Between Him And I

The Scary Memories

Naira remembers when she was betrothed to her fathers acquaintance. Naira did not know what the marriage would made her suffer, shattered apart with a painful divorce.

In the past, Naira was 23 years old. She was quite successful at a relatively young age. Naira never thought about getting married. She wants to work after graduation and be successful before becoming the wife of someone who will become her soul mate later. But fate said otherwise. The matchmaking and the request of her parents stopped her dream of becoming successful. Naira could not say anything or just go against it. In addition, she also wanted to make her parents happy even though it was really painful.

Naira accepts the match blindly about the nature of the man who will become her husband in the future. Naira sits side by side with a man who completely ignores her on the aisle, even during the contract the man who is none other than Yogi deliberately makes a perfunctory promise, and the marriage almost fails because of Yogi. If only her parents had not reprimanded her, perhaps the marriage would never have happened.

The day went by very quickly, Yogi completely ignored it. She was never considered by Yogi at all, not even once did Yogi look at her or touched her at all. Always cold and rude. She hoped that Yogi would realize it, but that hope remained hope, her house was like hell, and her household was like two people who didn like each other were forced to marry due to an arranged marriage.

Until one night, exactly three months after marriage. At midnight. Naira falls asleep waiting for Yogi to come home in the dining room. The delicious-looking food is neatly arranged on the dining table. Naira realizes that Yogi will not eat the food. But he still cooks according to what her mother had taught her. Naira wakes up when her ears slowly hear the sound of a car stopping in front of her house.

She quickly got up and walked towards the door, rubbing her eyes. Outside the house, she was greeted by a sight that made her eyes squint slightly. Yogi is carried by a beautiful woman in sexy clothes, who is trying to bring Yogi into the house. This is the first time Naira has seen a direct affair between Yogi and another woman.

Naira opens the door and goes to the lady and Yogi. ”Let me alone, ” But Yogi slapped her hand roughly.

”Don touch my hand, are you idiot? You think Ill change my mind and like you, huh? ” Yogi snapped very harshly, and it made her feel hurt. The woman smiled but looked so condescending. ”And you know a stupid woman? ” point Yogi on Nairas arm. ”She is my lover, this is the kind of woman I want, not old woman, ugly, and stupid woman like you! ” Pressed his index finger on Nairas arm until he took a few steps back.

”Come on baby, lets go in! ” he said. Nairas heart is hurt, the scratches Yogi made are so painful. How not, her husband entered the house with another woman in front of her. Embracing, making out, and also throwing compliments at each other.

Naira sees Yogi walking hugging the ladys hips, and the lady glances at her giving herself a pout. Naira has tried to calm down and remain patient, however, in her heart, there is always a new and new wound.

Yogi doesn care about her feelings, he cheated on her. Then he came with another woman, and to make matters worse, the man did it in Nairas room and Yogi used to sleep together. Now, she had to see what was going on.

The door that is not closed makes Naira see what Yogi do with that woman. Yogi kissed the woman and touched her even though he liked to squeeze the twin hills that were very plump belonging to the woman. Yesterday even Yogi did not care about his wifes presence in the house.

Nairas heart was torn apart, shattered like shattered glass into tiny shards that could pierce deep into the heart. Naira is standing on the wall, she is unable to see it. But her ears still wanted to hear what was going on. The sound of both of them gasping for air made the tears fall and fall again. How not, even though Naira has never been touched by him, since she married Yogi?

Her body shuffled down and she finally crouched down, not knowing how long he had to endure. But she stayed there, watching her husband make love to a woman she had never known before. Maybe it was Yogis lover. Naira thought in between her mind whipping.

She covered her mouth, holding back her sobs. She didn want Yogi to be angry with her, she didn want a slap when she cried, and caught an intimate message from a woman with the name The Woman dreamed. She also can forbid whatever Yogi wants, his hand might fly back and hurt her.

After an hour, ladies it came out in a mess. Without guessing, Naira already knows and has witnessed it with her own eyes.

”Wow, look who is this? ” Naira stands. Sure enough, Yogi fell asleep naked. ”Poor, yes, his legal wife is waiting for her husband outside while sitting on the floor. Just like a beggar! ” said the woman sarcastically. She took out a cigarette from the box. Then she lit the cigarette, smoke began to appear. She inhaled the cigarette and then exhaled on Nairas face.

Naira didn answer, then she coughed from the smoke from the womans cigarette. ”So, if the guy doesn want to marry you, its better not to force him. So that you don be stupid like this and don get hurt. And you know, your husband loves sex, and your sense of play is amazing! ”


Her heartbeat seemed to have stopped. She tried to hold on even though it hurt. Naira squeezes the shirt on her chest, its very strong. ”Patience Nai, patience… one day Yogi will surely wake up! ” she thought steeling her aching mind.

”Well, Ill go back first. Often, you see your husband having sex again and again with other women, ” said the woman while blowing cigarette smoke in Nairas face. Then sneak away.

Naira could only see the woman who was getting further and further away and finally disappeared from behind the door of her house. Naira walked slowly and approached Yogi who was very tired. I don know, Naira can only hope to God that her husband will wake up soon. She then covered the body prone in a naked state. ”How long are you going to do this, Dear? How long? ” She whispered. She went out again, letting her husband sleep.

Nairas buttocks slapped on the sofa sitting silently with a blank stare. But his mind was very chaotic and lashed with scene after scene that Yogi and his cheating partner did that she had never done to her husband.

And, suddenly the clear granules fell. Wet her cheeks and crossed the lake of sadness she was feeling. Ended on the chin and finally fell into the lap.

Hope remains hope, Yogi still does. Do it openly or clandestinely in some hotels. Naira knows it, and she follows. Starting to get anxious and jealous as well as afraid.

And thats the reality. The harsh reality that she had to accept until she decided to divorce while pregnant. Yes, she is pregnant. When it was raining, Yogi was not like usual. Drunk without the company of any woman that night.

Naira carries him, then takes Yogi to the room. Since the affair, Naira decided not to sleep in their room together. Yogi who is in a drunken state makes his sex desire so big, that he pulls Nairas hand. Then he was slammed into the bed, Yogi who was unconscious aka drunk smiled faintly and then kissed Naira. The heavy rain made Yogis desire grow bigger.

Yogi keeps forcing Naira to have a relationship that she hasn felt since marriage. And its not that she doesn want this but, Naira doesn like being forced to have sex. But Yogi showered the kisses that he initially rebelled into becoming addicted to. Because every kiss that Yogi gives makes him feel good. And finally, she surrendered when his female hole was entered by Yogis manhood that night, the night when she was in her fertile period.


To Be Continued

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