Coiling Dragon fanfic.

Chapter 5-Ernst Institute

One week after training on the Qi Building Stance and picking up attribute bubbles, Ernst feels that he is already a 1st rank warrior.

He looked at the transparent panel that shows his attributes data:

[Strength]: 140

[Speed]: 120

[Defense]: 280

[Constitution]: 255

[Perception]: 115

[Basic Qi]: 190

[Battle Qi]: 185

[Spirit Energy]: 233

[Earth Elemental Essence Affinity]: 98

[Battle Skills]: Fist Technique (Basic Proficiency, Leg Technique (Basic Proficiency), Swordsmanship (Beginner Proficiency), Spear Technique (Basic Proficiency)

Ernst noticed that his attributes have grown-up, specially the defense, constitution, spiritual energy and earth elemental essence affinity. There are also fighting techniques that he picked up while walking along the training ground.

He has noted that his fighting techniques are still on their basic proficiency. ”Maybe I need to personally train these kills to gain proficiency, since he did not yet practice these skills. ”

Ernst tested his strength in secret. According to his Uncle Douglas, a 1st rank warrior can lift a 100 kilogram stone with one hand. He did so easily. He thinks. ”One unit of the strength attribute is equal to one kilogram. Perhaps. At least I am now a 1st rank warrior. ”

He also cast Earth style magic spell Shattered Rocks and it works. He also becomes a 1st rank magus.

Ernst kept everything a secret.

He has mature mindset the moment his soul merged with the soul of the original body. ”Showing of such a talent early will be fatal. I should keep low-key until Im strong enough. For now, I will gather every attribute bubble while travelling around Fenlai City. ”

Six months later.

A young boy is fighting two-1st rank warriors seriously using only punch and kicks. This young boy is Ernst. He is now a 4th rank warrior. While fighting, he only shows 1st rank warrior strength. Later, the warriors were beaten by him. He thanked the warriors for fighting him. Ernst has been fighting every day to gain battle experience since last month.

During the past six months, Ernst together with his bodyguards travel around the city to collect attribute bubbles.

He even learned stone sculpting by using the straight chisel that he remembers from the original canon, when Doehring Cowart taught Linley how to make sculptures. Sculpting different rocks makes his spiritual energy increase.

One year later.

On the training ground. Ernst with blood all over his body is fighting low level magical beast Wind wolves using a sword. The bloods on his body are not his, but from the beast. The ferocity of the magical beasts was reduced to a minimum, after being in captivity for a long time. He killed all the magical beast with only one slash of his sword. Ernst has been fighting with a magical beast once a week.

His parents are watching on the sidelines that are proud of him.

During this year, Ernst already killed a human. His father promised him if he can kill one prisoner, he will give him a gift.

Accompanied by his bodyguards, they went to the prison. He looks at the prisoner. According to the prison guards, the prisoner likes to **** and sell children for slavery. Ernst has no regret killing this man. He stabbed the prisoners heart with his sword then until he stop moving. His stomach was restless, and he vomited the food that he has eaten.

Ernst knows his fathers reason for asking him to kill a fellow human. He did not ask his father and take the gift.

James gifted a sword. The sword blade is all black and weight about 50 kilograms. It feels heavy but for a warrior like this will be light later. Ernst loves the sword and named it Blackshadow Sword.

Ernst also created many sculptures, both big and small. By visiting sculptors around the city, he had picked up sculpting skills. He also visited Proux Gallery to gain inspiration.

His magic training is also on the right track, although his mother did not train him regularly. Because his mother is busy taking care of his little sister.

Last year, he teased his parents that he wants a little sister or a little brother. Making his parents shy and laughed hard. He wants his parents not to be lonely when leave and enter school. Having a sibling will make his parents happier.

A few months later.

A boy wearing a black warrior outfit practicing his sword kills. He now has an imposing manner and a killer instinct. He stands 150 cm tall with a slim but powerful body. Furthermore, he is now eight years old. Ernst is now a 6th rank warrior and 5th rank magus. To the outside, he only shows strength of 3rd rank 3 warrior and 3rd rank magi.

”Brother ”… ”Brother ”… ”Hug ”… ”Hug ”… ”

Ernst stopped training and looked at his little sister Anna, though still sweating, he still hug his sister. He carried his sister and entered their mansion.

In the dining hall.

A family of four happily eating while chatting. His parents looked contented, seeing their children. They know that their son will leave them for school after the magical aptitude test. They are sad, but they support their sons study.

Ernst father, James looked at him and asked. ”Son, are you excited for tomorrows magic test? ”

He replied quickly. ”Yes father. Ive been training for two years for this. ”

”Thats good. ” James responded.

”Bother…brother… I… want …toys… ” asked her little sister Anna. Their family loves and spoils the youngest sibling.

Ernst smiles at her and told her. ”I have created new sculptures in the back garden, you can play with the small ones. ”

”Yay! ” Her sister giggled and smile joyfully.

”Little darling, about sculptures. The Proux Gallery had visited and asking if you want to put your sculptures for sale? They are also wanted to exhibit your works. ” His mother Sarah asked.

Ernst shook his head and said. ”No mother. The sculptures are not for sale. ”

His parents nod in understanding, and they chatted different topics.

Dinner was finished and everybody takes a rest.

Early morning, many people were gathered at the entrance of the cathedral of Radiant Church. Majority of the people were richly dress noblemen. Countless carriages filled up in front of the cathedral. Various nobles chatted each other.

Ernsts family is also with this group of nobles, but did not interact with them. These nobles just want to get close to them to gain benefits, so his parents ignored them. Her little sister Anna was amazed by the number of people. Ernst also saw Hillman and Linley being mocked by those nobles because of their clothes.

After a while, a black robe church official came out the cathedral doors. Stopping in front of the doors, smiled and said in a loud voice. ”The magical aptitude test is about to begin. All the recruiters from various schools are ready as well. Everyone who is here for the test, please follow me. ”

Ernst followed the black robe church official inside the cathedral together with rest of the testers then fall in line. His family was waiting for him on the side hall.

The magical aptitude test was inducted by three people. Two are assign for administrating the test, the other one is responsible for recording results. The testing equipment consisted of a crystal ball and six sided magical formation.

”First. ”

The bald elder pointed the crystal ball to the first tester. ”Place your hand atop the crystal ball to test your elemental affinity. ”

The first tester was about more than ten years old. He nervously placed his hand on the crystal ball. Immediately, the entire crystal ball began to emanate a hazy, light red glow, with occasional hint of green mixed in.

The bald elder glanced at the piece of paper and said. ”Age, twelve.

Elemental essence affinities-Fire, average affinity. Wind, low affinity. ”

”Now step into the magical formation to test your spiritual essence. Remember, stand there. Don fall or kneel. Lets see how long you can take it. ”

The tester stepped on the magical formation. A holy light aura emanated from the bald elder which shot into the formation.

Light style elemental magic-Overawe!

In a short period of time, the tester in the formation could no longer hold on.

”Spiritual essence, two times stronger than the average. Not qualified to be a magus. ” The bald elder announced as the formation deactivated. The tester left quietly.

A burst of noise from nearby.

”Silence. ” The bald elder coldly said.

”Next. ”

One after another was tested then failed until a young girl pass with spiritual essence of eight times than most people.

Then, its Linleys turn. As expected of the protagonist, he qualified with exceptional affinities for both Earth and Wind, with spiritual essence of eighteen times that of his peers. The recruiters swarmed toward Linley, but choose Ernst Institute.

Finally, its Ernst turned. He put his hand atop the crystal ball.


The crystal ball burst with light, as though it was a sun. Earthen rays illuminated the crystal ball.

The bald elder shakes as he stared at the piece of paper in his hand.

”Age, eight. Elemental affinity-Earth, exceptional affinity. ”

Ernst did not wait for the bald elder and stepped into the magical formation.

Light-style elemental magic-Overawe!

Ernst controlled his spiritual essence. He did not show everything and pretend to kneel down.

The bald elder announced in a clear voice. ”Spiritual essence, 50 times that of his age. Superior spiritual essence, exceptional elemental affinity. ”

After hearing the announcement, the recruiters charged forth, but Ernst only entertained the recruiter from the Ernst institute.

He did not spend a glanced to the nobles who wants to get closed to him, and went to his family who looks very thrilled. They went home to celebrate.

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