Child from the Dungeon

Character Origin: The Child from the Dungeon

My name is Duncan Grimshaw, Im a Dual Class Hunter both a Magician and a swordsman with the latest rank of S.

A year ago, I just married Irina, the woman that I have loved for years as we had finally become one as promised since we were a child.

We both married in happiness after the things we went through since I and Irina are separated from different classes.

Irina came from the Royal blood while I was just an orphan from some mediocre city.

We both met when we were probably still seven years old as both of us, sit below the big tree that covers us with its shadow.

At the time, we who were still don know each other, chatted for the first time as Irina back then was waiting for her father she then talks to me about her duties as a royal in the Neotrolitan Country, a country that is created after the end of the Old Era.

As she talks it to me, she presents herself as the Daughter of the esteemed royal knight hunter, Hector while also explaining her duties for being his daughter as she burst it out to me.

Back then, I didn notice what she meant until her father comes and look at me with sharp eyes while Irina then protects me as she tells him that I was just her friend.

” Father don look at him like that, he was just a person that I met. ” Irina looks at him sharply while I wave at him which makes his sharp eyes gone as she tells Irina to leave with him at the time.

Before Irina left, she gave me her necklace and tells me to be a powerful Hunter so I can marry her before she married another royal she also gives me an address and told me to tell the address owner that she was the one who sent me.

Hearing that, like a good boy, I then go to the address on foot as I used my magic ability which is that allows me to run faster than the ordinary human which helps me from paying the public transport at the time.

( Minutes later.)

When I arrived at the place which is a weapon store, I tell the owner that Irina sent me the owner gives me a blade which becomes my primary weapon, and an orb which the store then explains the weapon as he shows its capabilities by giving me the stores booklet as it explains.

< Weapon: Leaf Cutter (Rare) >

< Type: Sword >

< Effect: Cutting Precision >


< Weapon: Floating Orb (Rare) >

< Type: Orb >

< Effect: This orb gives the user, some skills and spells based on the users current status. >


As I see that, I was interested in those weapons as the store owner then also demonstrate them to me while giving me some items that I would need like some Potions, Scrolls, Enhancements, and lastly.

” Sir, Isn this a … ”

” A

” A perfect place to store all of your equipment … ”

” For you, lady Irinas acquaintance …. ” the store owner says as he also trains me to use my weapon which I then mastered after many months and I then use those skills on the Hunters Entry Exam that makes me score full marks.

With those skills, I was immediately assigned to B rank which makes the news spread on every media at the time as the Drones shoots my face.

As it happens, I continue becoming stronger by defeating many monsters that come from the Gates or defeating some of them that exist inside the Gates Dungeons as I did clear a Legendary Dungeon for once in my lifetime.

Because of my achievements, I then decided to propose to Irina as promised which I have to stand strong in every trial since many royals are blocking my way while I defeat them in every of their challenge.

Seeing my talents, strength, and prestige is also my commitment to Irina. Irinas father, Hector then allow me to have her as my wife as I finally married her last year, a day that I thought would be a good ending for me.

But alas ….

Just in one year, my father-in-law bursts out to me since I and Irina didn have any children to be his heir which my father-in-law angrily scolds both Irina and me and ordered us to use every way to have a child since his rival royals recently had become grandparents with a great-grandchild that has great potential.

Far worse, my father-in-law threatened me to be separated from Irina as he told me that with his power he can make Irina marry again if we still didn have a child which make both of us feel broken at the time.

Even though the situation needs us to have a child, I and Irina still try to do our jobs as both a Hunter and a Knight, the most favorable job in this era which many people try to have in order to get a lot of money and prestige.

As we do our jobs, we enjoyed it happily as we occasionally met on some events that need our help as we cleared the things to protect humanity from the still remained monsters from the Old Era.

We were both a happy couple even though we had many threats that could end up our relationship, but …

In those times, both I and Irina was given something that will change our lives.

On September 6 of the current year, I and the other Hunters have been commissioned to Raid a Dungeon that was classified as a Double Dungeon, an Epic Dungeon, and an unknown type of Dungeon which I and the others were ordered to investigate.

In that Dungeon, I and the others fight some monsters that are covered in black shadows, as the monster were somehow seemed like protecting something.

Then I see a black tree that looks like a right hand as the hand trees forehand part had a face that also had eyes which we then think that its a Boss.

But as we wait for movement, the tree doesn appear to move while we then hear a little movement below it, a movement of a little being, a child with a black-skin, crawling happily in the very bushes of the Unknown Dungeon as the child looks at me with joy as it was expecting me to come for him.

” It .. Its …. ” I and the other says in our stutter when we see it.

” Its a child …..!!!!!! ”


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