Chapter 1: Crazy Because of Her Death

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Winter, White City, 2019.

A white Mercedes-Benz drove into the Bei An villa district and stopped in front of a small European-style villa.

“Second Miss, were here.” The driver glanced at the young lady sleeping soundly in the backseat through the rearview mirror.

Slowly opening her eyes, a look of confusion flashed across Chi Jiaos large, deer-like eyes.

She was dreaming about her previous life again.

It had been three months since her rebirth back to the year 2019, but she still dreamt of Quan Jues utterly desperate face frequently.

After she was killed in her previous life, it was Quan Jue who retrieved her skeletal remains from the barren mountains.

At that time, Quan Jue had already gone crazy because of her death.

He hugged her bones and lived with them for an entire month, treating them like a lover. Every night, he would kiss her skeletal remains goodnight.

A month later, Quan Jue and her remains perished together with the person who killed her.

At that time, her consciousness had still been alive. In the end, it disappeared along with Quan Jue.

When the driver saw the confusion written all over Chi Jiaos fair, soft, and petite face, he instantly found her cute. He couldnt help but soften his tone as he said, “Second Miss, head in quickly. Sir and Madam have been waiting for you for a long time.”

Chi Jiao gave a faint sound of acknowledgment.

Just as she was about to get off the car, the phone in her bag suddenly rang.

She paused and slowly took out her phone.

The drivers lips twitched when he saw the black, brick-like phone in Chi Jiaos hand through the rearview mirror.

This Second Miss sure is shabby. What era is it now? And yet, a young person is using such an old machine.

The moment Chi Jiao answered the call, an anxious male voice was heard from the other end of the line.

“Hello, is this Miss Chi?”

Chi Jiao narrowed her eyes slightly at the unfamiliar voice on the other end of the call.

“Who are you?”

Her tone was a standard Lolitas voice, sweet and soft, albeit her tone being a little flat.

However, it didnt seem to affect the mans excitement at all.

“Im Qin Yun, the person in charge of S911s laboratory. May I ask if Miss Chi has some time to spare? I would like to ask you some questions,” he asked. The mans voice was filled with caution and anticipation as if he was talking to a scholar of a higher rank than him.

S911 laboratory?

It seemed to be one of the top five Chinese medicine research and development laboratories in the country.

The information about the S911 laboratory flashed quickly across Chi Jiaos mind. The person in charge was indeed called Qin Yun.

But she did not know this man.

That person must have leaked her phone number.

Chi Jiao puffed her cheeks discontentedly. “Sorry, Im not free.”

With that, she hung up the call.

“Second Miss, was that a scam call?” the driver asked.

The scam calls these days are really pervasive, and their methods are brilliant. An innocent little girl like Second Miss, who has just left the mountains and knows nothing, is the easiest to deceive.

Chi Jiao nodded perfunctorily. She threw her phone into her bag and carried it out of the car.

The chauffeur alighted as well and went to the trunk to help Chi Jiao with her luggage.

As Chi Jiao looked at the exquisite villa in front of her, her lips curled up slowly.

In her previous life, it was in September 2020 that the Chi family had sent someone to bring her back from Mount Li.

In this life, it was brought forward by a year.

However, it didnt matter. In this life, she was the master of this game instead. Those who wanted to harm her were just fish on her chopping board.

The chauffeur walked forward to lead the way while Chi Jiao followed behind him, docile and obedient as a doll.

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