Chapter 9: Afraid to Cling On Too Tightly

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“Brother?” Quan Jues thin lips curled up coldly when he finally noticed the way Chi Jiao had addressed him.

He bent down slightly. His handsome and flirtatious face approached Chi Jiao gradually.

Chi Jiao felt a warm breath on her cheek, causing the little bunny in her heart to become restless again.

This young man was truly an alluring demon.

“Does your father know that you are calling mebrother?” Quan Jue asked slowly. His dark eyes, terrifyingly deep, held the girl in front of him in place.

Chi Jiao shook her head.

She just felt that based on their current relationship, it was more appropriate for her to call him brother.

“Dont try to get close to me using your words. Im not your brother, and I dont like you at all,” Quan Jue continued coldly.

The smile on Chi Jiaos lips froze as if she had suffered a huge blow. Her thin shoulders trembled slightly.

She looked just like a bullied cub.

She had already expected Quan Jue to treat her this way as he hated the Chi family, and she had just returned. In Quan Jues eyes, she was probably no different from the rest of them.

The current Quan Jue was like an ice sculpture.

Initially, Quan Jue thought Chi Jiao would be angry. In the end, the young lady in front of him only let out a sigh and looked up at him pitifully with her innocent, clear, doe eyes. “But youre older than me. I cant possibly call you little brother.”

Looking at the pitiful girl in front of him, a dark glint flashed across Quan Jues eyes.

The blood of the Chi family was cold and cruel. Who was she pretending for?

“Dont bother me again.” With that, Quan Jue slammed the door harshly once again.

The loud slam caused Chi Jiaos nerves to jump.

She puffed up her cheeks and stared at the closed door before her, but she did not insist on knocking again.

She didnt dare to cling on too tightly as she was afraid that he would hate her.

Even though he did not seem to like her now, at the very least, she could not let this dislike turn into hate.

Standing on the other side of the door, Quan Jue looked through the peephole and saw Chi Jiao pulling her shoulders back and dragging her feet away. He pursed his thin lips at that.

The next day, it was the weekend.

Yan Qingqing called Chi Jiao early in the morning, waking her up from her dreams.

“Next Wednesday evening at eight oclock, room 008 at Xians Stay. Be there half an hour early. Ive already made an appointment with them.”

“Got it,” Chi Jiao responded, her voice sounding a little tired.

She didnt have a good nights sleep. She dreamed that she and Quan Jue were playing a game of tag. She had been chasing Quan Jue for the whole night, but every time she almost caught up with him, he would escape over and over again.

“Youre not feeling well?” Yan Qingqing could sense that something was wrong with her. “Is it because that cheap father of yours isnt treating you well?”

Chi Jiao lived in the mountains since she was young, and the Chi family had never fulfilled their duty of raising her. Yan Qingqing was worried that Chi Jiao wouldnt be able to integrate into the family after she returned.

After all, Jiaojiao was so outstanding that she was no longer on the same level as the Chi family.

No, it should be that the Chi family wasnt even worthy of being compared to Jiaojiao.

“No, thats not the reason. Lets talk when we meet.” Chi Jiaos current health condition had yet to reach its optimal state. Her illness had come from her mothers womb. If she wanted to fully recover, she would need at least two years of recuperation.

She didnt have dinner last night and neither did she have a good nights sleep. Hence, she was in low spirits.

After hanging up, Chi Jiao looked at the clock on the wall. It was already 8 AM.

Breakfast in this household started at 8:30 AM.

In the dining room, Chi Mingwei would sit at the head of the table. Chi Yan and Zhu Limin sat on either side of him, while Chi Ze sat beside Zhu Limin.

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