Coiling Dragon fanfic.

Chapter 1-Rebirth

The Fenlai Kingdom is located west of the Mountain Range of Magical Beast, which is the largest mountain range within the Yulan continent.

Fenlai City was the capital of Fenlai Kingdom.

In addition, it also served as the Holy Capital of the Holy Union because the Radiant Church itself headquartered in the western part of Fenlai City.

The entire Fenlai City is divided into two parts; East Fenlai City and West Fenlai City. East Fenlai City was governed by the king of Fenlai Kingdom, while the West Fenlai City was managed by the Radiant Church. Because Fenlai City was both the capital of the kingdom and the Holy Capital, the magnificence of Fenlai City could be matched by extremely few cities in the Yulan Continent.

Fenlai City acquired a huge amount of space and had more than a million living citizens with its area. In the continent, it can be considered one of the top five city. This city also host the richest families in the Holy Union.

On the room of a gigantic mansion located at the center of East Fenlai City lies a skinny little boy about five years old.

”Ha…ha…ha…ha…ha… ”

By looking at his appearance, he seems fragile, sweating and breathing heavily.

The little boy has a very high fever, and his breath is getting heavier and heavier and then stops.

Suddenly, there is a blinding light inside the room.

This magical event happens only in the childs room and does not affect other places.

A foreign soul merged on the child body, began integrating and then the light disappears.

”Pant…pant…pant…pant…. ”

The child suddenly woke up.

”What happened!? ”

”If I remember, Im already be dead. Why am I still alive!? ”

”Where is this place? ”

”Why can I remember something? ”

He looks around his room and notices that it is richly decorated. Many furniture and paintings seem made in ancient times. His room is made for rich people.

He hurriedly inspects himself and realized that his body is like a child.

He got up from the bed and look in a mirror.

Furthermore he looked at his image which shows a weak-looking child around five years old with blond-hair and blue eyes, cute features and thin body.

”Wait… ”

”This is not me! ”

”Aaaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh! ”

Currently, he felt a sharp pain in his head. The pain suddenly arrives and bring strange memories along with it. The little boy had a feeling that his weak body could not bear any longer and faint. After a few hours, he wakes up.

The little boy sat down, trying to organize the new memories in his mind. He got insight about his new body.

The boys name was Ernst Dawson, born on November 17, 9982. He has a weak body since he was born.

His parents loved him very much and spoiled him a lot.

His father is James Dawson, a merchant and an 8th rank warrior, and his mother is Sarah Priestly, a 6th rank Earth-style magus from a noble family.

James is the cousin of Monroe Dawson, the chairman of Dawson Conglomerate, which is one of the richest in the Yulan continent.

”Wait…Yulan Continent, Dawson Conglomerate….Warrior…Magus… ”

”Is this the Coiling Dragon world? ”

The boy gasped in shock, he knew this world like the back of his hand

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