Blood of a human

Sixth (Lost control)





He went Silent after a sudden yelp and Alisa was left alone in fright, she calls out to him but he said nothing and his breathing was becoming loud and raw from underneath. She moves closer placing her hand on his shoulder as he jerks up revealing his face, her eyed widened meeting his eyes, it was eloped in black extend from the ring red indicating his iris, and his green vain showering his eye lid and under his eyes, his fangs were salivating.

She yelps, pulling her hand from his shoulder as she cover her mouth, staggering backward she slipt and fell on her butt.

He grimaces widely as he starts to crawl closer to her. ”Ro… Rodolfo! ” She cries while she crawl backwards in terror.

”Im thirsty! ”

He then stands to his feet snapping his neck to the sides and then averts his red eyes to her who couldnt even run but trembling over. He starts to take little steps closer and bends towards her. He was as fast as a flash as he grabs her left ankle, he percive her blood before growling and Biting on it. She screams due to the pain struggling to let go but he kept drinking.

She picked a broken glass from the floor and then stabs his leg before he screech and let her go, with the help of the table she holds, she stands and began to limp out of the kitchen crying.

This can be possible she thought.

He walks out majestical with his plastered grim and stained lips but she was in no sight, he squinted his eyes scanning all through the room and he found her shivering in horror behind the television, ”ha ” and the next thing he appears before her. She startles yelling as she hits him and run over to the otherside, he was already pissed by her runs.

”What do you want from me ” she cried when she found he wasn running.

He halts and then frowns. ”What I want?…. I want your blood ” and with his super speed he stangles her and pins her against the wall. ”Im tired of playing games! ” His whispers in her ears as he sniffs in her blood, her tears was unstopable as she struggles to let go and her breathing was seizing.

He was very strong. ”Y… You
e a vampire! ” She cries as he flings her to the door, she hits her back and falls yet as she tried to sit up, with his super speed he apeares before her. She stared up at him in disblieve, she couldn believe what she see, the person she feels more secure with is trying to kill her.

He was a monster after all!

He squatted before her and grabs her waist lightly, growling he pierced his fangs into her bared neck, she outcry in agony as she pleads yet he still pierced deeper and deeper until she was lossing her sight. ”Ro..Rodol…fo……go ” she mutters before blacking out.

The door suddenly swings open and two people walks in, a lady covers in black hood and the man wears a doctor coat, his hair was a mocha brown styles side parted fitting his oblong face while his eyes were night black and his skin was just as pale as that of Rodolfo, his lashes were so dark just like his hair and the thin mustache.

The lady in hood rushed over to them and then mutters under her breath Querencia and spearding her right arm immediately blowing him off Alisa and sending him flying and hitting the wall before he falls.

Rodolfo finally regains conscious as the Coat man helps him to his feet. He wipes away the blood from his lips as he stared at the blood in his both hands in horror ”Whos blood is this? ” He whispers, trembling, raisng his head to look at the man beside him who sent him a calming nod and thin smile.

His vision starts to clear as he finally recognises the man. ”Lazarus ” he whispers before averting his eyes towards the lady who Squats beside Alisa using a white towel to stop the blood from gushing out the more, he glares at Alisa for a while before he gasps realising what he has done.

Taking a step forward, the lady aims her arm out at him, stopping him from taking any more steps. ”Don come any closer you moron! ” and he froze.

He stared as the lady check Alisas plus, it then clicks to him that he had foreseen something similar. He wobbles back as he stares at Alisas half dead body.

He wanted to see her so badly by disobeying the lady and when he was rushing to meet her, the lady flings him away by waving her hand at him and he falls over. ”You will hurt her the more, you
e still weak due to the moon activate ” she yells angirly as she focus on healing Alisa but couldnt.

”We should leave here ” she says and looks over to Lazarus as he nods staring as Rodolfo struggles to stand, he sight and grips his arm. ”Your coming with us, you hurt her Rodolfo ” and with the yellow light emitting from under their feet and covering them, they teleported to the hospital.

The lady slowly laid Alisa on the wards bed as she took off her hood, revealing her ginger red wavy hair, brown eyes, dark skinned and light make up.

Rodolfo couldn take his eyes off Alisa as he regret every bit of his existence. ”I can belive I did this ” he cried leaning on the wall close to the window. ”Its about time you get control of yourself when the full moom activates, she was the coolest towards you who now falls victim. ” The lady spoke taking a sit on an arm chair beside the bed.

”Only if we can do something about the full moon ” Lazarus spoke as he exam Alisa, checking her plus and setting a drip for her. The lady turns to towards the window to have a look at the full moon when she clicks and turns to Lazarus. ”Wait, lazarus its still full moon why aren you weak? ” She asked out of curiosity. She has known that every vampire who hasn feed for a very long time will be weaker when the full moom activate and the wolves will be stronger and why is Rodolfo weak and he wasn .

”Thana, Im not normal Vampire, Im a hybrid. Yes its was said thet the moon makes us weaker yet it makes some stronger and no desire for blood, no one can kill me, not at all ” he says finally setting Alisas drip. ”Further more this woman has a very light rate of surviving, she has lost a lot of blood due to his devour and after, so she would be in need for blood ” he says. There was silence in the room.

”Ill give her mine ” Rodolfo spoke immediately without thinking.

They both stare at him preplexed, he had just devour her dry and his willing to give her his blood. ”You idiot! Are you nuts! ” Thana spats but Lazarus stops her.

”Rodolfo, you know its cost right? ” He asked and he nodded, if thats what he is going to do to bring her back then he would do everything he can. ”Yes i do, ” he answered all ready, Lazarus read how serious he was, so he asked him to take off his bloods stain shirt and then lay on the bed beside hers and he did just that.

The blood fusion started by connecting them with the same tub, they all watched as her bitten neck starts to close up slowly and her ankle, when it finally covers, he stoppes the process and asked Rodolfo to put back his shirt.

”We watch her wake up ” he says, Rodolfo was so in rush to hold her but Thana blocks him, raising a brow and gesturing him to sit at the edge of the room by lighly lifting her chin to the edge.

He knows what she could do and so he respectfully had his sit as they all waited for her to wake up, memories of her flashes his head as he seats ideal their, Lazarus and Thana wonders what they could do for him to cheer up but the only thing for him now was for her to wake up.

He got tired of sitting so he decided to watch out through window by standing close to it. ”Are you okay, Rodolfo? ” Lazarus asked standing beside him.

”I… I just don know, what else can I do to control this weakness, if the wolves…. ”

”Don worry about that, worry about her wellbeing ” and with that he patted his shoulder and left, Lazarus knew so much that Rodolfo doesn , both about him and the girl. Rodolfo couldn help himself as he grip his hands tightly in anger.

Meanwhile, Alisas former pale skin was then brightening up with her normal skin color and slowly her dried part was back to freshness, immediately she inhales sharply as her eyes widens.





So…Alisa now has a vampire blood in her system, do you like the idea?

How do you picture Lazarus?

What do you like about Vampire?

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