Chapter 20: That Little Girl Is Quite Pretty

“That little girl is quite pretty.” It was Jian Xues first time seeing Chi Jiao. She felt that Chi Jiao had definitely inherited the Chi familys excellent genes and was very good-looking.

Most importantly, Chi Jiao had a spiritual aura that the girls in the city lacked.

It was probably because she had grown up in the mountains and was not polluted by the hustle and bustle of the city. That was why she could have such a clean and quick-witted presence.

“Whats the use of good looks?” Zhu Limin smiled, her eyes laced with disdain.

“This is an era where looks matter.” Sometimes, Jian Xue just couldnt stand Zhu Limins arrogant attitude.

Moreover, she seemed to have forgotten that she had relied on her looks to enter the Chi family.

“Our Yanyan isnt bad, either,” said Zhu Limin with a smile. “Recently, Yanyan has developed a few Chinese medicine masks during her free time. Theyre very good for the skin. Do you want to try them?”

Jian Xues eyes lit up when she heard this. “Yanyan is amazing! Ive coincidentally used up all the facial masks she gave me the last time. Everyone says that my skin is much better now!”

Seeing how Jian Xues attitude had changed so quickly, Zhu Limin straightened her back a little. “Then, Ill send more to you tomorrow. I cant finish the ones that I have.”

“Youre so lucky to have Yanyan,” Jian Xue said from the bottom of her heart. She really couldnt understand how someone like Zhu Limin could give birth to such a powerful daughter.

Zhu Limin smiled proudly. “Madam Lan said the same thing the last time. She really likes Yanyan.”

Jian Xue thought of Lan Yunhans mother, Madam Lan. She was an even more arrogant woman.

“Are Lan Yunhan and Chi Yan really together?” Jian Xue asked curiously. She had heard some rumors about Lan Yunhan and Chi Yan, but the people involved had never admitted it.

“Lan Yunhan is wooing our Yanyan, but she probably hasnt agreed yet.” Zhu Limin looked at the wine glass in her hand and smiled mysteriously.

Their Yanyan was so outstanding, how could she stay in a place like White City?

The Lan family was indeed powerful in White City, but in Shang Jing, they were nothing.

The night breeze was a little chilly, and the back garden was tranquil.

Lan Yunhan stood in front of the flower bed before turning around to look at the young girl behind him.

Chi Jiao wore a pink fur coat, making her face look like a pink bun. Her aura was harmless and she was indescribably sweet, just like the strawberry cake Lan Yunhan had eaten previously.

Ever since she came out of the living room, she had been fiddling with her phone.

The black brick-like phone seemed out of place in her fair and tender hands.

In Lan Yunhans eyes, this was very rude.

Hence, the favorable impression he had gotten from her good looks was coincidentally canceled.

Chi Jiao didnt care what Lan Yunhan thought of her. She was currently texting Quan Jue.

[Brother, this is Jiaojiao. This is my phone number, so you can save it. Where are you?]

At this moment, Quan Jue, who had been hanging out in a bar, felt the phone in his pocket vibrate. He took it out and glanced at it, and his dark brows couldnt help but furrow.

Then, he ignored the message and put his phone back into his pocket before picking up the glass of alcohol on the countertop.

Chi Jiao wasnt discouraged and typed another message.

[Today is Grandpas birthday. Why didnt you come? (*^ ▽ ^*)]

She remembered that Quan Jue had gotten along well with her grandfather. He should have come on such an occasion.

The phone in Quan Jues pocket vibrated again. Quan Jue ruffled his hair in frustration before taking out his phone once more.

[Leave me alone.]

It was a simple message consisting of three words. He sent it over.

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