ate hospital, and Chi Yan happened to be a rising star in the medical field. The two of them made a talented and good-looking couple and were thus a talking point in White City.

The most ridiculous thing was that everyone knew that she and Lan Yunhan were in an arranged marriage.

However, because she grew up in the mountains, everyone thought that she wasnt worthy of Lan Yunhan at all. They believed that the love between Lan Yunhan and Chi Yan was true love. They were a match made in heaven, while Chi Jiao was an unnecessary character.

In her previous life, Chi Jiao didnt like Lan Yunhan either.

But even if she didnt like him, Chi Yan had gotten together with him in a high-profile manner before she had broken off the engagement with him. She had completely disregarded Chi Jiao.

In her previous life, Chi Jiao was proud and arrogant. She couldnt allow Chi Yan to do that. Moreover, Chi Yan had snatched her father and grandfather away. Therefore, her hatred for Chi Yan deepened day by day.

Later, under her cousins instigation, she began to take revenge on Chi Yan.

It was also because she was so focused on taking revenge that she overlooked her cousin. In the end, after Chi Yan and Chi Jiao both suffered from their battle against one another, it was her biological cousin who forced her into desperate straits. Not only did she snatch away all the hard work she had put into her research over the years, she even buried her alive.

After Chi Jiao was reborn, she calmly analyzed everything she had experienced in her previous life and came to a conclusion.

Since she was young, her IQ had been outstanding. Her god grandfather and senior brothers and sisters doted on her and protected her extremely well. As a result, she lacked the viciousness of society and had never seen the evilness of the human heart. That was why she was so easily manipulated by others and used as a tool. After offending the people who loved her the most, she died miserably.

Dont despise her for being stupid in her previous life, because she despised herself as well.

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