”Good Evening, Young Master ”

I looked behind me and saw a tall, beautiful woman who was staring at me.

She had long black hair that was in a bun, her eyes were crimson red which was behind glasses. She had an emotionless expression. She wore a maid outfit that covered her body but it failed to hide her curves.

I have never seen someone so beautiful before. Everyone on Earth failed to compare to her beauty.

I looked to my left and right, seeing if she was talking to someone else, but it was just me and her.

I raised my eyebrow, pointed towards my chest and asked

”M-Me? ”

She looked at me without changing her facial expression, making it hard to tell what she was thinking.

”Yes, Young Master. Ive been sent by my Master to deliver you to her ” she said with an indifferent tone, but it had a slight admiration behind it when she mentioned her master.

Why? I thought to myself. Im just a slave, a nobody. Yet, this woman had address me as Young Master.

”Please follow me, Young Master ” the maid said, walking towards the mansion.

I was brought out of my thoughts and proceeded to follow her.

She knocked on the manors front door and we patiently waited for a few minutes.

The door opened and what greeted us was a butler, who had a confused expression on his face for a moment, before bowing slightly.

”How may I be of assistance? ” the butler asked.

He probably found it confusing that a maid, who probably hed never seen before, was standing near me.

The maid pointed towards an insignia located on her uniform.

The butler closely looked towards the insignia and realized what and who the insignia belonged to.

He started sweating profusely

”Please, come in ” the butler quickly said, then he looked towards me basically saying GET OUT OF HERE!

I saw his expression and understood what he meant. I started to slowly back away from the manor door until I was stopped by the maid

”Please continue to follow me, Young Master ” the maid said, then looked towards the butler and asked ”That won be a problem, right? ”

The butler had a confused expression for a moment, probably confused as to why she was addressing me as Young Master, before quickly replying

”N-No, of course not. Please continue this way ”

The maid and I proceeded to follow the butler to the manors living room. Along the way, I noticed the decorations and they were stunning. Ive never seen anything like it in my time on Earth and here.

We finally reached the living room and the maid sat down on the sofa while I stood behind.

”Please wait while I let my master know of your arrival ” the butler said, then he left.

After a few seconds had passed and it was just the maid and I alone in the living room. I had many thoughts going through my mind but the maid again snapped me out of my thoughts

”Please have a seat, Young Master ” she said in an indifferent tone.

I looked towards her

”I-I don think thats a good idea, miss ” I said, however her reply confused me

”Its alright, Young Master ” she said, still in the same tone, although this time it sounded a bit warmer.

I followed her request and sat on the sofa next to her.

Who is this woman? I don understand whats happening I said inwardly.

This whole situation is confusing to me because of the way the butler acted towards this woman.

We waited for a few minutes until a young man rushed into the room. He had short, blonde hair and maroon colored eyes. He wore a suit that looked rather expensive.

Im sure this is the master of the manor and my master. I haven seen him, but from the situation, its obvious.

He, along with the butler, were sweating like crazy.

Whoever this woman is, she should have a higher authority than my master.

The young man sat on the sofa across from us, and noticed that I was sitting on his expensive sofa. He glared at me for a few seconds before looking his way towards the maid

”T-To what I owe the p-pleasure, Miss…? ” the young man asked for the maids name.

”You can call me Emilia, Viscount Frederick ” the maid responded. She then said ”My Master wishes to purchase this boy to my right. I would like to know the cost, however much it may be ” she asked.

Frederick looked at me with a blank expression for a second, unable to understand what he was thinking, but I know it isn anything good. He then looked back towards Emilia and smiled

”N-Nothing! Hes f-free, you can take him ” Frederick said while laughing awkwardly.

Emilias expression turned from emotionless to a slightly annoyed one.

”That cannot be done. Please say a price and Ill pay it in full, Viscount Frederick ”

Fredericks face turned ugly. He wasn sure what to say.

For a few seconds the room was quiet. Emilia and I were waiting for an answer from Frederick until he spoke up

”Lets say 10 gold coins, i-is that fair? ” Frederick asked

Emilias expression turned back to normal as his answer was appropriate.

10 gold coins suddenly appeared on the table from her hand.

I was startled by this as this is the first time I saw something fantasy like while living here.

I don know much about magic or artifacts or whatever they call it but I didn say anything.

”Then our business is finished, Viscount Frederick ” Emilia said then looked at me with her usual emotionless expression

”Follow me ” she said

I then jumped off the couch, following Emilia.

I understood that I was just bought and I have a new master. I shouldn do anything stupid as to not offend either Emilia or her Master.

We quickly left Fredericks manor as we walked towards the gates.

Emilia nodded towards the guards guarding the gate and what awaited us was numerous knights in black armor that had golden engravings. They were guarding a beautiful, black carriage that was being pulled by two, gray horses. On the carriage and the guards chestplate, was the same insignia that was on Emilias uniform.

All of the guards suddenly saluted. The loud sounds of metal clashing from their armor could be heard.

Then one of the guards break formation to open the carriage door while putting out his hand to guide before Emilia and I to enter the carriage

”Head Maid ” said the guard.

I wasn as surprised as I knew she had to be someone important. The way the guards and Frederick were acting meant that she was rather important.

Emilia then stepped out of the way then look towards me and said

”You may enter first, Young Master ”

I looked at her first to see if she was serious. I wasn treated this well at all and yet she was speaking to me so formally like I was someone important.

She then nodded her head and I proceeded to enter the carriage.

The guards were confused why Emilia, the head maid, was being formal towards me, but thats not surprising. Im a slave being treated with proper courtesy.

After I entered the carriage, the maid nodded towards the coachman then entered the carriage.

Once I sat down, I felt as if I was in heaven. The seats were very soft and amazing.

Even back on Earth, Ive never experienced anything quite like this.

As Emilia and I sat down, you can hear the sounds of whips



”Hyaaa! ” said the coachman

The horses then neighed and started walking forwards.

A few seconds has passed then I finally asked

”Miss, Emilia- ”

”You can just call me Emilia, Young Master ” Emilia said, while interrupting me.

”E-Emilia…Why are you being so nice to a slave like me? I haven done anything to warrant proper courtesy…? ” I asked.

The maid was silent for a moment then responded

”Youll know once we arrived, Young Master ”

I silently nodded and looked outside from the window.


{Inside Fredericks Living Room}

In the silent room, Frederick and his butler were still in their same positions. Not knowing what just happened.

It was until a few minutes has passed until the butler decided to ask

”Master, why would she purchase that dirty slave? ”

Frederick was still silent, still thinking about the event that just occurred.

”Im not sure…Get me everything you know about that filth. I want to know where he came from, how he was treated here. Everything! I don care how insignificant it is, do you understand me?! ” Frederick yelled in frustration and panic.

”Yes, Master ” said the butler


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Chapter 2: Why?

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