Biography Of Supreme Demon

Myriad Demon Scripture

”Guan Hai , you have been summon by Grandmaster Jian ”

A Demon General reports Guan Hai about the summon from Grandmaster Jian .

Guan Hai is a thousand year old Demon King , inside his Demon Grotto , he is cultivating in Demon Qi .

His body resembles an Indestructible Weapon while his Aura wails the horror of his victim .

He slowly reaches his feet to touch the cold ground , with sinister eyes , Guan Hai gestures to Demon General Yan to lead him .

Although Guan Hai is a Demon King while Yan Donghai is Demon General , they are childhood friends which is why Guan Hai didn mind Demon General Yan calling by his name .

”Why did Grandmaster Jian remember me out of blue ? ”

His demonic voice capable of eroding Heavenly Dao reaches in both ears of Demon General Yan .

Traveling a few Mountain Peaks with light jumps that cross them 300 km distance , both of them soon arrive in a Demon Mountain .

The mountain is around 30 000 km high , with a ring of galaxies rotating up in the mountain peak .

The snows and coldness of Demon Mountain can even freeze God and Immortal if they dare to trespass without permission from the owner .

Demon Grandmaster Peak , a Forbidden Location where no one is allowed to enter unless given permission .

”How should I know what Grandmaster Jian is thinking ? ”

Demon General Yan snorts , expressing his disdain .

”Oh ”

Demon King Guan Hai nods his head in understanding , yet his expression remains unchanged.

After a while they arrives In front of the mountain cave , standing without saying anything .

Soon an ancient and very Primordial voice comes out of the mountain cave .

”Guan Hai , come in ”

Following the order , Demon King walks in . The moment he enters inside , he can feel an abundance of Demon Qi and Demonic Dao existing inside Heavenly Grandmaster Grotto .

”Guan Hai , here ”

The same voice from before guides him , making him pass through many tunnels.

And finally he arrived inside a secret room .

Inside this secret room is nothing but a single entity .

This entity has grown old and is about to die , all the energies are leaving his body even Heavenly Dao is escaping.

But even after exhausting abundant strength and power , the body still unleashes unparalleled Aura capable of destroying the World into dust .

Long gray hairs and a weak body that of a 90 year oldman .

”Greeting Grandmaster Jian ”

Demon King Guan Hai cups his fist to pay his respect .

”Guan Hai , stop with that and listen to what I have to say to you ”

The body does not even move his lips but still , a very powerful voice escapes his mouth .

The body is in a lotus position, hovering mid air .

Demon King Guan Hai frowns deeply , ready to hear what Grandmaster Jian has to say to him .

”Guan Hai , I am about to Transcend and become a True God ”

”What !! ”

Demon King Guan Hai was greatly scared by what he heard from Grandmaster Jian .

Transcend to become a True God !!

Grandmaster Jian has been living for more than 100 quadrillion years and now Grandmaster Jian himself is saying he is about to Transcend and become a True God !!

Hence the reason for him to experience shock and surprise .

He doesn know what he is experiencing right now but he is sure he is both jealous and very envious of his Grandmaster Jian .

Grandmaster Jian is the Ancient Forefather who is only inferior to the Progenitor of their Immortal Demon God Sect .

”Listen carefully to what I have to say ”

Demon King Guan Hai didn dare to neglect what Grandmaster Jian had to say to him .

”I will start from the most basic and fundamental knowledge of this worlds Cultivation ”

”Dao Comprehension Realm is equivalent to Demon Cultivator , Dao Materialization Realm – Demon General , Heavenly Dao Visualization Realm – Demon King , Grand Dao Astral Projection Realm – Demon God , Dao Amalgamation Realm – Demon Immortal ”

”Everyone knows I have been staginated in Demon Immortal Realm which Righteous Order likes to call Dao Amalgamation Realm ”

”Also known as Apex ”

”But now I have finally touch the Greater height compare to Demon Immortal Realm ”

”A Demon Immortal is only limited to his or her imagination ”

”But there is a Realm that is not restraint and held back by anything ”

”Realm call Transcendent Demon Realm ”

”In other words Transcendent Realm ”

”Transcendent ”

Demon King Guan Hai feels his throat go dry , his pair of demonic eyes reveals endless greed and yearning for that supreme level of power .

Grandmaster Jian continues.

”Transcendent Realm represents to Transcend everything , be it Creation Destruction , Birth , Death , Law , Order , Universe , even Nine Heaven and Immortality ”

”Transcendent Realm means to even transcend power of Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent ”

”In this Realm , you are a Supreme God ”

”Single thought can birth Infinite Heaven and single thought can destroy Infinite Heaven ”

Demon King Guan Hai was mesmerized by the description of what Transcendent Realm truly means !!

It means to be God Of Creation , God Of Heaven , God Of All Things !!

God that has unlimited Power !!

Such a supreme level of power , who won desire such a level of power ?

”I hate to interrupt you but with your potential you will never be able to achieve Transcendent Realm ”

”Huh ”

Demon King Guan Hai felt his dream shatter and fall down , unable to believe what he heard just now .

”But why master ? ”

”Didn I become Demon King at the age of 1000 ? ”

”I am a Paragon !! ”

”How can a Paragon like me not achieve the Transcendent Realm ? ”

”Hmmm ”

Grandmaster Jian stayed silent for a long time , making Demon King Guan Hai very nervous.

”Your obsession ”

Finally Grandmaster Jian answers him to why he can become a Transcendent Realm True God ?

”Inorder to Transcend , one has have Dao Heart to not get obsess or attach with anything, just like me ”

”I have already let everything I have gained in all those Quadrillion of years go away ”

”I have sacrifice my Emotions , my Feelings , my Past – present – Future and finally I have even sacrifice my own Dao ”

”I can do it ”

Demon King Guan Hai was not ready to accept what Grandmaster Jian had to say to him .

As for Grandmaster Jian, he can clearly see the

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