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Spell: medium curse /2

This spell is more potent than the inferior (of course!) but also more controllable.

For this you may already have guessed there is a price to pay:



– Hard to find ressources

Before we get started i must tell you in advance that the spell isn long lasting in fact we can even say that it hit his victim only one time( you can cast the same curse to the same victim but you need to repeat the procedure with new ingredients).

Restrictions: This curse is an one time effect you may curse for instance to lose their job and they will lose their job but the victim if they happen to find another work won be fired (at least not because of the curse) in this new one. Futhermore the curse can act on certain level. It can take a life, nor it can impact on the body on other person than yourself. What i mean by this is: The curse can break an arm but it can take the arm of somebody permanantly( the effect on a body won be permanent).

Aslo it can affect the emotions of people , for instance it can make people hate your victim. But it can provock a forced removal of people around the person you curse.

Let me explain : You curse someone to be stripped naked in our workplace.

Maybe someone will see but nobody will intervene. Why? Because of shock it will be the reasoning because the curse make them freeze( it control their body) until the victim is naked. There will always be a ”logical ” explanation.

Difficulty warning: To take my example i have given you earlier ” Stripped naked in our workplace ” isn good. Why? Because the curse will take liberty in what you didn say. You didn state the time. Your victim can strip at night where no one not even you will see it. In fact you didn even give the reason why they should be stripped so they can be naked in our workplace because the cursed is **ing your boss in their office. Or as you didn state the exact place they can be nacked in the toilet cubicle where you still not be able to see it. So be sure to be detailed in what you ask. As it,s a curse it will always turn bad for your victim but if there aren enough details it won be that impactful or the negative impact may not be the one you want.

Danger: Your vaguenness can lead you to be cursed together with the victim. So pay attention !

The rest will be given to you in the chapter who folllow i don want to write more about this today.

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