I am at the library waiting for Ayaan. We have a project to complete. We normally pair together for each and every project. Professor Mclane knows about our non-social kind of nature. She never minds it. She usually pairs us together. Its the other professor, Professor Carl, who has issues. He is kind of strict and never takes no for an answer. He thinks he has a world-class principle or routine. The most insanely beautiful thing about his classroom is Silence, pin-drop silence, like a breathing restricted zone. Students even fear to move in their seats. He plans the project and chooses teams himself. He had tried to put me & Ayaan on different teams, but it seems the universe is on our side. The first few times he tried, our partners ditched us stating ill health and all. And one thing about the strict professor is he is not that bad. He understands the situation. And realizing the reasons, after a few times, he paired me & Ayaan together. And he definitely tries to give us some difficult projects. But whatever be the topic, we are always the first ones to submit, which both professors admire and are happy about. That means not calling our names in class or pointing them out at us. Its kind of weird when a sea of heads just stare at you like you are some specimen out of this world. I do have a problem with people staring. So being a bit more on time makes me safe.

I looked at the watch again, almost 1 min to 8 AM.

I know he will be on time but I also know he is definitely out of the dorm early but spending his precious time ogling at his crush like he is some kind of chocolate candy.

He is crushing on that boy badly, but not enough to fall in love with him.

I may not believe in love but I wish Ayaan should find his true love because he deserves better.

He may be my only family, I have the damn right to be selfish, but he is nota thing to be owned, I can restrict his heart to follow the love of his dreams.

If he has any…

”Hey Bub, Missing me. ” I jumped a bit. ” Uff Ayaan, Don creep from behind like a ghost. And I don need to miss you when I see you daily. And for your information, I don have anyone to look to except you. ”

”Oh my my, thats heartbreaking, I miss you daily Sweety when I get lost from you in the crowds when I can feel your sweet little touches on my muscles that give me bruises When you don pull my ears when I do something fishy, or when my eyes can find you. Do you even know how my heart bleeds for you, every day and every night? ”

I rolled my eyes.

”Drama queen, why are you so jittered in the morning? What was so special about your crush today? ”

” Hey Fortune Teller, I can even be happy about my crush, huh ”

” Babe, You are not happy about your crush, you are just emitting creepy vibes. Jayden will definitely be creeped out by your nuances ”

”Appreciating beauty is never creepy. ”

” Yeah, imagining him in his stinky basketball shorts, on his irritable sea blue Porsche, or his mouth, leaking food, while eating, and thinking he is some kind of sexy Adonis is definitely not creepy, yeah. And I am Angelina Jolie. ”

”Ugh, Ana, he is not that bad, just a bit cute. ”

” Hello, excuse me, Chelsey, the sweet little Maine coon, of Miss Carol is cute, the funky chihuahua of Mr. Marshal is cute. The nerd, who you had a crush on during our high School trip, is cute. But Jayden Bane is anything but cute. ”

”Ana, You compared him with cats and dogs, thats unfair. ”

” You are so right, I shouldn have done that, oh my god. My poor Chelsey, she will be so upset and Kiwi is never going to talk to me. I should have never done it. ”

” What… and who is Kiwi ”

” Mr. Marshals Cute little funky chihuahua, remember? ”

”He has a name. And thats Kiwi. ”

”Yes, and no more discussion on Kiwi or your disgusting crush. Hurry up, we have to finish our project and need to submit it at the end of the day. We don have much time. And you definitely don wish to be late for Professor Carls class. Prom prom lets hurry. ”

Its not even the due date but I have already said I am an early bird.

” Yes, Miss Punctual. Lets move. ”


Its silent in the library, there are very few students now. Not all are morning people.

There is that specs boy from the department of computer science, whose attendance is mostly seen during any quiz competitions of the uni. The hippie girl from the science department, who is trying to hide from her bullies. And the guy who always sits in the corner. He always reads. He always sits in the far left corner of the reading area overlooking the window. Black hair that shines when light falls on it and sways when the winds flow through them, rests unsettled like he has moved his fingers through the locks a number of times, the sharp jawline and beautiful set of hazel blue olive-shaped eyes. Thin slightly plump red lips, when extended to show that gorgeous smile for which the college heartthrob, Nina Dores, falls for, and an intimidating height. I don know his department but I always see him in that corner of the library, always reading something. Yes, I see him every day, but I definitely don gawk at him as my stupid bff says. I also know that he likes Nina, why? because he gives his million-dollar smile to her only. But the reason I look at him every day is because of that smile like he owns the world. That smile taunts me, I don even know why. I don even know him, who he is, what he is, nothing. Still, I feel sick to that smile. Its more like a faded memory, I think I know that smile, that sunshine glow, from somewhere I can even remember. Its full of love, which I never felt for anyone, not even for him, but it reminds me of someone, a faded memory, the velvety green grassland, the suns ray shining through them, the fallen leaves of the old maple trees, and a boy, I can remember his face, but I can see that smile. Who is he? Why does this guy give me the vibe of that boy? Can say. But this guy whose name I think maybe some Chris or Dave, is definitely not that boy, he was older, maybe ten to eleven years old, and this faded memory is from my childhood, maybe when I was 4 years old. I don have a bad memory but I just can remember.

Who is this boy? And why the hell am I thinking about his smile?

” His name is Leo. Leo Barnet Jr., Their family owns the Barnet Inclusive and Co. Dealing with varieties of products and services but most famously known for the Wine business. They sell the best wine in Rufolia. LeonaVine, named after Leo Barnet Srs first wife. ” says Ayaan.

”It has been decades, and still that pervert and his wine are popular, ugh, whats with these silly legacies. That old man was a through and through pervert. I think his last wife or mistress was somewhat fifty to sixty years younger than him. I thought that after his death, the wine business would go down. Looks like its still flourishing. ” Rich people and their so confused lifestyle. Why can they be simple, and less confusing? Its more like too many subcategories. Their lifestyles and affairs.

” It was on the verge of breaking down. Leo Barnets senior sons fought for their inheritance and the middle one tried to take it from the elder son, who people think of as an incompatible chairperson because of his spendthrift attitude. He has inherited all his qualities from his father except the business skills which I guess were genetically transferred through money genes to his middle son. And the youngest one lives a nomadic life, is not interested in business matters, and is still unmarried. Leo Barnet Jr is the son of the middle child, Gerald Barnet, named after his grandfather, in hope that he will take the legacy forward. But all these hopes of Gerald Barnet were crushed by Leo Barnet Seniors will of inheritance. Senior may not be fond of his elder son, Graham Barnet, but his trustworthy and favorite grandchild is Lucas Dave Barnet. ”Ayaan is blabbering the history of this richy rich family like he is reading them like a psychic.

”Wait, wait, wait, hold on Bella, let me breathe. Holy hell, you know their history and affairs like a fanboy. Care to explain it to me, how do you know so much about them? And what are these money genes, where in the science is that? ”

Ayaan smirked, ” Bub, I have eyes for beauties. And I definitely appreciate beauties. ”

” Yes, I know that, and I know you appreciate this junior beauty, but don tell me you researched his whole history. ”

Ayaan was shocked for a while.

Then said, ” Don tell me you never heard his name. You still don know about the name Barnet. Right? ”

I looked at him, confused. Did I miss something? I think not.

”Umm… I am confused now

Ayaan gasped, ” Bub, don tell me you have never heard of Lucas Dave Barnet. The Lucas Dave Barnet. Youngest billionaire, and CEO. Awarded the Best CEO and entrepreneur of the decade, the Hottest Man of the year from the last 6 years. Most eligible bachelor of this era. International Playboy and heartthrob. Many billionaires & millionaires, politicians, and royalties are waiting to hand their daughters in marriage to Lucas Barnet. And you are saying you don know him ”

”Umm, do I have to remind you I am not actually keen in their categories. ”

”The Hot categories or the love & crush categories ” smirked Ayaan.

”Both. You know I can do that. This is a distraction. It leads people to their doomsday. And you know it better than me. ”

His smile faded away.

” I know you, Ana. I am the key to you. I am the matchstick to your fire, remember. You don have to remind me. But I can see you like that. I know that the path we have taken is a one-way road with no turning back. But I love you, and thats why I care about you. I can see you without experiencing the touch of love. You are a precious human who needs to be loved and adored. You need someone worthy of you. I don wish your life to be withered away. ” Ayaan said sadly.

” Then why can you find the man of your life. Whatever you said the same goes for you too. Don pretend you are happy when I know that you woke up early to that haunting childrens rhyme. The song is a reminder of your past pain and all the events that came after. You are on this path for the very same reason. The pain and the sorrow, we both felt, we both faced, decided our destiny at that time. And yet here you are asking me to think about love life. Love is not for me. It makes a person weak, isn that what happened, thirteen years back. Isn that the reason why we are here? I stand with you. I will always be there for you. I am your shadow and you are mine. You are my only family. ” I said, my eyes got watered, and this moment is a part of me that I don wish to show it to anyone. It makes me feel vulnerable. But its Ayaan, the one family I have. The one left behind. And at least he should always remember me the way I am.

Ayaan smiled and said, ”You are my only family too. ”

We smiled and laughed. This is our moment. No one can steal from us this moment.

” So… you still don wish to know about Lucas Dave Barnet, the hot choco lava, ” Ayaan said coyly trying to control his laugh.

And his sassiness is back.

” ugh for god sake Ayaan, NO. He is not someone important that I should know. ” I grunted.

”You never know… ” he stalled there and honestly, knowing him for these many years, I had this terrible feeling about this pause…

A very very comfortably terrible feeling…

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