Chi Mingwei frowned unhappily when he saw Zhu Limin and Chi Yan whispering to each other beside the car.

“Were coming.” Zhu Limin smiled brightly as she walked towards him.

The Chi familys old residence was bustling with activity, and the place was in an auspicious mood. Only the Chi family and their close friends from influential families were invited to the banquet.

In the gorgeous living room, the crystal chandelier reflected a dreamy and warm light, and the glossy floor reflected the shadows of people coming and going.

Old Master Chi was wearing a black Chinese tunic suit. Although he was old, his aura was still present, and he was still a handsome old man.

Chi Jiao followed Chi Mingwei to the couch and greeted Old Master Chi, who was sitting on it.

“Grandpa,” Chi Jiao called out happily.

Compared to Chi Mingwei whom she had barely met, Chi Jiao had the chance to meet her grandfather every year.

As Old Master Chi looked at her, his eyes curled into slits. “My dear Jiaojiao, come and sit beside me.”

Chi Jiao sat obediently beside Old Master Chi.

Chi Yan, who happened to be walking over with Zhu Limin, rolled her eyes at the scene.

“Jiaojiao, are you used to living here?” asked Old Master Chi, who no longer had eyes for anyone else as he looked at Chi Jiao kindly.

Chi Jiao nodded. “Its alright. Its more convenient here than living in the mountains.”

“Your god grandfather said that your body is much better. You dont have to live in Mount Li anymore, so just stay at home in peace,” Old Master Chi said.

Chi Jiao nodded obediently. “Hows Grandfathers health recently? God grandfather asked me to bring some tea bags for you to drink slowly and nurse your health. Its good for some of your old illnesses. Ive placed them in Daddys car. Ill bring them to you when we are about to leave.”

“Tea bags to nurse your health?” Chi Yan seemed to have heard a joke as she repeated Chi Jiaos words in a mocking tone before looking at her with contempt. “Theres no use in using tea bags to nourish Grandfathers body. Jiaojiao, you must not let Grandfather drink any nonsense!”

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