Chapter 21: I Will Not Marry You

When Lan Yunhan saw that Chi Jiao didnt even lift her head to look at him, his gaze darkened.

She looked like she was texting.

Who was she chatting so enthusiastically with that she couldnt even spare him a glance?

Lan Yunhan, who was always the center of attention wherever he went, was experiencing the feeling of being ignored for the first time. And it was coming from a girl that he didnt like at all.

“Miss Chi, I think there are some things that Id better clarify with you.” Lan Yunhan decided not to give her any face and just cut to the chase.

Just then, Chi Jiao saw Quan Jues reply.

Between the words of his text, she could tell that he was impatient.

She could even imagine that impatient expression of his.

Forget it. Shed just wait for the banquet to end and find him directly after.

With that thought in mind, Chi Jiao slowly put her phone away and looked up at Lan Yunhan. “What do you want to say? Just say it.”

Lan Yunhan looked at the young girl in front of him. Her pair of beautifully-shaped, deer-like eyes glistened with a clear light that was not tainted by the secular world. At this moment, as she looked directly at him, her gaze was that of confused innocence that was unique only to little girls.

She was really a young lady who had not been polluted by the secular world.

This thought popped up in Lan Yunhans mind.

If it wasnt for Chi Yan, he believed he would have been able to accept this girl before him. If he married a girl like her, she would probably be an obedient wife who would save him from any worries.

But now that he had Chi Yan, the girl in front of him seemed much blander to him.

“Your family should have told you that we are engaged.” Lan Yunhan tried his best to make his tone gentler as he didnt want to see the girl cry.

Chi Jiao nodded quietly.

“Its already the 21st century now. I think we should decide on our own marriages. What do you think?”

Chi Jiao nodded quietly again.

She completely agreed with what he said. It was already the 21st century, why would arranged marriages still be popular?

When Lan Yunhan saw Chi Jiao nodding to everything he said, the more he began to feel that she had no opinions of her own.

He really couldnt bring himself to fall in love with such a girl.

“I will not marry you.” Lan Yunhan finally said what he had wanted to say the most. “I will find a chance to explain things to your family and say that we are not suitable.”

Initially, Lan Yunhan thought that the girl before him would be upset by what he said.

After all, he had spoken so bluntly, and she looked like a fragile, little crybaby.

Chi Jiao, standing opposite him, suddenly laughed instead.

A sweet and bright smile blossomed on her fair and clear face. It was actually a little eye-catching and made her seem much more lively.

“Then, Ill have to trouble you with that. Please make it clear to my grandfather that were not compatible.” She had been fretting over what to say to her grandfather. He was good in every way except for the fact that he was too stubborn.

Lan Yunhan was silent.

Why was this unfolding differently from what he had imagined?

Based on her expression, it seemed like she couldnt wait to cancel the engagement.

“Is there anything else?” Chi Jiaos tone sounded very distant. She didnt seem to have any intention of currying favor with him.

Lan Yunhan had never been treated so coldly by anyone before. For a moment, there was an indescribable feeling in his heart. He silently shook his head.

With that, Chi Jiao turned around and left.

Lan Yunhan watched her departing figure with darkening eyes.

Actually, he had wanted to tell Chi Jiao that the person he liked was Chi Yan.

But for some reason, when he looked at Chi Jiaos clear doe eyes, he couldnt bring himself to say it.

He thought that he could still treat Chi Jiao as his younger sister if it was possible.

By then, even if Chi Jiao knew about his relationship with Chi Yan, she would understand him. After all, Chi Yan was her elder sister and was indeed much more outstanding than her.

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