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Lately, I heard that the rate at which human beings die is alarming in the society. Both the politics and commoners are all taking caution as to when will be their last.

I often read books about those weird creatures with Fangs and have the ability to transform into bat and can hypnotized people, I over heard people talk about them but everything is just not true. Its can be possible.

I also read about witches which I can tell for sure that exist around the Global and even the fortune teller is a witch on his own. The wolves were humans before punished by a witch who ones had a lover but betrayed her so she decided that both of them lose that love and turns him to a wolf while she flee away.

I was also told that the wolves and Vampires don have common bond and they are never in good terms and only the witch who tried to side the Vampires to bring peace to the world.

So, presently the peace and the death is all in rampage, no place is save but I feel somewhere in me is missing a piece of knowledge yet, how am I even sure if all this stories are real.

”Booh!! ” And just from the attack almost lost my soul due to how frightened I was, I turn away from the window I think Ive been lost in my thought to have a stare of fear at the lovely girl standings before me. Shes three feet shorter than me and a year younger.

She has this cherry red shoulder length hair, light skin but Im a bit darker than her, and the light brown eyes which squint while beaming at me.

”I was just wondering why you have been staring at the window. What are you looking at? ” She spoke as she peeps behind and looks out of the window if shed see anything.

Shes brave alright and a very hardworking lady Ive met since I started working at the coffee shop, she do have an idea about that sort of beings but Ive never asked her about what she knows about it. They consider it just a mere thinking. ”I don see anything here though ” she pouts in disappointment and face me.

I patted the top of her hair almost spoiling the style. ”Its nothing, lets get back to work! ” I said, turning to go as the steps of Force came speeding behind me and she jumps and landed beside me grabbing my shoulder which makes me stagger a little.

”May! Come on ” I cried.

”Tell me, your hiding something from me right? ” She asked and I found myself giggling under her thought. Hiding! the only thing I hide is the fact that I want to know about the beings and if I tell her she go be panicking.

”Im not hiding anything from you May! ” I told her, nudging her hand from my shoulder. ”…I just feel a little fever! ” I added which literally Im feeling it right now.

”Fever! ” She gasped and quickly grab my hand and led me to a sit. ”You should head home now, Ill call master and inform him, you aren feeling well you went home, understand! ” She utters as she passed me a cup of water from the next table. I took a sip and then dropped it.

”Now come on ” she took my hand and walks me out of the cafe, she was so in a rush to stop a cab and I had a bad feeling about this, so I quickly held her hand down. ”I think its better I stay and wait for him to return ”

”Oh my dear Alisa, he would be evenly annoyed for you staying back, you can work properly like he wants you to when you feel ill, I know just what to do, don worry okay ” she consoles rubbing my both forearm with her palms which makes me calm down.

”You are really working hard! ” She says as she stopped a cab and gestured me to enter. ”Oh I don know how to thank you enough May ”

She smiles. ”What are friends for, now run along, bye ” she waves shutting the door. I don know how much it feels to have her around but shes very kind. The driver dropped me at my address which I had written it down cause I don have time to even speak about the area.

On dropping down I picked a dollar and passed to him hoping to get some change as a faze of dizziness hit me but the car was right in time to support me. I got my change and managed to compose myself and walks in to the apartment using the stairs this time, I don think using the elevator would be a good idea. I would just throw up.

I reached my room, 126, struggles to get the keys out of my hand bag, just as I was about to insert the keys in it hole, the door swings and half open. My heart skips a moment as I wonder but no one seems to have been around so I quickly hurried inside. To my greatest surprise, I found everything intact and just the way I left it in the morning.

Dropping my bag on the two seater sofa by my right from the door I entered and vertically from the door lead straight to the kitchen. And by my left was my room, so I hurried inside to take a shower at my bathroom maybe it will cool the sudden stressed out fever.


Just after she got in, someone dropped down from her window and into her sitting room, the figure begins to pant as the figure found a dark place to hide.


She didn spend upto 30 minutes or less the minutes and got out, tying a white towel around her chest and above her knees which exposes her straight, wet long legs. She felt hungry so she decided to come out to the kitchen to eat something and take soms pain relief then shed go to bed, cause the time she came back was pass 5.

Upon entering the kitchen, the flowers vas which sit by the right end of the door, she was already inside the kitchen when it scatters in the floor right at her feet.

She jerks in fear as the frist thing that came to her mind was defense, a knife was not kept far away from the kitchen door so she was at arm length towards it, so she quickly ran towards it and then comes out tiptoeing.

She held up the hilt of the knife really tight and ready to stab at whosever it was, yet trembling inside her. She glared at the same corner where the Vas had fallen, something in the dark which tends to be the figure moves and at the sight of it.she gasped immediately trying to reach the landlines on the wall close to the kitchen door.

”W..who is there! ” She inquires, fear in her voice. The figure didn say a thing instead moves a bit closer which terrifies her the more. ”Don move any inche! she warns, taking her hand away from the landline and supporting the other hand to hold the knife real close to her.

”You should put the knife away! ” The figure in the dark spoke as she hooks to realized the voice to be a males. Fear eloped her the more. Did he come here to kill her?

”Why should I do that! Come into the light! ” She orders taking few steps back where the corridor light could reflex them both. ”Take the knife away! ”

”And what if I don ? ”

”You just have to, so I can come into the light. ” He says, she inhales and then exhales, ”what do you what from me? ” She demanded, but this time he didn say anything, so she decided to obey him frist before he obeys her.

The figure silently walks into the light, Revealing a Raven black haired guy, with dark brown eyes, his skin looks lighter than hers as her eyes widen by his appearance then frowns trying not to be carried away, she aims the knife higher and he stagger, raising his arms in surrender.

”Who are you? And how did you get in here? ” She asked, defense in her voice, now that she mentioned it, she remembers her door being bugles. He raised his both thumb and pointed at the window beside her TV. She looks over to it and then back at the already closed door and then the Vas.

She frowns. ”So your the one who broke into my home huh!?

”Oh no, that you must have left it open while leaving in the morning ” he says.

”You filthy thief, only a thief knows his target movement! ” She blunts.

”Excuse me? ” He raised his index finger but her glare was deadly. ”Yes, you couldn go but to follow the window and only thieves does that so he won be caught right handed but you aren free, Ive got you and Ill hand you over to the police this instance! ” She reaches the landline. ”Wait for real? ” He looks preplexed.

She was about to raise the landline, her towel looses and almost fell but she quickly grabs it and looks up at him. Her cheeks already bright red when she noticed he has looked away.

”Did you see? ” She asked and her aura change drastically. He blushed trying to look away the more. ”Well I won lie but your body really looks hot, I mean… ” He went mute when he found her wobbling, the word hot hits her harder than expected.

”Curse you!!! ” She yells throwing the knife at him and the landline but he dodge them both. ”You stupid pervert, get out of my home, GET OUT! ” She shouted on top her lungs pointing at the door and it feared him.

”Wait hold on a sec, you got it all wrong, I didn mean to hurt you I mean you look hot.. but.. ”

”I don want to listen, you pervert thief, get the hell out and Ill inform the police that you are a thief and a pervert. ” She yells throwing him the troll pillows on the sofa but he couldn dodge but got hit by it

”Wait you don wanna do this, your in danger, some animal like monsters are chasing after me and I eventually fell in here, I didn come here to thief anything! Believe me! ” He spoke innocently as she took a halt.

Animal like monsters! Danger! Me? That can be true, she took few steps and snatched the landline and finally dails the number. ”Hello… Yes there is a thief and a pervert in my room! ” She tells.

”Oh shit! ” He cries.

”Thank you ” she ends the call. ”The police are on their way, and how am I to Believe you, Im not in danger, get out before I force you! ” She mentioned as she pressed the emergency button by her room door side and in few minutes the securities came in about six of them.

”Maam you send a report! ” On of the men spoke.

”Yes, he is the thief ” she answered pointing at Pervert. Two men hurriedly rushed and garbs him by his arm, and drags him away, he struggles to let go but they hold him tight.

”You have to believe lady, I didn mean any harm towards you, something out there is hunting and killing people, you need to listen? ” His words rings.

Hunting and killing people she wanted to stop him but was filled with distrust. ”Shut up and move out! ” On of the security spats. his isn going to be good he mutters.

”You have to believe me Alisa! ” He yells out with her name as she halt in her track. how did he know my name? ”Wait! ” She turns towards them and they stopped, a sudden smirk curled up Perverts face.

”How do you know my name? ” She inquires rather calmly unlike before staring deep into his dark brown eyes.

”Well at least you would let me tell you before I leave? ” He smirks standing up right and staring into Alisa who now seems afraid and left puzzled.


What do you think he knows about her?

Why was she afraid?

Do you happen to enjoy the book?

2092 word count

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