When Ikky opened his eyes, the scenery around him was breathtaking. Everything was so realistic, if he didn know that he is in the game, he would really think that it was real life.

Graphic is not bad, but in the end, everything will depend on how stiff or lively the NPCs will be.

Ikky looked around, he was at the fountain in the middle of a small Village, or Town, he didn know, yet. There were a lot of players/NPCs, he couldn recognize the difference at the first sign.

Not knowing anything about the game, unsure of what to do, he decided to first go around and take a look around the street.

The valleys were fairly full of people, but it didn seem like a chaotic start. But Ikky knew, that most people are probably outside of the Village already trying to level up since he is almost one day behind the official release.

Soon enough he noticed a pattern in clothing, NPC usually had more carefree clothing, full of colors and different styles, however, there was a high amount of people going around in very similar clothes, except for some different sizes and shades of colors, they were almost identical.

Those must be players, there is still an insane number of them..

Commonly, starting locations in games are always full for the first few hours or even days, he didn expect this game to be any different.

Ikky was wandering around the streets for several more minutes, but suddenly got stopped by a lady.

”Excuse me, sir, would you like to buy an apple? ” said a female NPC.

”or bread from my store? ” said old uncle from the next stall.

”Don steal my customers old geezer! ”

”Whos your customer?! he didn even approach your shop, yet! ”

Two NPCs started to argue with each other no longer paying attention to Ikky.

What the hell?! What kind of interaction is this Ikky was too surprised by the NPC, even if this was pre-set action, which he doubt because he couldn see other NPC doing the same, it was way too realistic.

”Excuse me, how much does the apple cost? ” asked Ikky to see what will be the NPC reaction.

”Oh? Sorry, 2 copper per one ” said the lady visibly happy, and no longer paying attention to the next shop seller.

The old geezer next to him was visibly disappointed and no longer paid any attention to both of them and tried to snatch other walk-by people.

Do I even have 2 coppers? Ikky panicked and looked to his inventory to see if he even had any money.

After a brief check, Ikky signed of relief after the confirmation that he have exactly 10 copper as starting money.

”I will take one apple, Thank you. ”

”Here you go young man ” lady handed one apple with a gentle smile after taking the money.

[Achieve unlocked ]

Spend money in a shop buying any kind of product. (effect, +1 Charisma)

”Oh, nice! ” Achievement in the game is giving some stats, even though he didn know what was Charisma stat was for, it was always good to have something extra.

”Sorry, did you say something? ” Asked the Lady.

Realizing, that he was still standing in front of the stall, Ikky apologized to the lady and walked away. Little did he know, those achievements were not as common as he thought.


Ikky continued to wander around the Village for a few more minutes, enjoying the apple he just bought. The taste was great, it was so realistic, that he could already see female players eating cakes for the whole day since they would not get fat in the game.

Latter he arrived in front of a big gate leading to the fairly large facility, there was a lot of noise coming from the inside.

A sign was displayed, that it was a Training Center. With a momentary idea in his mind, he went inside.

”Welcome adventurer, would you like to enter the Training center? ” asked a guard standing right behind the entrance door.

”Yes, please. ”

”Entry fee is 1 copper ” stretched out his hand guard.

At this rate, I will be penniless before I leave the town.. complained Ikky but paid guard regardless.

After entering he had to go around a wall, which was separating inside from the pre-entry room. Inside the Training Center, he found several dummies on a field, most of them were not occupied, but some of them were opposed by other players. However, the number of players could be counted on one hand, even though there were hundreds of dummies.

Ikky looked around when he finally noticed a stand with many types of weapons. He slowly approached it.

-Attack: 1.3 / Attack speed: 1.00

-Attack: 1 / Attack speed: 1.2

-Attack: 1.5 / Attack speed: 0.9

After trying to take the sword an additional window popped in front of his eyes.

[User class does not match weapon type, 50-90% stat penalty will be applied based on weapon rank.]

So using a different type of weapon will always give you a 50% damage penalty at minimum, good to know. With the system tips, Ikky went and picked a dagger. No notification appeared this time.

After picking a training weapon he stepped forward to not/occupied dummy on the field.

When he arrived in front of the dummy a new window did pop up.

[New Quest – Training]

– Hit dummy 100 times

What easy and simple quest

*Miss* *Miss* *Miss*

”… ”

Several messages appeared above the dummy, all of them were just a Miss.


[Dagger skill increased by 1]

”Finally! I finally hit it! ” screamed Ikky full of joy.

Hm, Dagger skill? Maybe I need more dagger skill to increase hit chance, lets continue and see how it goes, I still have a long way to finish the quest


”…Damn. ”


Ikky continued to miss and hit his target until a new window popped up.

[Quest completed]

[Dagger level increased to max effectiveness]

Without any delay, Ikky tried to hit the dummy again and noticed that the miss ratio was reduced by a lot, maybe 90%. He only missed if he didn pay attention to his movements and distance, which added an entirely pleasing sensation to combat as it was dependent on player skills.

[Would you like to proceed to the next Quest?]


Ikky pressed Yes without thinking.

[Would you like to claim a reward?]


”Huh? Why is there a possibility to cancel the reward? ”

Moreover, wasn dagger level reward for completing the quest? Ikky couldn understand, but then he remembered from Joshs endless boasting about this and that in different games, he understood that such a feature would not be there pointlessly.

Maybe I can postpone the reward to later, which will increase it overall? Lets try and see.


[New Quest – Training 2]

– Find and hit Dummy weak points 100 times

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