n, Quan Jues face was also injured, and he had split the corner of his lips.

However, he did not mind at all as he still had that cold and distant look on his face.

After leaving the police station, Chi Mingwei couldnt hold it in anymore. He raised his hand, ready to slap Quan Jue.

When Quan Jue saw Chi Mingwei raising his hand toward him, the corners of his lips curled into a mocking smile. He stood there with no intention to dodge.

Chi Jiao was already prepared for Chi Mingwei. Just as the slap was about to land on Quan Jues face, she hurriedly reached out to grab his wrist.

Chi Mingwei and Quan Jue looked at Chi Jiao at the same time. One was shocked, while the other was obscure.

“Jiaojiao?” Chi Mingwei looked at her in confusion.

In his eyes, Quan Jue had done something wrong and should be taught a lesson.

Fighting and being brought to the police station was utterly shameful to the family.

“Daddy, why dont you ask Brother Quan why he got into a fight? What if its not Brother Quans fault?” Chi Jiao looked up at him. Chi Mingwei couldnt understand the emotions flowing in her clear eyes.

Chi Mingwei was stunned.

He had never thought of this question.

This wasnt Quan Jues first time at the police station as he had often got into fights outside. Every time Chi Mingwei came to pick him up, he never cared about why he got into a conflict with someone. He would always teach him a harsh lesson instead.

Quan Jue stared at Chi Jiao for a moment before suddenly letting out a laugh.

What was this? The little princess in the ivory tower suddenly taking pity on the wild dog by the roadside?

“Brother Quan, tell us quickly. Why did you fight with those people?” Chi Jiao was afraid that her father would insist on hitting him. According to her understanding of the man, Quan Jue would not beg for mercy and would just let her father beat him up.

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