Chapter 11: Brother Is a Good Person

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Quan Jue didnt take the sandwich. His beautiful face was filled with indifference and fatigue, and it seemed to spell out the words “Im really impatient right now”.

Chi Jiao didnt mind it as she continued to smile at him.

“Take it.” The girls soft and sweet voice seemed to be laced with sweet liquor that could make one easily intoxicated.

While the people around them were still looking at them, Quan Jue suddenly thought of Chi Jiaos disheartened figure as she departed dejectedly yesterday.

If he rejected her in public, would she start to snivel?

At this thought, Quan Jue quickly took the sandwich from Chi Jiaos hand. He then walked past her and left in his slender legs.

Chi Jiaos eyes followed Quan Jue until he had walked out of the living room before slowly returning to her seat.

Seeing Chi Mingwei staring at her with a secretly bitter expression, Chi Jiao picked up an orange and placed it in front of him. “Daddy, have an orange.”

Chi Mingwei chuckled at that.

Upon seeing this, Chi Yan couldnt hold herself back as rolled her eyes at Chi Jiao.

“Jiaojiao, you seem to be getting along with Xiao Jue?” Zhu Limin asked while casually stirring the oatmeal in a glass bowl with the spoon in her hand.

This question was also something Chi Mingwei was concerned about. He looked up at Chi Jiao.

Chi Jiao nodded without hesitation.

Zhu Limin smiled and said nothing in return.

Chi Mingweis expression turned ugly and gloomy again.

“Jiaojiao, you and Xiao Jue arent from the same world. You should stay away from him.” He didnt like his adopted son. If it werent for special reasons, he definitely wouldnt have let such a person stay in their house for another day.

Chi Jiao frowned and looked straight at him with her bright, black pupils. “Brother is a good person.”

Her tone was so serious that the veins on Chi Mingweis forehead twitched harshly.

But looking at her innocent, clear doe eyes, he couldnt bear to say anything else.

After breakfast, Chi Mingwei went to the office. Zhu Limin had arranged to go shopping with her sisters, while Chi Ze went to the art studio. Other than the servants, Chi Jiao and Chi Yan were the only ones left in the house.

Chi Jiao was about to head back to her room when Chi Yan called out to stop her.

Chi Jiao stood beside the stairs and turned to look at her.

Without anyone else present, Chi Yan couldnt be bothered to pretend anymore. She walked straight toward her and asked, “Are you very proud of yourself?”

Chi Jiao was confused.

“Daddy likes you a lot. Are you very proud of yourself?!” When Chi Yan recalled Chi Mingweis attitude towards Chi Jiao, she went crazy with jealousy.

She had tried so hard to please her father and had finally received some love from him, but in the end, she was still not as close as his blood relative. Since Chi Jiaos return, she realized that her fathers gaze was no longer on her.

It would have been fine if she had lost to a very outstanding person. But to lose to a country bumpkin who came from the mountains with nothing good about her, she couldnt resign herself to it.

Sensing Chi Yans hostility, Chi Jiao suddenly smiled.

The shallow dimples on either side of her cheeks rippled as she smiled sweetly and harmlessly.

“Youre panicking. You have no sense of security.” Her simple words caused Chi Yans hands to curl into fists and her nails to dig deeply into her flesh.

Chi Jiaos words had pierced right into her heart.

“Dont be so smug!” Chi Yan tried her best to control her emotions. She was the daughter of a rich family and had received a good education since she was young. She couldnt show her inelegant side in front of a country bumpkin and ruin her own status. “Dad is just feeling guilty towards you. He doesnt actually like you!”

Chi Jiao shrugged. “Whatever you say. If thinking like this makes you happier, then so be it.”

Her nonchalant attitude angered Chi Yan so much that she nearly vomited blood!

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