After hours of transportation,Laura got home to her rented apartment to rest.She got an Orange juice from her fridge and poured it into a class cup.

Laura ”That idiot just proved that he is an idiot in the hospital today ”

Laura ”I will rest right now ,but I will come back for you Maximo because you can get me pregnant and just ignore it for the rest of your life ”

Laura ”No I can go back to him ”


(Maximo ”I made this silly mistake and mistakes like you want to ruin my life ”)

Laura ”I…a mistake? ”

(Maximo ”Laura you have to know something and what you need to know is that we are not friends will never be friends and never be couples,a silly mistake will not make me live with you for the rest of my life ”)

(Maximo ”Are you a tortoise,get that stupid idea out of your head and put this into your big thick skull you were my maid ,we shared no relationship apart from that and it will remain like that,I know you are just someone that wants me to keep making mistakes. ”)

Laura ”First of all you call me a mistake and now I also make you make mistakes,hmph,that son of a BITCH!!! ”


Laura smashed the glass of juice on the wall.

LAURA ”I am bearing your child Maximo but withstanding,WE….ARE AT WAR ”.

Laura realized what she had done and quickly cleaned the mess up.

After that Laura when to have a warm and relaxing bath to cool her self down.

Laura ”hmmm,that was very relaxing ”

After minutes of dressing up and then just laying on her bed whilst chatting on her phone.,she thought to herself.

Laura ”I am not in the mood to start cooking now let me just treat myself to not killing Maximo after insulting a fine babe like me ”

She got her purse and went to the fast food restaurant close to her apartment.

Waiter ”How may I treat you today Milady ”

Laura ”Is that how you talk to all your customers ”

Waiter ”No just you Mademoiselle ”

Laura ”you never seize to flatter me Alec ”

Alec ”well Im in love with you,don tell anyone I said this but I find you very attractive ”

Laura ”always have something to say,but can you tell me this? ”

Alec ”shoot, I will answer no matter what ”

Laura ”Why do you still shoot your shot at a pregnant woman ”

Manager ”ALECC!!,come here ”

Alec ”sorry I will get your order when am back duty calls ”

Laura ”haha!Alec,you have a good sense of humor but I don think.. ”.

Manager came right up to where Alec was with Laura.

Manager ”didn I call you Alec ”

Alec ”Sorry ma,I was just about to take her order and come right to you ”

Manager ”no excuses remember ”

Alec ”yes maam ”

Manager ”Now go and take care of the trash and I will take care of her order ”

Alec ”yes maam ”

Alec walks away towards staff only area.

Manager ”Sorry about that maam ”

Laura ”No worries,I and Alec are very good friends ”

Manager ”hmm so instead of working ,he was gisting ”

Laura ”no I don mean it like that,what I meant was that no matter how he makes a mistake I will not get angry at him ”.

Manager ”okay ma,so whats your order ”

Laura ”okay I will just take… ”


After Laura finished eaten and was about to go.

Alec ”wait up Laura ”

Laura ”Alec what are you doing here ain you meant to take the trash out ”

Alec ”well I have done that but there is one thing I still want to take out ”

Laura ”duty calls ,go and work before you get fired ”

Alec ”thats funny but my shift is over ”

Laura ”still can go ”

Alec ”is just a club,you will love it,since you are pregnant we can just chill alone and listen to some tunes ”

Laura ”I could need a drink too but I have things to do ”

Alec ”things like going home to sleep or pressing your phone or boring yourself or… ”

Laura ”thats enough ,I get you ,I will go but hope you are not planning on any sexual activity ”

Alec ”eeeww no,do you want to spoil me?! ”

Laura ”haha,you and the humour but seriously hope you aren ”

Alec ”no I am not,I promise ”

Laura ”well thats good but this wouldn prevent you from doing so with another girl ”

Alec ”why would I want to have sex with another lady and let the love of my life know ,besides I am a virgin ”.

Laura ”haha,always the jokes ,you never seize to amaze me ”

Alec ”but Im not lying ”

Laura ”enough talking ,lets go before I change my mind ”

Alec ”Oh the Uber is here,lets go ”

Laura ”you ordered an Uber before you asked me!? ”

Alec ”well I knew you would sure come along ”

Laura ”you really know me that well ”

Alec ”you really don know how well I know you ”

Laura ”hmmm,how well? ”

Alec ”well what I also know is that you are the one that will take away my virginity ”

Laura ”keep dreaming,and when you are done you will wake up to reality ”

Alec ”Harsh!! ”

They entered the Uber which then took them straight to the club.


Laura ”I can see you have good taste in clubs as in ladies ”

Alec ”I don know if I should take that as a compliment because I think its just yourself you are praising ”.

Laura ”well you said it yourself ”

Alec ”okay lets get in.

They went and the worst happened,someone spilled drink on Laura.



Alec wanted to start a fight but Laura stopped him.

Laura ”don worry I will just wash it off ,where is the toilet ”

Alec ”are you sure he doesn need a stick shoved up his ass as a warning?! ”

Laura ”Yes ,I am sure ,just direct me ”

Alec ”okay ,just go straight there and you will find a lot, just choose one and I will be waiting for you right here ”.

Laura ”okay don move an inch ”

Laura did as he directed and as he said ,there were bunch of toilets.

She just wanted to wash off the alcohol but all she could hear where moaning .

Laura ”okay everyone is horny tonight,I get it,maybe I should go back,…no this sticks I have to go in ”

Alright she entered a toilet.

Laura opened the door and to her surprise she saw Maximo and Mia having at the verge of having sex.

They didn even notice the door was opened and they continued right in front of Laura.

Laura thought of leaving them alone because she didn want to have anything to do with Maximo for that time being,(*remembrance*Maximo ”I made this silly mistake and mistakes like you want to ruin my life ”), ”no this payback for this afternoon ”She said.

”so you want to get her pregnant like you did to me? ”Laura said as she saw his dick almost in her mouth ”.

Maximo ”well she drugged me and took advantage of me ”.

Mia ”I thought you raped her but if she drugged you, how did that happen? ”

Laura ”Well let me tell you something dear,he is so dumb and full of himself because of his money that he can even give a good lie,he is pathetic ”

Maximo was already upset and pulled up his trousers.

Maximo ”Forget it ,you are both useless,its not like I have not gone a day without sex before ”

Maximo exited the bathroom with anger.

Laura ”Yeah run kitty ”

Laura ”if you see that man ,just duck or run for your dear life ”

Mia ”I don need an advice from a low life,clearly I have lived a better live than yours ”

Laura ”excuse me!! ”

Mia ”No excuse me ”

Mia walks out on Laura out of the bathroom.

Laura ”hmmm ,people are just full of themselves nowadays,And why do I have to run into some,ahhh!!,so annoying ”

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