Bastard Hero

Chapter 0: Painful Memory

”Move, you insufferable, feckless creature! Move! ” Damn, we were approaching tax collection season, and yet those charcoal creatures performed worse than my production forecast in the last few months.

I missed my home in the West. Surrounded by massive modern architecture, gentlemen and ladies on the street, only refined manners when doing everything, ohh… how I missed those delicately scented teas, the soft and moist cake. Even so, I couldn go back yet.

I lifted the pendant that hung around my neck. The gold color symbolizes wealth, with some Middle Eastern scripture on the back of it that, according to experts, means ”the one who prospers. ” Every time I become unmotivated, I always saw those scriptures, imagining myself swimming on a mountain of gold. In different cases, like right now when I had a case of homesickness, I open the pendant. Inside was a photo of a beautiful ginger lady with a sharp nose and pale complexion. The lady was wearing a flashy red gown that, in some way, complemented her generous breasts. I stroked the picture with my hand, imagining that the person inside the photo could feel the warmth of my hand. ”Alicia. Just wait for a bit; Ill be back soon, and then we can make a proper family. ” I closed the pendant.

Now lets return to reality. Here Im many miles away from my home, surrounded by a godless, illiterate subhuman tribe, and forced to work for meager pay with the promise of gold.

Im currently looking into a cliff that was surrounded by chalk stone and was near one of those long rivers. There was a report indicating that one of the cliffs had a crevice that is suspected by many experts to be the location of gold. Of course, as a grunt, I was ordered by the higher-ups to instruct the charcoal creature to collect any gold I could find.

The job was always the same, with little to almost no variation. I just pointed to what is suspected to be a gold location. The interpreter, who knew little English, will instructed his fellow men to dig at the spot I just pointed to. From here on out, I must observe carefully. Every time someone seems to be slowing down, stopping to work, or even breaking the tool provided by the motherland, I would swiftly whip that creature. Ive been doing this job for 8 years (not long compared to the veteran), and Ive discovered that the best places to whip those creatures were their back, shoulder, and thigh. If you are angry and exude more force than what was necessary, you may cause your slave to retire early if you hit their torso, but if you hit the three spots I mentioned really hard, the worst that could happen was the whip head tearing their skin and causing some bleeding. Cruel, you might say, but it was necessary to keep those lazy creatures on schedule. All you needed was one crafty person, and the next day, that same individual will teach his peers to potentially skip work or, worse, do no work at all. Compared to us, these charcoal creatures were really lazy without outside stimuli.

”Excuse me, mister. ” One of them approached me, bowing his head. I couldn recognize him after looking at his face; their faces were too similar; I even forgot their names. Good thing there was a white streak made of paint that indicated that he is, in fact, an

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