Can I be

Can I be Strange?

When he stood up to introduce himself there was a collective ”awe ” from the female students in the auditorium, it seemed like all of them let out a deep sigh of longing at the same time, he smiled and knees went weak all over, even the professors were not immune to that smile….. the Deans knees went weak too and he had to support himself with the help of the podium…only his reason to have weak knees were that he realized he had found ”The One. ”

Every batch had one student who was ”The One ”, who would cause the most headache to the Dean, catfights, suicide notes, and bar fights, ….. ”The One ” will be the root of all that problems and the Dean had just spotted this years ”The One ”.

The Dean was not wrong, where he stood Ric looked like he had just walked off a Paris catwalk into the welcome party for the 1st years at the University. He stood casually as though comfortable with all those eyes on him, one hand in the pocket of his dark jeans pushed back the long brown suede coat to show a simple white round neck t-shirt underneath that did little to hide the fact that he worked out regularly. But what cemented the Deans theory had nothing to do with the way he stood or what he wore, it had to do with the chiseled jaw and dark green eyes that fought for attention with his dimple smile that somehow made him look like a sweet kid and french model all at the same time.

”Hi! ” ”I am Ric short for Richard I will be majoring in History, nice to meet you all, ” he said in a deep voice that was meant to whisper sweet nothings in your ears, ”Yay!!!!! screamed the group of girls from the History class ” he waved, gave them another of his killer smiles and sat down. The Dean shook his head as though trying to remove all the negative thoughts and went on to introduce the rest of the 1st years and some 2nd and 3rd year transfers.

The introductions ran till noon and then all the students went to find their classes, Ric seemed to be surrounded by a mob of giggling girls from the moment the sessions ended and the entourage made its way towards room 103 ”History 101 ”, entering the class was tricky with girls nudging each other almost leading to a stampede to find a seat next to him… ”Aren you going to do something about this? ” glared Vicky he was Rics childhood friend and they had both chosen the same major since they couldn imagine being separated… ” I mean I am used to this but, come on do you have to smile at them? you know that just drives them crazier ” he said rolling his eyes. ”Some of them are after you too you know, ” said Ric with a side glance and sly smile at his friend, pulling his leg. ”I have given up that hope, I don think any girl will look at me till you are married I think ” Vicky mused ”might be even then I might not get as much as a glance ” the cost I pay to be your friend I suppose ” he mumbled for the nth time that day… before Ric could reply the professor entered the class…. ”Good morning everyone! hope you have a great year ahead!! ” lets start with roll call, hoping I will have this full class all year long ”.

Ric was distracted by messages from his new fan following requests to be friends to chat, to vibe, to ping all kinds of requests were making his phone continuously buzz so he didn realize when Vicky said ”Thats odd! ” … ”whats odd? I need to leave the phone in the locker next time its driving me crazy he pondered without listening to Vickys reply to his question.

Classes went on and the next and the nex

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