Coiling Dragon fanfic.

Chapter 3-System and Training

After contemplating for an hour, the little boy recalled the plot of this world. He can remember all the novels he read in his previous life, specially this world because its his favorite novel.

In this world, power is everything.

To be strong, people can choose to become a warrior or a magus. Warriors are rank from 1st to 9th rank, the same with magus. Above these ranks are Saints and Deities.

With his weak body he needs to be strong to endure hard training, eating magical beast meat is a good way to strengthen his body. As a rich merchant family, getting these things is not a problem.

Reading books in his family library can enhance his perception. He needs knowledge about the continent history, politics, geography and power structures.

Knowledge about magical beast is a must as he will venture in the Mountain Range of Magical Beast because he will train there in the future.

Learn fighting skills from his family guards and fight them to have battle experience.

Request his mother to train him to know if he has a magic aptitude to become a magus.

These are his plans for the coming three years, since he will undergo a Magic Aptitude Test when he turns eight. If he has a high magic aptitude, he can enroll in the Ernst Institute.

Why? ”Because the main characters are there. Interacting with them maybe good. Who knows? ”

”Become friends with them? Perhaps? ” Except Linley, he doesn like the man.

”If I remember that person is the cause of the magic beast tide that kills millions of people, even his hometown got destroyed. He even encouraged his fellow Yulan continent Deities to fight the Deities who escapes from Gebados Planar Prison. Because they have killed hundreds of millions of people and refined them into Gold Soul Pearl. In the end, he is the one who benefited a lot by refining those souls when he became a Deity. ” Thought by the little boy.

”For now, lets sleep first and meet the parents of the original body later. ”

Hours went by.

A young female servant knocks to his room and entered. She wakes him up. ”Young master, please wake up. Your parents are waiting for to have breakfast in the dining hall. ”

The little boy woke up, looking at the servant to know if she saw something off from him. This servant was his personal maid that taking care of him since he was born, and she were close to him more than his parents. If he remembers, her name was Andrea.

”Thankfully, she noticed nothing. ”

The maid took him to take a bath and dress him later, than send him to the dining hall.

Looking at the parents of the previous body owner, the little boy heart aches and feels like crying.

”No. It seems to be a natural reaction of the soul of the previous body, reminding him upon seeing his parents. It seems his remnant soul is not completely integrated to my soul. ”

”Since I have your body now, I will treat them as my real parents, protect and make them happy. ” The little boy said to the remnant soul mentally.

The remnant soul felt relieved and happy. He merged with his soul completely. ”From now on, I am Ernst Dawson. ”

”Little darling, are you alright? ”

Ernsts look at her mother, he felt her love for him and feels delighted.

She looks about in her 30s with brown hair and brown eyes, beautiful face and dress elegantly. She is approximately 170 cm in height with plump body.

Ernsts mothers name is Sarah Priestly, a 6th rank Earth-style magus. ”Im fine, mother. ” Ernst sat on the chair near her.

After seating, Ernst looked at the middle age man opposite him. He looks imposing, had a blond hair and blue eyes same as him.

Ernst was sure he got his hair and eye color from his father, while his looks came from his mother. His father is about 190 cm tall with muscular body, broad shoulders and a trademark mustache on his face.

Ernst father were a merchant and 8th rank warrior named James Dawson. ”Son, seems you were different, is there something happened? ”

Ernsts look to his mother then to his father and said, ”Im good, father, when I wake up my body feels good, and I feel energetic. ”

James appears, not noticing that he is not their original son, which is good.

Ernst knows that they notice the difference but not say it, he thought. ”Im their only son, after all. ”

”Little darling, if you have a problem or request, please speak to us. We are family. Though we are busy with business, always remember, we love you very much. ” Said Sarah.

Ernsts heart feels warm. He stands and hugs them both. He thought to himself. ”This is a good family. ”

While eating, they are chatting, then Ernst asked his father. ”Father, can you please provide me with magical beast meat? I want to eat them to strengthen my body ”.

Ernst parents look at him seriously, since he has a weak body and never eaten magical beast meat before.

He knows they are worried about him and told them. ”Father, mother doesn have to worry. ”

He acted cute and said to them. ”I want to be strong so that I can protect you. Eating magical beast meat will help nourish my body before I start training at six. ”

His parents look each other and laughed and agreed to his request.

”Alright son, we will provide you with beast meat but low level magical beast only. ” Said James.

Ernst father seems not surprise, he looked at me again and ask. ”Are there any other request? ”

Ernst quickly replied. ”Yes, father. Can I enter freely in our family library? I have heard that reading books can make me smarter. Maybe I have magic aptitude like mother. ”

Ernsts look to his mother and acted cute again with a longing look. His mother looked at her husband then nodded and said. ”Alright, son, you can read books in the library as much as you want. ”

Sarah asks, ”Is there anything, little darling? ”

He quickly replied, ”Mother, can you train me to become a magus when I turn 6? I know you are busy with business, but please. ” Ernst looked at her with expectation.

Sarah happily replied. ”Of course sweetie. ”

The breakfasts ended happily and then Ernst returned to his room.

For the following days, magical beast meat arrives. Ernst has eaten a lot of magical beast meat because it was delicious.

The magical beast meat contains energy that nourishes his body. Good thing, his body did not explode as his parents worried about.

Ernst also entered their family library and read books. To his surprise, he remembers all the books that he reads.

He seems to have a photographic memory. This should be because of his soul merged with the original soul body. His soul becomes powerful.

Few months past, his body was getting stronger and fatter. Who could be blamed? ”Of course its the delicious food. Hahaha. ” He thought.

He had also read many books in their library, his memory is getting good.

His parents wanted to provide him with tutors, but he rejected them.

Other than reading, he did Saitamas exercise version for his little body. Ten push-up, ten sit-ups, ten squat jumps and one-kilometer run.

For the first try, it was very hard. He almost collapsed on the first day, and it worried the servant watching him and alarmed his parents.

”I should do this kind of training step by step until my body is strong enough for this stuff. So as not to worry my parent, I will do an updated version of Saitamas exercise only when Im ready. ”

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