Conquer Her

Chapter 1

”I don want to marry Emily. ” My eyes widened at Isaacs words. My widened eyes turn towards sis to find her eyes already on him. Her hands were shaking.

I get up to give her some warmth and everything gets stilled as I hear him say.

”I want to marry Roxanne. ” Siss tearfilled eyes turn towards me. Her water filled eyes accusing me. I shake my head in a way to defend myself.

”What? ” I hear dad shout.

”I want to marry Roxanne. ” Isaac repeats his words. Sis gets on her feet and runs away to her room. My water filled eyes turn towards Isaac. His eyes are already on me.

”I don want to marry you. ” I shout.

I shouldn have decided to come here. I was better off by myself.

”You will. ” He challenges. ”And if you don , get your dad ready to say goodbye to his business and your sister to her designer career and say goodbye to your college as well. ” My blood boils in anger.

”Isaac, your grandfather had made an alliance between you and Emily. You can marry her younger sister. ” Isaacs dad exclaims. Isaacs eyes don waver from mine.

”I don give a damn about it. I will marry Roxanne and thats final. ” He says with finality.

”In your dreams. ” I spat. In an instant a smirk forms on his lips.

”In my dreams, you are already my wife, love and in my dream I am already taking you against every wall of my house. ” My face turns red in embarrassment.

”You are disgusting. ” I spat.

”I am only for you. ” He retorts back.




Isaac Rodriguez:- Son of the worlds biggest business tycoon Alexander Rodriguez. His maternal side belongs to Royalty. 25 years old. Arrogant, nonchalant. He doesn desire anything. He has gotten everything before he can even desire anything. Hes been dating Emily Miller for 7 years.

Roxanne Miller:- Younger daughter of Adam Miller and younger sister of Emily Miller. She is 19 years old. She desires to be self independent and works for it. She can stand for herself and doesn need help from anyone.

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