Conquer Her

Chapter 9


I look at all the rings bought by our jeweller. I lean back on the chair and eye jewellers timid figure.

”This shit you call the masterpiece? ” I asked calmly. All the rings he showed are nothing else just pieces of shit.

”You didn like it, sir? ” He asked, petrified. I give him a straight face.

Who would even like this shit?

”I will bring a new set, for you sir. ” He instantly offers.

”No need. You can leave. ” I mutter, vexed by his collection of rings.

”But sir, Senior Rodriguez has ordered me to have you get finalized a ring today only. ” I glare at him. He gets the idea and starts packing his rings to leave.

Now dad is urging for a ring. Has his anger come down? Yesterday night he was throwing tantrums about how I am going against my grandfathers promise.

I know if grandfather was alive today he would agree with this, since I am his one and only grandson. Besides, grandfather wanted an alliance with his best friends family and Roxanne is their daughter.

At first I agreed for this marriage, since Emily was a girl whom I knew since I was 10. Spending life with her would be less hassle. That was the main reason I made her my girlfriend. And her being model-like, courteous, polite and obedient were a cherries on top. She even knows how to carry herself in public places.

I never loved her or liked her. She was just one of the people whom I can bear in my life. And she knew that as I never hid that.

The day I saw Roxanne, on the bed, where I had **ed Emily innumerable times, with messy hair under the lamp light, everything stilled for me.

My attention was only on her, on her plump lips, her slender neck, the loose t-shirt of which one side was hanging low, giving a view of her pale and slender shoulder and collarbone, her bare legs, which were tangled up with the quilt, she looked like an innocent seductress.

And when she removed her hand from her eyes, I was gobsmacked.

Those brown eyes were glowing like amber. Her big lashes were creating a shadow on her cheeks. And when she passed by me, my heart thudded loudly.

”Who was she? ” I had asked Emily, unknowingly.

”My sister Roxanne. ” At that time I was attracted to her. The thought of marriage never crossed my mind. I just wanted to know her.

I never found the interest to know about Emilys little sister. I had seen her once when she was 7 or 8 years old. At that time she looked like a girl with tantrums.

And the next day I removed some time from my packed schedule and went to her college. I had gotten all her information.

That day I came to know that she was a total opposite of her sister. Her outfit was what Emily would never wear. She behaved completely opposite to how Emily behaves.

Her few behaviours made me angry and I worded it out but she dismissed my words like they were nothing.

Like others, she didn try to impress me. On the contrary, from her expressions it looked like she didn like me.

And when I dropped her home, I realised that I need her permanently in my life. And marriage was the only thing which will bind her with me permanently.

That night I announced my decision. Everyone was angry by my decision, but I didn back down. I had to threaten everyone, even my dad, by saying that I would leave his business.

That shut him up.

I even talked to Emily when Roxanne left us alone. I told her everything. She was angry but she knew when I desire something I get it, since she was the one who knew me like an open book.

My happy mood turned sour when I realised even after my denial she left the house at night. I instantly had made a call to the commissioner asking him to curfew the whole city, till we found Roxanne. I sent them her photo.

When I saw her with that boy I got angry and in anger I had frightened her. Which I regretted. The anger dissipated in thin air when my lips pecked hers. Not able to control myself I had pecked her one more time and before I could have taken her then and there, she had pushed me.

With every cell in my body, I had controlled my urges and brought her back to her home.

But the whole ride I regretted shouting at her.

In anger I can control my actions. So from that day I had decided that I would treat her nicely and would do everything to control my anger.

In that way she will fall for me.

The next morning I found her best friend in front of her house. And he told me how Roxanne is going with him.

That ticked me off. And in anger, I had bended him on his bike. I threatened him to keep some distance from Roxanne and in all this Roxanne had arrived.

It hurted me knowing that she was planning to go with him. And it hurted me more seeing her hurted by that shit. So I put my palm on her eyes.

At that time I realised I love her.

The whole ride I controlled myself from lashing out at her, since I didn want to have a bad impression on her.

I had brought her to my office, since I had a tight schedule.

In my office she greeted everyone with a small smile on her face. She never greeted me like that. That angered me but still I kept my anger in me.

That day I realised how I loved seeing her in my office and I bet my life that I would not be bored seeing her in my office everyday.

The next day I again found her and her best friend together and their closeness again ticked me off. I had the urge to kill that bastard then and there, but I controlled. Controlled for Roxanne.

And when Roxanne said that she refuses to marry me, I couldn control myself. And as a punishment I had agreed to marry her after she turned 21.

Suddenly I remembered about that employee from marketing and instantly I made a call to John. He picks the call at the first ring.

”Did you transfer that bastard? ” I asked, to make sure that piece of shit is transferred.

”Yes, boss. ” I ended the call.

I had specially informed everyone to not look in the eye of Roxanne directly and laughing and talking was a different case. But that bastard was joking around with my wife.

I signed, I really want to tie her and isolate her from everyone. I fear her falling in love with someone else. Its a different case as that will not make me leave her. Since I would be making her my wife by hook or by crook.

I grab my phone and call my uncle from my maternal side. He picks after the third ring.

”What do you need, Isaac? ” I roll my eyes. He must be sleeping and I must have woken him up from his sleep.

”I want you to tell grandmother that I need the best ring for my fiancee. ” I replied. He is still in his early thirties and very grumpy. Grandmother doesn like him much or more like his actions.

”Talk to her yourself. And don call me, I am sleepy. ” With that he hangs up. I curse him.

I called my grandmother. She picks up on the first ring. ”Good morning, my son. What made you call this old hag? ” I laugh.

”I called my sexy grandmother to ask for help. ” I say, cheekily. I love the family of my maternal side. Especially my grandmother.

”So what help do you need from this sexy grandmother? ” She asked. I laugh as I swirl my seat and gaze at the city.

”I want bestest ring for my fiancee. ” I say.

”But first tell me the reason for you not marrying Emily. I really liked her, you know. ” I can clearly imagine a pout on her face. She really liked Emily.

”I fell in love. ” I answer simply. She laughs.

”Sure you do my son. I think you fell hard. ” I laugh.

”Very hard. ” I replied.

”You will get a ring this evening. You can adjust the size according to your fiancee. I am sure you will like that ring. ” I smile at that. ”I will only accept that girl, if she tries to become a perfect wife for you. I want everything perfect for you and Emily was perfect for you. And I have come to know that this girl is the complete opposite of Emily. I hope you don regret marrying her. ”

I laugh. ”I don know if I will regret marrying her or not but one thing I know is that I want her beside me permanently. ”

We talked some more and ended the call.

”Sir, paper are ready. ” I hear Carla say. I swirl and take the paper from her hand. She leaves.

I read the paper with a smirk.

I have agreed to marry Roxanne after she turns 21 but that doesn mean I can make her my wife legally in this instance.

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