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Spell: medium curse

An inferior curse isn dangerous nor really painful. Generally its just small trick who put in bad mood your victim It doesn last long either. It doesn need any assistance of someone more… experienced. Pretty easy and simple. However its range of action is wide and impossible at least with my knowledge to foresee.

It is generate infortunates events for the cursed victim sporadically. It can be A wasp that stings them and the next day they can for example trip and fall on a flat ground or they can get a bad grade in school etc…

But and here is where you must pay attention What if your victim has an allergy to wasp? Then the inferior curse who send the wasp in the way of the cursed will become more than just uncomfortable.

So please be aware a person can trip on flat ground and fall on the road with a car coming for their life.

Recipe for it:

– strand of hair of your victims (of course!)

-All of your annoyance for the one you want to curse

-Tie the strand to the index of your left hand.

-Point your index to a picture of your victim.

– Recite this and only this three times slowly while keeping your finger raised: ” I want this one to be cursed, I want (insert their full name (name and surname better if you know their full name the same goes for the spell of date) them to have luck around for a time short. I want and so i ask for them to feel unpleasant ”

-Untie the hair and burn it.

Last to 2 days to one week. Depending on their own resistance to the curse and your determination.

Warning: before casting the spell don communicate with anyone for one hour and don catch sight of your reflect when you recite. Just watch the pic of your victim.

Or you can just trip them, put glue in their pocket and snap at them everytime you meet them. Then even without the curse you will be the ban of their existence.

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