An unchartered place in the universe.

Darkness surrounded everything, not a speck of light could be found.

But, if one looks closely, one can see that there was something strange in that area, as the space kept distorting as if someone was attempting to escape from it.

After some struggle, the entire space became terrifyingly calm.


A wobbly aged voice sighed in a distant place.

”We have everything we could, lets wait for the prophecy to come true. ”

But another aged mans voice sneered.

”Even though everyone called us GODS, we couldn do anything but seal him. Do you think we can still believe in some future prophecy? ”

But suddenly, a female voice shouted.

”Would you two shut it? We all came from a different worlds. Why don we use our final powers to choose a candidate, who would kill him. ”

The first voice said hoarsely.

”You want to create a candidate from the prophe

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