Biography Of Supreme Demon

Often Forgets , He Is Born Demon

”Guan Xian , you have always torture me through both in and out ”

”Today die for this Deity ”

A very creepy and soul stirring crazy voice of a man was heard in a silent darkness .

Darkness looms over the world when this powerful entity grace the world with his presence .

He has a pair of black eyes with dark and refined jade skin.

As a Demon God who lord over a million lives and Ancestor of many Demon Race , he is a Sovereign of Heaven .

Shrouding him are dark and very ominous Aura concealing his Karma .

Hovering up in the sky , he looks down on all Mortal Lifeforms .

On the ground is a masked young man with his eyes revealing unconcealed fear for the Demon God .

He is naked , fully revealing his muscular and attractive muscles .

The young man is crawling on the ground crying pitifully.

”Please Demon God Kong , spare my life ”

”I beg of you ”

The young man begs for Demon God to spare his life , only to be mocked by Demon God in return .

”You have always humiliated me , insulted me and forced me to become your dog slave ”

”As a dignified Demon God , how can you think I will even be your Dog ? ”

”Insolent fool ”

”Die now ”

Demon God Kong laughs lunatically , forcing land and sky to nearly collapse .

”Die ”

With that , he sends a Demon Thunder to kill this young man named Guan Xian , turning him into dust and ashes .

”No !! ”

The young man cries , filled with endless grief and regrets.

But his howl was not heard by anyone , Heaven and Earth began to devour him and his remnant.

”Hahaha ”

”Finally the bastard has died ”

”I am free ”

”I am free ”

Seeing Guan Xian , the son of Grandmaster Guan die at his hand , Demon God Kong was filled with endless happiness .

”I am free from today ”

”I am free !! ”

”Ha ? What the shit are you farting in the middle of afternoon ? ”

Suddenly the peaceful dream of Demon God Kong was shattered by a cold and ruthless voice , when he opened his eyes , he was hit by a cruel hammer of reality .

”Ha ? That was all a dream ? ”

Demon God Kong looks at the masked young man who should have died in his hand, resting alive .

Wearing an aristocratic outfit with Dao Runes engraved , Guan Xian coldly glares at Demon God Kong.

As for Demon God Kong , he sees Guan Xian resting on his Demon Lord Throne , resembling an Ancient Demon Sovereign of Firmament .

” You were murmuring about killing me , are you that thirsty to kill me ? ”

The cold voice of Young Demon enters both ears of Demon God Kong , silently making him grit his teeth with immense abomination.

Demon God Kong forces a smile on his face , expressing his sincerity and loyalty.

”Young Demon must be joking with me , how can I have any thought of wanting your death ? ”

Guan Xian squinted his both eyes , as if trying to see through Demon God Kong .

Five Demon Gods standing behind Guan Xian like an Unbreakable Formation , all of them also glare at Demon God Kong as if wanting a piece of him .

Demon God Kong is an assassin sent by Guan Tian , the twin brother of Guan Xian to kill Guan Xian .

He has been working for Guan Xian for the last 20 years , doing his best to earn merit and trust from Guan Xian .

And oneday he will secretly end the story of Guan Xian , as for Guan Xian he will be in Heaven before he can even realize his situation.

But all this year , Guan Xian has given him missions to kill the Allied force of Guan Tian , resulting in deep animosity from Guan Tian to Demon God Kong.

This is also why Guan Tian has always been keeping his doubt on Demon God Kongs loyalty.

But what both Demon God Kong and Guan Tian do not know is , Guan Xian has an Inborn Ability to see through anyones Past , Present and even Future .

Because he is born with a Spiritual Root relating to Karma and Devourer .

Guan Xian nods his head and returns his focus on what he was doing .

Like a Young Demon that is destined to rule over Nine Heaven and Myriad World , Guan Xian looks down on everyone through his Demon Lord Throne.

There are two young immortals chained with Immortal Laws , forcing them into an immovable plight.

One is a young and beautiful girl , her beauty knows no bond . She has long and sexy white legs , her breasts towers like a proud and indomitable mountain peak . Her sharp and flowery eyes resemble Fairy from Fairyland .

She has eyes that reflect the stars while her beauty is drawn by Heaven himself after taking eons of time .

Wearing a female Daoist Robe , she is just too attractive and eye-catching , in short breathtaking . But right now she is chained with Universal Law from Heaven and Earth .

As for the other party , he is a young man with an unparalleled handsome appearance . If there is an Immortal in this world , that Immortal will also feel ashamed of himself .

He too is clad with Daoist Robe , making him look Divine .

But he is also chained with Universal Law , rendering his body into immobility.

But both young immortals carry deep disgust and hatred for Guan Xian , fully displaying their arrogance and haughtiness in action.

Two Royal Demon Knights equipped with full body heavy armor are holding the reins of the Universal Law Chain .

Inside Demon Lord Hall , there are lots of Demon Elders and Guards gathered , ready to judge this two captured immortals .

” Immortal Elder Fang , with what permission did you trespass into my Demon Lord City ? ”

Although no one can see through the mask that has been concealing the face of Guan Xian, everyone can tell he is genuinely surprised to witness the courage of these two Immortals from Immortal Lord City .

Immortal Lord City is governed and lord by Guan Tian , while Demon Lord City belongs to Guan Xian .

These two cities may belong to biological brothers but everyone knows that these two are enemies to each other .

So even an Immortal God will not bring courage to enter Demon Lord City while this applies to Demon God as well .

Demon God Kong is a special case to enter Immortal Lord City because he is the spy trained from Immortal Lord City.

”Young Demon , do you think we need permission to sneak into your filthy city ? ”

”Just so you known , there are already many of us who have already enter in you territory ”

Immortal Elder Fang smiles coldly , forcing the atmosphere to drop crazily.

Guan Xian remains silent , nobody can see through his expression because of that half black and half white wooden mask .

While the left half is white , the right half is black , the mask is called Yin Yang Heavenly Mask . This is an Immortal Artifact with lots of functions . Such as Defensive Array , Offensive Array and many more .

Guan Xian nods his head once again , expressing his understanding.

”Young Demon , I think we should just kill him or torture him so we can get more information about his friends ? ”

Demon God Kong panicked when he saw how arrogant this Immortal Elder Fang is In front of Guan Xian.

Although Immortal Elder Fang is also an Immortal God equivalent to Demon God , he can do only shit in Demon Lord Hall .

Even True Immortal will be forced to his destruction when he enters Demon Lord City , let alone the center of such a powerhouse .

So he decided to help this Immortal Elder Fang , he will pretend to kill Immortal Elder Fang and Immortal Elder Songwong before releasing them in secret.

Guan Xian looks at Demon God Kong and says nothing , deciding to remain silent .

After that he turns his focus to Immortal Elder Fang and Songwong , considering what he will do to them .

He activates his [ Supreme Karma Mind ] , peeking in Future , Present , Past and different Timelines within just a few seconds .

He can see all the possibilities and endings related to these two immortals .

After a while he decides to open his mouth .

”Let them go ”

”Huh ? ”

”Huh ? ”

Not only were Immortal Elder Fang and Songwong surprised , even Demon God Kong was in trance .

Without any hesitation , the Royal Demon Knights deactivate the Chain of Universal Law .

Immortal Elder Songwong looks around with her beautiful eyes , afraid of Guan Xians sudden decision.

”Guan Xian , I will let you know ”

She points her beautiful finger toward Guan Xian and warns him with her threatening voice .

” This will be your biggest mistake you have ever done by letting us go ”

”Hump ”

She snorts coldly , resembling an Empress from Immortal Realm .

”Oh I am scared ”

To her threat , Guan Xian pretends to be timid and scared like a little boy .

”I am so scared ”

”Scared to the point where if you don scram now I may accidentally give my subjects the order to kill you here ”

”So scram before I decide to decapitate you and your head ”

Although the voice sounds childish, the threat is not without any empty backing .

”You ”

Immortal Elder Songwong feels her heart trembling with great fury and rage , unable to hold her resentment for Guan Xian .

She is a dignified Immortal God who has lived for billions of years , yet now a kid who is not even 1 percent of her age dare to scold her and threaten her .

This is a great humiliation for her .

She proceeds to threaten him .

”Guan Xian , don feel so high and mighty ”

”Know this , this is all your fathers power and authority , this position is given to you by your father in charity ”

”If you are a man then why not prove yourself with your own personal strength and stop hiding behind your fathers tail ”


And in the end , a very cold and disdainful snort is unleashed from Immortal Elder Songwong , forcing everyone inside Demon Lord Hall to burn with rage and wrath .

”You insolent ”

Suddenly a very loud and aggressive voice full of rage and anger reverberated inside Demon Lord Hall , shaking the entire hall and the ground .

When everyone turns to look at the source , they see a young man equip with golden armament and a long spear on his left hand , entering inside the Hall .

” Demon King Tan Ri , he is here ”

”He has returned from the war , wow ”

”But isn it too early for the war to end ? ”

”Shushhhhhh , stupid . the war was between those below Heavenly Dao Visualization Realm so how can anyone below Grand Dao Astral Projection Realm even rival him ? ”

The young man with an aggressive attitude and warlord Aura walks inside the Hall , his handsome face reflecting the brilliance of thousand wars .

”How dare you talk in an impertinent manner with my brother in law !! ”

”You are courting death !! ”

Suddenly the Aura of War Dao looms inside the Demon Lord Hall , creating the ordinary atmosphere into Warfield .

Everyone can see millions of warriors holding war banners , riding war chariots equipped with weapons and armament , marching forward with bravery and bloodthirsty eyes .

”This is not good , my Lord ”

”My Lord , we need to stop Demon King Tan ”

The Demon Gods close to Guan Xian ask Guan Xian to stop Demon King Tan but Guan Xian calmly watches everything without interfering.

”Demon King Tan , I am not afraid of you ”

In the presence of Demon King Tan , Immortal Elder Songwong does not back down .

She also aggressively activates her God Dao and tries to force the King Dao of Demon King Tan back .

A Divine God shrouded with Heavenly Dao Light appears in the Void , with billions of arms and a hundred heads , the Divine God stretched his right arm forward .

When the arm reaches forward , the entire Void is collapsed while space is devoured in the collapsed Void .

The Demon Elders and Guards create a Divine Formation to protect the hall and Guan Xian .


When the palm lands on the King Dao of Demon King Tan , contrary to Immortal Elder Songwongs expectations , she was the one to fly away with grave injuries.


Her body was forced to fly away backwards and crashed on the floor , leaving the crater behind .


Coughing fresh blood , she looks at Demon King Tan with great horror and incredulity.

She still cannot believe how a Middle – Grand Dao Astral Projection Realm master like her was sent flying away in a clash between Grand Dao against a Heavenly Dao Visualization Realm brat ?

This is not true !!

”This …. ”

When Immortal Elder Songwong was still in chaos , she saw Immortal Elder Fang channeling his Grand Dao and activating his Grand Dao Astral Projection .

His body is shrouded with Celestial Might capable of annihilating ten thousand mountains and suppressing the myriad era .

Soon through his behind appears the image of Celestial Beast that resembles a wolf .

The wolf has size enough to crush the mountain range , the wolf gathers Nine Celestial Sun that can burn the creation and open a new chapter of Heavenly Dao .


When those nine Celestial Sun lands on King Dao of Demon King Tan , Demon King Tan is forced to retreat a few steps back .

But in return , Immortal Elder Fang also shared the same fate as Immortal Elder Songwong .

Both of them receive fatal injuries in their Grand Dao , they will need to exhaust lots of Heavenly Resources to repair their Grand Dao .

”Both of you deserve death for humiliating my brother in law !! ”

When Demon King Tan opened his mouth , it was like he was sentencing Heavenly Dao into death .

The mind of both Immortal Elders felt like exploding , War Aura kept on entering inside their body .

Both Immortal Elders began to experience cruel experience of war , such as death , pain , suffering , torture , grief and endless emotions .

Their souls felt like getting torn into pieces but sadly that was the luckiest fate for anyone who gets tormented by War Dao of Demon King Tan .

They cover their ears in order to stop listening to those wails and screams of dead souls , they try to shut their eyes close so as not to see such cruel and ruthless slaughter .

Their Grand Dao may have achieved God Power but they are not a True God who can do everything.

They are just a God but without Omnipotent Power and Immortal Body and Soul .

So they cannot escape the torment from Demon King Tans King Dao .

And finally their soul begins to erode with King Dao of Demon King Tan , forcing them to give up on their Grand Dao .

Eventually their Grand Dao was destroyed by King Dao , killing both of them in the process.

After that , Demon King Tan just ignores the dead body of Immortal Elders , walking In front of Guan Xian and bowing.

He greets politely to Guan Xian , completely going through 290 degree change .

”Greeting brother in law ”

Guan Xian slowly nods his head in response.

”You have return even faster than I had expected ”

”Brother in law , you are embarrassing me . It was only a few million ants to smash my foot on . No big deal ”

Demon King Tan laughs with embarrassment , forcing everyone to laugh as well .

As for Demon God Kong , he was silently cursing Demon King Tan in his heart .

Only a few million ants !!

Those were not [ only ]

In no way they were just [ only ]

After a while , Demon King Tan sits on a seat close to Guan Xian .

”Brother in law , when I met my sister , she said that she wants to meet you ”

With a warm smile on his face , Demon King Tan teases Guan Xian.

As for Guan Xian , he chose to remain silent.

Sister …

Guan Xian has not met this so-called Sister of Demon King Tan .

Demon King Tan is born with an Immortal Constitution called Immortal Demon Emperor War Physique , and blessed with Supreme Dao Bone of Indomitable Demon God Supreme Bone , he is a Supreme Paragon of his generation.

Just at the age of 500 , he is already a peak Demon King Realm master capable of killing Demon Gods .

Inorder to have rein over this wild Beast , Guan Xian decided find his weakness.

And he came in contact with Tan Ying when he was investigation on Demon King Tan Ri .

Tan Ying is the elder sister of Tan Ri , both are the life of each other .

Tan Ying is just a Demon General even after 700 years but since Tan Ri and Tan Ying have such a close relationship with each other , Tan Ying became that remote which will help Guan Xian in controlling Demon King Tan.

Hence why he chose to get into a relationship with such an ordinary girl .

Her brother Tan Ri is one of few Supreme Paragon seen once in a lifetime .

Blessed with both Immortal Constitution and Supreme Bone , Tan Ri is a monster ready to even devour land and the sky .

”Tell her I will meet her soon ”

For cultivators and immortals , age difference is not a big deal .

”I will tell her , brother in law ”

Demon King Tan reveals a wide smile when he hears Guan Xian accepting to meet his sister , feeling happy for his sister .

And finally he took this time to reveal very auspicious news .

”Actually brother in law , I am about to breakthrough and achieve Demon God Realm ”

”I think it will only take few month ”

Guan Xian reveals his surprise in his eyes but it was only on the surface. Because everything that happens around him is always calculated by him .

His main talent Supreme Karma Mind is a blessing from his Ancestors remnant power that still exists in Mortal World .

”I am genuinely happy for you , you will be more helpful for me if you can become a Demon God ”

Guan Xian opens his mouth , expressing his thoughts with Demon King Tan .

Demon King Tan reveals an understanding look in his eyes .

”Don you worry brother in law , I will be your sharpest sword that will pave a path for your Achievement and greatness ”

”When the Legacy War takes place after 986 years later , I will kill all your enemies with no mercy ”

With a sly smile , Demon King Tan promised Guan Xian.

As for Guan Xian , he shows his understanding by waving his sleeve .

”I will take that word seriously , lets see what the future holds ”

Guan Xian may have said that on the surface but he will be the one to kill Demon King Tan the moment he deems Demon King Tan useless.

Because for him , a weapon with no utility is just a scrap of metal.

”Don disappoint me because I never accept disappointment ”

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