Chapter 26: Girls Sure Are Troublesome and Delicate

“Of course its because those people were asking for a beating.” Quan Jue coldly lowered his gaze, his tone even colder.

He didnt need anyones pity, much less the need to explain himself.

“I think youre the one asking for a beating!” Seeing Quan Jue like this, Chi Mingweis anger rose again.

When Jiaojiao insisted on coming earlier, it was obvious that she was very concerned about him.

However, he was acting like a mad dog, biting Jiaojiao as well.

“Daddy.” Chi Jiao held onto Chi Mingwei tightly. “Brother Quan must be in a bad mood because he just got into a fight with someone. Didnt you say that you still have to meet some uncles tonight to discuss something? You should head back to grandpas place, quickly. Ill go home with Brother Quan.”

Chi Mingwei once again felt the difference in the way Chi Jiao treated Quan Jue, and as a father, his heart was broken.

However, he was indeed in a hurry to return to the old residence. If he didnt have to send Chi Jiao home, he could save a lot of time.

But he was worried about letting her head home alone.

Chi Mingwei looked at Quan Jue solemnly. “Lets put this incident in the past, and dont fight with others in the future. I wont be able to get you out every time. Alright, bring your sister home with you. Dont run amok anymore.”

“Bye, Daddy.” Chi Jiao smiled and waved at him.

Sensing that Jiaojiao couldnt wait for him to leave, Chi Mingwei felt like he was having a heart attack.

After Chi Mingwei drove off, Quan Jue walked in large strides in the direction of their house.

Chi Jiao saw that he was leaving and quickly followed after him.

Quan Jue walked very quickly, and he didnt even turn around to see if she had followed along.

Chi Jiaos legs werent as long as Quan Jues, and her stamina was not as good either. She had to jog to keep up with him.

However, she didnt say anything and just followed after the youth in front with all her might.

As he listened to the footsteps behind him, Quan Jue pursed his lips while the frustration in his heart grew.


A soft exclamation was heard from behind.

Quan Jue subconsciously stopped and turned to look.

Chi Jiao had walked too quickly earlier and failed to notice half a brick on the pavement. Therefore, she tripped and hit her knee.

She sat on the floor and rubbed her knees pitifully.

As if she noticed that he was looking at her, she looked up at him with her innocent doe eyes.

Quan Jues handsome face was tense. Without saying anything, he turned around and left.

Chi Jiao pouted as she watched him leave.

Her knees really hurt, but she still had to follow Quan Jue closely.

Enduring the pain, Chi Jiao staggered up from the ground.

The simple act of just standing up caused her to break out in cold sweat from the pain.

She was used to being delicate and could not stand the pain.

Quan Jue, who had just taken a couple of steps, heard an inhale from behind him and cursed in frustration. “F*ck.”

Then, he turned around impatiently and walked towards Chi Jiao.

He squatted down with his back facing her.

Chi Jiao blinked and looked at the young man squatting in front of her in disbelief.

“Are you not going to climb on my back? Its freezing outside. Hurry up and go home.”

Even though the young mans tone was cold and impatient, Chi Jiao could still tell that it was slightly unnatural.

A smile that was enough to melt the cold appeared on her face as Chi Jiao lay on the youths back.

This was the first time Quan Jue had such close contact with a girl.

He could clearly feel his ears burning.

Girls were indeed troublesome and delicate.

However, the girl on his back was much lighter than he imagined.

And he didnt feel as cold as before.

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