Chapter 19: That Country Bumpkin Abducted Her Brother

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When Old Master Chi saw that it was Lan Yunhan, he automatically looked over the mockery that the young girl beside him had just made. He smiled and waved at Lan Yunhan. “Come, Xiao Han, come to Grandfather.”

Lan Yunhan took two steps at a time and walked in front of Old Master Chi, calling him Grandpa Chi in a poised manner.

Lan Xiaoxiao walked up to Old Master Chi and greeted him as well.

The siblings tacitly ignored the girl sitting beside him.

“Take a seat,” Old Master Chi said gently.

After Lan Yunhan and Lan Xiaoxiao sat down, Old Master Chi held Chi Jiaos hand and introduced her to the siblings. “Xiao Han, Xiaoxiao, this is my granddaughter, Chi Jiao.”

Only then did Lan Yunhan look at Chi Jiao. There was no fluctuation in his gaze. He nodded at Chi Jiao with a bland smile as if that was sufficient for a greeting.

Lan Xiaoxiao, on the other hand, used her willful gaze to swiftly size up Chi Jiao from head to toe. “Second Miss Chi has just returned from Mount Li. Are you used to life here? After all, living here is completely different from living in the mountains.”

Her words seemed to express concern about Chi Jiao, but she was actually subtly mocking her.

“The air in Mount Li is much better than here. The hearts of the people there are also simple and honest. The air here has been severely polluted by people. Thus, Im indeed not used to the air here on some occasions,” Chi Jiao replied as she smiled at her.

Looking at Chi Jiaos dark eyes, Lan Xiaoxiao somehow felt that her words seemed to be hinting at something.

Could it be that this little bumpkin was trying to imply that she had polluted the air?

Thinking of this possibility, Lan Xiaoxiao immediately felt unhappy.

“Yunhan, the banquet will only start in half an hour. Can you bring Jiaojiao around the garden first?” Old Master Chi looked at Lan Yunhan and asked with a gentle smile.

Lan Yunhans smile stiffened, but he couldnt refuse Old Master Chi, so he could only nod his head.

In reality, Chi Jiao was even more unhappy than him. But today was her grandfathers birthday, and she couldnt make him unhappy, so she could only stand up with Lan Yunhan.

However, just as she passed by Lan Xiaoxiao, she smiled and said to her, “Miss Lan, I will advise you not to go to the mountains. Otherwise, youll definitely encounter some bad luck.”

Lan Xiaoxiaos expression turned even uglier at that, but she couldnt flare up in front of Old Master Chi.

This country bumpkin from the mountains was so superstitious. Why was she acting like a psychic medium?!

How annoying!

“Young lady, sometimes its better to believe than think its bogus,” Old Master Chi smiled and said to Lan Xiaoxiao.

He trusted his granddaughter, anyway.

“Grandpa Chi, Im a young woman who grew up in the city. Therefore, Im not superstitious.” Lan Xiaoxiao tried her best to maintain her smile. “Im going to look for Sister Yanyan.”

With that, she quickly stood up and slipped away.

She had to tell Sister Yanyan immediately that the country bumpkin had abducted her brother!

When Chi Jiao followed Lan Yunhan to the back garden, they were seen by many people.

And that included Zhu Limin.

Zhu Limin was currently talking to Chi Mingweis sister-in-law.

“Sister-in-law, the one who went out with Lan Yunhan just now was Chi Jiao, right?” Jian Xue looked like she was enjoying the show.

Zhu Limin rocked the glass of champagne in her hand and nodded nonchalantly.

She wasnt afraid at all about what would happen between Lan Yunhan and Chi Jiao.

As long as Lan Yunhan wasnt blind, he would never abandon Yanyan and choose a useless country bumpkin like Chi Jiao.

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