In the eventful classroom, a young woman dressed in a white shirt and ankle-length black skirt was standing near the blackboard, where she was solving some math problem.

Her black hair was tied back in a ponytail, and she wore a slim-rimmed glass over her nose.


The sound of chalk hitting the blackboard echoed throughout the room as she worked through the problem.

While many of the students were focused on the problem on the board, a few of the boys gazes were fixed on the teachers perfect back.

But there was one student on the last bench, who had his head lying on the desk, his eyes were closed and he looked like he was having a good sleep.

But then his body trembled and his eyes opened wide, filled with shock, and he sat up straight.

Am I not dead? He muttered to himself as he scanned the classroom but his gaze stopped at the woman who was still solving the problem.

His pupil constricted and his heart began thumping furiously.

The image of this woman being shredded into pieces in front of his eyes flashed through his mind.

His lips trembled slightly, but his body quivered as a voice entered his ears.

”Chris ”

He turned his head to see a blonde-haired young girl looking at him anxiously.

”Monica? ” He muttered quietly, but his eyes almost teared up.

He couldn believe that he was back again to see these unforgettable faces.

”Are you all right? ” Monica asked.

Chris nodded slightly and took a deep breath and smiled slightly.

”Its good to see you. ”

But when Monica heard his words, she frowned. They shared a desk, and she was both his childhood friend and neighbor. His words, however, frightened her.

”What are you talking about? ”

But Chris shook his head and looked all around the classroom.

Yes, he had returned to the time before the event began.

This world will open the portal to different worlds and it will be filled with magic.

Humans will evolve into superhumans, and many of them will begin to use magic. Otherworldly monsters will also start appearing in this world.

The whole world collapsed and a new order took over the world.

Those powerful superhumans took command of the world, and they were revered everywhere.

But everything changed when that entity entered this world, and this world experienced a disaster it had never experienced before.

Everything was destroyed, and it was during that disaster that he was killed by that entity.

But suddenly, an enraged expression appeared on his face when he remembered that face that he could never forget.

That man betrayed everyone and because of him, everyone was killed in the end.

Monica was becoming increasingly concerned as she stared at Chris. He began acting strangely, and she could tell from his expression that something had happened to his head.

She wanted to do something for him, but judging by his looks, he will not tell her anything.

Her lips pursed, and her gaze shifted to the teacher who was solving the problem on the blackboard.

”Excuse me, Maam, ” Monicas voice echoed throughout the class, and everyone turned to look at her, including Chris.

The womans hands came to a halt, and she frowned and turned around to look at everyone before settling on Monica, who was raising her hand.

”Any Problem? ”

Monica stood up and looked at Chris ”Chris isn feeling well, Maam. We need to get him to the doctor. ”

Chris was dumbfounded and his eyes opened wide as he stared at Monica. But before he could say anything, the womans voice reached his ears.

”What happened? ”

Chris turned to face the woman, and many of their memories flashed through his mind, leaving him dazzled.

You died because of me in that life. I will not let you suffer in this life, he muttered inwardly.

But the woman frowned even more as she stared at Chriss unfocused expression; he appeared pale and sweating.

She nodded and her gaze shifted to Monica ”Bring him to the infirmary. Please let me know what happened to him. ”

Monica nodded and looked at Chris, ”Lets go. ”

Chris shook his head and shifted his gaze from the woman to Monica before standing up, but he staggered slightly as dizziness assaulted him.

But Monica quickly supported him and took him out of the classroom.

”Are you alright? ” She whispered slowly.

But Chris didn respond as a memory flashed before his eyes.

When he was on the verge of death, he saw a silhouette of a woman standing in front of him, who said something to him that he couldn recall clearly.

Did I regress because of her?

But suddenly his pupil constricted and he turned to look at Monica, who was walking beside him.

”What is the date today? ”

Monica frowned but she replied.

”2nd June of 2024 ”

Chriss steps came to halt and his breath became heavy.

”Only one week, ” he muttered as his fists clenched and he closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

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