heading to the car Vincent prepared for them to use.

Vincent ”Okay so Maximo for you to enjoy the rest of the day today,I will be pulling the shots ,is that fine by you? ”

Maximo ”Well am the boss,but I will let that slide just for today , SIR ”.

Vincent ”you are funny Maximo but you know you don have to call me SIR if you don wanna ”

Maximo ”just play cool with it Sir or ain pulling no shorts again ”

Vincent ”To club driver Disco Dice club ”

The car didn move or make attempt to move.

Maximo ”didn you hear him,or are you deaf ”

Driver ”No I thought you wer… ”

Maximo ”just keep quiet and start driving,this is the second time today,you really want to get fired ”.

The driver drove off and got them to the allocated area.

*Maximo ”Are you sure this is the right place? ”

Vincent ”the club is really nice,lets get in and stay for some hours and you will admit it yourself ”

”Maximo ”I don feel good ,just look are those people having a doggy on a dumpster?,thats disgusting,utterly disgusting ”

Vincent ”Its normal around here,they are just horny,can you do anything when you are horny,oh sorry wrong statement ”.

They entered the club but they were in a corridor thats wear they had to walk to the main club.

Maximo ”Well I know you don really mean it like that so am not angry but I really want to get to the Elite club now ”

Vincent ”Sorry but I think you are forgetting am in charge for today,so I say we stay ”

Maximo ”Don let it get to your head but why do people have to have sex on the ground here in the corridor ”

Vincent ”Okay lets just ignore them ,I promise you if you don feel anymore comfortable we will get to the Elite club ”.

They entered and got to the main club and went straight to the bar.

Maximo ”why are a lot of people here ”

”well this is a difference between high class clubs and middle class clubs ,not everyone can afford a rich life in luxury clubs so most of them come here ”Vincent replied.

Vincent ”now for my first shot for today,I want you to walk up to a girl and woo her like you
e the kind of wooing ”.

Maximo ”but at the Elite club the strippers come to me not the other way ”

Vincent ”well the same is done here is just that you are not going to a stripper to meet a regular lady,a lady you think is hot and stuff ”

Maximo ”Ohkay if you say so ”

Maximo stood looking and looking around for a girl to go and meet and then one caught his eyes and the reverse happened.

Girl ”hey handsome ”

she walked right to Maximo

Maximo ”hey beautiful ”

Girl ”well I saw you staring at me,is anything alright ”

Maximo ”I was looking for a beautiful lady and to my surprise to surpassed the radar ”

Girl ”*smiles*,thats one I haven heard before,Im Mia by name ”

Maximo ”Well I am… ”

As he was about to tell her Vincent started nodding his head for to him to not ”

Maximo ”Well I am Francis,nice to meet you Mia ”

Mia ”so how do you plan to spend the night here ”

Maximo ”that depends on you ”

Maximo ”please wait, bartender can you get me some of your best wine ”

Mia ”are you trying to bribe me into something or what ”

Maximo ”no,no why would I do that ”

Mia ”well because you are buying the best wine as we started talking ”

Maximo ”oh that,I just got here ,can a man not take a good wine again? ”

Mia ”oh sorry ,I see it from that angle ”

Maximo ”Well I didn even plan on sharing it with you ”

Mia was shocked and felt embarrassed ”oh ,sorry could you pardon me? ”

She was about to leave.

Maximo held her by the hand ”I am guessing you are not a fan of jokes ”

Mia ”what do you mean ”

Maximo ”what I meant was that why will I see a young beautifully endowed young lady and not buy her a nice drink ”.

Mia ”oh,so you were joking ,do you think am a joke ”

Maximo ”with all I just listed now Im sure I didn call you a joke ”.

Maximo ”well okay how do I make it up to you? ”

She looked at him and smiled,she whispered into his ears ”Are you with condom? ”

Maximo looked at Vincent as he didn know what to do then Vincent walked right to him and gave him a condom without Mia noticing and gave him a thumbs up .

Maximo ”who does come to a club with one?haha ”

Mia ”well the ones that bring their girlfriends or the ones that want to get girls pregnant or the ones that think they can pull out fast or the ones… ”

Maximo ”I think thats a lot ”

Mia ”oh,sorry I talk a lot around attractive guys ”

Maximo smiled as she took him towards the toilet.They started kissing and pressing each other all over the body and started pulling their cloths off,they were already fully aroused and she reached for his dick going for a blowjob when the unexpected happened.

*door opens*

”so you want to get her pregnant like you did to me? ”Laura said as she saw both of them half naked and his dick almost in her mouth ”.

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