After recovering to full HP, he finally decided to return to a village.


A louder scream than before came from the cave. Ikky had enough of fighting and was about to back off when a notice popped in front of his eyes.

[Achieve unlocked – Rare]

-Find a rare Mob in the open world (effect, +1 Fame)

”Rare mob? ” Ikky looked at the cave entrance interested in how rare a monster would look like.

-Level: 5 (Rare)

Level 5?! No way that I will fight this thought Ikky when Kobold locked his eyes on him.

”GOD DAMN IT! ” he yelled.

Ikky didn even consider for a second and ran with his legs on the shoulders. Kobold followed.

”Damn, damn, god damn! ” Ikky continued to curse since Kobold was obviously faster as the distance between them got shorter and shorter every second.

When they were less than 2 meters away from each other, Ikky turned and attacked.


Unfortunately for him, Kobold was a long time expecting this and dodged.

*-11 received*

This was the first-time Ikky received 2 digits hits.

Throwing his arm in motion Ikky managed to scratch Kobold before jumping back.

*-2 delt*

Kobold was not in a hurry to deal with the enemy, it could feel by this single exchange, that it was much stronger than its opponent.

Slowly approaching the human, after arriving 2 meters away it leaped.

Ikky dodged to the side, barely managing to avoid the sword.

The exchange continued.


*-3,-2, ..*

*-9, ..*


*-5, ..*


After seeing half of his health bar being drained away Ikky knew, that this is the end. Kobold wasn really ”that ” strong, Ikky was just lacking a bit.

If only I was a level higher! he thought when suddenly he remembered.

Wait, I didn distribute any of my skill points yet!

Now when he thought about it, since the killing was easy enough he never used any of the skill points he gained by levels.

Ikky called out status window and apart from pre-selction time, this time it worked.

[Status window]

-Level: 4 / Rogue

-Strength: +8

-Agility: +11

-Stamina: +14

-Intellect: +5

-Spirit: +1


-Charisma: +1 / -Fame: +3

-Available skill ponts: +20

Ikky watched the stats he got from the evaluation in the Testing Center.

But to which attribute do I need to invest?! he was confused.

Every game was different, some of the old games had the Main stat as Attack power, for Warrior it would be Strength, for Mage it would be Intellect and for Rogue as himself, it would be Agility, but..some other games had a different design. Agility would only boost Evasion, aka Dodge chance and players would need to invest into Strenth to get more attack power. Sometimes Strenth gave HP, and sometimes only stamina did.

*-11 received*

Another huge chunk of HP disappeared from Ikky Health bar as he got distracted by a status window and didn pay attention to the fight.

”DAMN! ” There was no point wondering about it now.

Im behind only by a bit, if I get stronger, faster, or survive a hit or two more, it might be enough!

Without thinking, Ikky distributed all of his skill points evenly and pressed apply. All of his stats were boosted by +4.

I hope a few points in the wrong stat won ruin my character in the future he desperately hoped.

At first, Ikky started to play with not much interest, but without even knowing, he was already looking forward to playing even more.

Several windows and numbers popped up, but Ikky didn have time to pay any attention to them.




*-6,-5,-14 critical hit delt*

”SCREEEAAAGH! ” Kobold yelled in pain.

Ikky was surprised, he got the upper hand with just a small investment in different stats.

Without any break, he continued with his rapid attacks.

*-7,-5,-6 delt*

*-7,-8 received*

His defense and HP went up thanks to the extra points, yet his Health bar was once again reduced, and even more than before.

”God damn, die already! ”

*-5,-7 delt*


Kobold parried the last attack and turned around prepared to run away.

”IN YOUR DREAMS! ” Ikky yelled and took out his two Trash daggers.

*-3 delt*

*-3 delt*

”Damn not enough?! ” he desperately threw his main dagger as a last resort.

*-5 delt*

”SCREEEAAbl..! ” Kobold screamed, but his scream was interrupted by blood filling his mouth as he fell to the ground.

[Congratulation for killing your first Rare enemy]

[Achieve unlocked ]

Kill your first Rare monster in the open world (effect, +2 Fame)

”Haa.., Haah.., ” breathing heavily he slowly approached dead Kobold.

After getting close enough, the floating orb flew to Ikky.

[Experience gained 2450]

[You have leveled up 4 -> 5]

[Gained 6 stat points]

[Gained 1 silver]

[Gained 1x Lether boots]

[Gained 1x Short Bow]

[Gained 1x Skillbook – Poison attack]

[Gained 2x Scrap..]

”Wow, the loot is … worth it? 1 whole silver! ” Ikky was feeling very happy when he noticed.

”Hm? 6 skill points, not 5? ” he finally noticed the rest of the unread pop-up windows that he ignored due to the intensity of the fight.

[Achieve unlocked – ]

-Use skill points after leveling at least 3 times without spending any skill point (effect, +1 extra skill point during level up)

[Several requirements were met, calculating results]

[The requirement to meet legendary rank was not met, the final rank is ”Unique ”]

[Unique and Legendary ranks are achievable only one time by a single player in the game, congratulation to the player for reaching the first Unique Achievement. This achievement will now be locked for the rest of the players]

[Achieve unlocked –

-For the first time player spends a skill point if its evenly distributed to all attributes (effect, a requirement for items is lowered by 10%)

-For the first time player spends at least 2 skill points if its evenly distributed to all attributes (effect, allows user to gain an extra 10% from spending skill points)

-For the first time player spends at least 3 skill points if its evenly distributed to all attributes (effect, allows user to combine different traits to create a new skill [limited])

-A player must be at leave level 2 or higher to trigger this Achievement

”…. ” Ikky was left speechless.

”Legendary? Unique? Are you telling me there was not a single player that hasn tried to do something like this? ” he wondered.

Ikky didn assume, that such action was rare, but he didn understand, that majority of people would spend their points right away. And the rest would not waste points on something like Intellect or Spirit if they were warriors.

Additionally the sentence *for the first time* was the main point, if anybody used even a single point on anything, achievement would be lost for them. They had to be exactly level 2 and used 1 point to every stat.

Moreover, what he didn know, is that he wasn necessarily the first one to achieve it. There was somebody who level up to level 2 and tried to give 1 point into each stat, but then they only trigger a Rare Hidden achievement. By completing 2 additional requirements Ikky was able to unlock a Unique one.

[You executed a task, that has not yet been earned by anyone. Would you like to send an announcement to display your name for your accomplishment?]

”Hmm, I have a feeling that it would create more problems, pass. ” Ikky rejected without any worries, less did he know, how big trouble he would be if he decide to show his name.


After checking the rest of the stuff Ikky noticed that his inventory is entirely full.

”Well anyway, time to go to Village, if another Kobold shows up I will definitely die, out of mental exhaustion. ”

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