Blood of a human

Second (suspension)





They are now seated in the dinning table at the kitchen, facing eachother in silence, she deeply stares at him trying to get the right word to ask him, he had called about Dangerous, and the Animal like monsters, she all wants to ask along but then how sure she is to believe him.

His just looking around the house nervously and the thought of his Pervert act hit her that she clap her hand on the table which startled him. ”Tell me! I need some explanation? How do you know my name and the monster like Animal? ” She asked as he drew back astonished, how did he say that out of nowhere. He took a deep breath before speaking.

”Ah yes! You see I am just a normal boy who happens to pass some guys and then I heard them call your name ” she was taken aback? Here name? How do they know my name? Ignoring her expression he continues to cook up his story. ”…so I stopped and asked them what the problem was and …..oh no, they asked me if I know someone with your name but then I later left falling into the bush then… ” He paused scratching the back of his Raven hair trying hard to put the story in place but then he couldn . ”…I was being chased and happened to drop into your home! ” He says and this time his voice was cold than before. She stared at him for a moment and figured she can trust him and talking to him either would be pointless.

But she would have him around until he gets to tell her the truth, she stood up to head to her room but he quickly calls her as he stood up. ”Hey wait! Are you letting me stay? ” He asked as she scoffs and turns to him. ”Stay? ”

”Well you don know my name! ”

She frowns. ”I might not believe your cooked up story about the wolves or whatever out there and I don want to know your name either pervert. You would stay until you tell me the truth or else you will be taken to jail, life in prison or I take you to where the wolves to eat you raw! Not because I leave you then you feel at home. Don you dare, I warn you! ” She clicks her finger before turning and entering her room slamming the door behind her as she took in a deep breath. What Ive I gotten myself into!

He stared at the now close door as he sighs rubbing his face with his plan and just then he begins to hear the growls of the wolves far into the woods. hey are still waiting for me He whispers before shaking his head and walking back to the seating room, he almost stepped on the broken Vas so instead he went on to pick them up.


As early as 7am, her alarm rings waking her up from her beauty sleep, the sound was irritating her and when she reaches to switch it off, not after 3 minutes it rings again as she smashes it to the floor angrily and woke up with a hiss.

She yawns and about to drop down from the bed when she begins to perceive pancakes aroma, when last has she woken up with the smell of pancakes?

Without washing of her face she came out of the room to see Pervert wearing her apron and serving the table, she paused immediately, she had totally forgot that she let him stay over last night. ”Your awake? ” He spoke, she wanted to spark at him for using her kitchen utensil without her permission but something ease her mind when he gestured her toward the served table with Pancakes and hot chocolate tea.

”Sure, this kinda being my frist waking up this early! ” She says as she took her seat, staring at the pancakes with the honey around it and some nutmeg, that reminds her. ”How did you find this, I can remember having them? ” She asked turning with a demand answer.

”Well, you weren sure you had them either! ” He says as he wash the materials he had use, while she picked up the fork and tried to eat, he took little glimpse at how she was going to eat. ”You might ask why all this but I want to pay you back! ” Here he comes.

”You want to pay me back? Well thats good and in second thought what if Im not hungry ” she says dropping the fork and the smile on his lips turned to a thin line. ”You know you can wake up and leave for work without eating! ”

”Im fasting! ” She blunt crossing her arms under her chest. His right but she can just let a random man in her home and then eat his breakfast and thats all, what if he has poisoned it or put sleeping syrup so he can *gasp* **** her! She glared to her side and hissed. ”Pervert ”

”What? ” He heard and she quickly picked up the fork. ”Forget! ” As she took a bite and just then her eyes sparkles to how delicious it was, she starts to eat really quickly and sipping the tea. When last has she had a good breakfast before heading to work. She sleeps late because she leaves work late and then while leaving she only take little sips of tea and then head out but today, it was different.

Glancing at how he washes the dishes she still has a doubt about him, she can trust a pervert coming into her house through the window, claims to know her name and then happen to make her break fast. Its strange.

Taking almost the last fork, she wipes her lip with the napkin and stands up. ”Ill get ready, thanks for the food ” not waiting for him to reply, she head back to her room to get dressed. He admires her calmness as he watch her leave his sight then back at the plate. She has eaten almost the four pancakes.

maybe she like pancakes


I don even know what to wear, I still feel going to work early is good but for me, its not, thanks to the fever I had a good sleep after being frightened by that jerk outside.

Picking out one of my best outfits, a plunging pick top along with white three quarter jeans, I applied a light make up to look more healthy and then slipping my legs into my dockside poca dots shoe, letting my hair fall on my shoulder, with a last glimpse at the mirror I was out.

”Im off! ” I told him while I watch him sit comfortable on my couch watching the TV, ”safe ” was all he said waving his hand as I hissed and walks out, checking the time it was pass to 8, I use to be at the cafe after 9. But today rain gonna fall I guarantee, getting off the elevator. I stopped a cap and he drove.

”Ahhhhhh? ” She yells in my ear as she sighted me coming in, she hurriedly rushed to me with her jaws dropped. Im I this early to have her express like that?. ”Y… You came early today! ” She yells and just then it make the other waiters and waitresses attention on me. ”Ah…uh! ”

”Its really unlike you, what happened come on, you know you can tell me everything, we have all the day here! ” She drags me to the changing room. ”Its nothing, I happened to sleep and wake up early that it ” I answered dropping my bag and putting on my apron. I can tell her about yesterdays incident it just to embarrassing. Shed freak out if I tell her I have a guy in my home.

So I won .

She asked if my fever has gone and yeah! I totally forgot I had fever, so I explained to her how I had a hot shower and that I slept and she believes right away. ”Wish you quick recovery okay Lisa ” she waves off before I even had time to reply her. Yet I tried so hard to not feel the need to be bother about what that jerk said yesterday but what kind of wolves are they.

So truly, Warewolves and the Vampires exist, I need to ask him the moment I get home, I just hope he doesn leave.


The men were standing around a table with a map and a lantern which lightens the basement. One of the men looks in his late 40s and seems to be their leader while the two men look young and just in their early 30s. ”What Is it we are finding this time? ” Man 1 amongst the 30s asked.

”They aren humans, they drink human and animal blood and flesh and its our duty to hunt every one of them down ” the leader spoke.

”They aren ghoul, but sir they are faster than us and stronger! ” Man 2 spoke. There was silence in the room and the leader was having to think about how he will go about attacking them down which they know not where they are presently.

”Of course they are Ben, but we are skilled Hunters we put our life frist. We can beat their spead but with our abnormal weapon we can beat them. We aren doing this because of the president to earn money but to save people! ” He says and they nodded.

Just then the heals of a woman was heard in the dark. She walks in beside the leader and stood. ”Anything Susan? ” He asked and she nods. ”Yes sir, with the Vampires and Warewolves compass you had given me, in town it sense the presence of it but then it vanished. I doubt where it must have gone ” she narrated. ”Hmmm that means we have them amongst us humans ” Ben thought out loud.

”But since they haven attack I think we shouldn call for war to protect the people, we can do it without causing any suspense ” man 2 spoke, he was right but yet the leader need to think of another way which will be beneficial to him and his child and other people.

His wifes death can be the end of this. He had started this crew in other to eliminate the Vampires who killed his wife and kill all of them untill every single one of them not exist.

So he went on to research on what weakens the Vampires and Warewolves, he mixed some chemical and acid that he thinks will burn them alive and the immortal, he created an iron dagger knowing they can touch irons.

”Susan! ” He calls ”yes ” she quickly answered. ”Watch over everyone in city and see, we won attack now just as Tyler had spoken, we will go on low key, we can lose anyone anymore ” he ordered and with the slight nod of agreement she excused herself and left the men to continue discussing.

i won let them take over everything, not after I won.


Will Alisa kick out pervert from her home?

Who do you think is the Hunters leader?

What was your best part?

Word count: 1885

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