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Spell: preventing haunting

What i was saying? Your vagueness yes it is a dangerous move to be vague in supernatural events. Not just for magic but for everything else. With faes, with djiin, with fox spirit, with dreams, with demons, with angels, with ghosts…

Magic you need to think of it like a living being. A living being who of course doesn live like humans. So it doesn understand most of the time your intentions or at least can fully grasp it. It doesn have the same common sense as us. Futhermore it has … Preference we will say even if it isn really … Well anyway. It has ”Preference ” and if you use Magic when it dislikes you then it will try to fight back. Your intention shall not be vague. Your emotions behind the curse shall be firm. Don hesitate when you are casting the spell be firm in your will to curse.

And always be sure that your curse can impact you in a negative way. Don leave loopholes.

Another difficulty ? Hard too find ressources. (Blood, mirror you will destroy, all the previous ingredients in ” Inferior curse ”, bottle of glass, offerings)


Follow the recipe for the inferior curse;

then after all this is said and the hair is burn find a mirror, Project the picture of your victim for it to reflect on your mirror( Don reflect your own face no matter what! Cover the surface of skin that can be hidden!Gloves and long sleeves!). The previous warning in inferior curse shall be applied. Then while still raising the picture in front of the mirror say ” < What do you want to happen to your victim(When? Where? What? How? for what? Etc)>repeat this 6 times then the name and the locking sentence say (Example: Oldave Shorint Call Dave is the one i wish to curse, i want him to suffer this fates event, i want and it shall happen. May his fate turn in favor of my will.).

Here you will need to burn this pic so imprint it or find a way. you will burn it on the surface of the used mirror( the mirror shall be broken after all this for safety until it is glass Dust, the glass dust shall be thrown far away from your home).When this his finished collect the ashes of everything(hair pic …). Reunite this on in a bottle of glass and put one drop of the blood of your ennemy. Shake it six times. When this is done put salt on top of the mixture close the lid fermely and you are safe if it doesn break.

To end this you need to offer something in exchange.Many offerings can be given but as i don want to list them i will just give your three choices :

– 3 Mistletoe flowers( the little white ball all squishy, not tasty at all for us)

– 3 Bluebell flowers

– 3 of Your fingers (not obligatory don panick but you can offer it)

After you choose one of the three offering You put lets say the flowers you chose in your house where there is the most passages. On the table in front of your entry for instance.

Don put your offering in a vase just let it rest on your table in a visible place until it wither.

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