Conquer Her

Chapter 2


”Are you excited, sis? ” I ask as I plop down on her queen bed. I lay on my side, with my face towards her, my hand supporting my head.

”Duh. ” I giggle at her excited voice. ”I mean I can never believe that the man whom I was always fantasizing about marrying since the day I saw him, is finally going to become mine. Isn this like a dream come true? ” She swirls towards me. Her jet blank hair was in a sleek updo. Her lips painted red and on pale skin it looked sexy.

”You mean to say the boy you saw on your 10th birthday. ” I point out. She just rolls her eyes and swirls back to the mirror to get her makeup done.

I flip on my back and gaze at the ceiling.

”But what about your dreams? ” I ask her. I have heard that the women of that family, except for looking after a few charity monuments, are not allowed to do anything. ” I get on my side and take the earlier position. ”That means you won be able to continue your career in designing. ”

She shrugs. I groan in irritation. She gets on her feet, my eyes follow her figure. She dumps her robe, and her perfect model figure clothed in white lingerie greets me back.

She grabs the silver sequin dress from the hanger, accesses it and with a nod puts it on.

”So how do I look? ” She swirls for me. I give her thumbs up. She has always been the beautiful one among the both of us.

She has straight black hip length hair, while I have wavy brown shoulder length hair. She has green eyes while I have brown eyes. She has a model figure while I have a normal body shape. She is 57 ” while I am just 54 ”.

She is a complete opposite of me, except our skin tone.

And I never felt jealous of her, except when I was a teenager. For a few years I used to hate her for being my sister but now I love her the most.

”I hope he manages to keep himself from losing consciousness. ” I say. She laughs shyly.

”I am off. ” I again give her a thumbs up. I make myself comfortable on her bed.

She was behaving as if it was her first date. They have been dating for seven years. When they were of age 18 my sister had confessed to him and he said yes. I don know why she was afraid of not being able to marry him. Whatever it was, now it is of no use since they are both supposed to marry each other.

I have never seen him. I do have seen him in magazines and news but never in reality. I admire him. At the age of 25 he was considered as a mastermind of business.

Lets just sleep here. Besides tomorrow I have college and I have to wake up early. Since I am in first year, its a morning session.


I flutter my eyes open at the rustling sound.

What time is it?

I look at the digital watch to see two in the morning. I stilled when I hear moaning. My eyes land on the door where I can see the lining of someones figure.

”Oh, yes Isaac. ” I freeze when I hear Emilys voice.

Is she….is she here doing what I think is inappropriate.

”Just ** me. ” I shudder in disgust hearing her moan. I close my eyes as I rise from my sleeping figure. I switch on the lamp.

”Sis? ” I called out. The moaning stops, but I can hear their heavy breathing.

”Oh my **ing god, what are you doing here baby sister. ” She exclaimed.

”Can I open my eyes first? ” I ask. Meeting my soon to be brother in law like this would be so embarrassing.

”Oh yes. ” I open my eyes slowly. I couldn see them clearly as they were still in the dark, and lamp light didn help.

”I will go and sleep in another room. ” I inform them and make a run for my room. Hopefully they were beside the door. Without giving sis or her boyfriend to ask me anything I am outside of her door.

I stop running and start walking sluggishly. Yawning erupts from my mouth every few minutes. I stop before my room and open the door. Laying down on my bed, I let sleep take me in her arms again.


”Did Isaac leave? ” I asked sis who was sitting across from me.

”Yes. ” She answers. Her attention on her phone. Her one hand is feeding her while her other hand is operating her phone.

”Hm. ” I bit my lips contemplating if I should ask her, but curiosity got the best of me. ”Did you….did you both did the deed? ” My voice is quiet.

”Yeah. ” She answers uninterested. And suddenly as if something snaps in her, her head snaps to me. ”Don tell me you still haven popped your cherry? ”

My eyes widened.

”Oh my **ing god. ” The dining room fills with her laugh. ”When I turned 18, the first thing that I did was popped my v-card and had lots of sex, obviously with Isaac. It was so… ”

I grab my pods and put them on my ear, silencing her voice. My face had turned completely red. I give her my deadliest glare. She laughs it off.

I promptly hit her leg with my foot and instantly she bends down to caress the injured place. I flick her now bended figure a middle finger and leave with my bag, hanging on my shoulder, for college.

”Where are you? ” I asked, annoyed. My hands in the pockets of my military pants.

”Um, eating my breakfast. ” I roll my eyes.

”Come pick me up. I have left my house. ” I informed Brent. Without waiting for his reply I disconnected the call and continued my walk.

He and I have been friends since I can remember. We have always been in one class and bench partners, but in college his major is different from mine so his few classes are different from mine.

Suddenly a bike stops in front of me, making me flinch.

I glare at him.

”Want to give me a heart attack? ” I grumble. I remove the pods and thrust them in my bag.

”You wouldn die of a heart attack. ” He says while handing me a helmet. I roll my eyes. I put the helmet on my head and sat behind him.

While on our way I told him everything about last night. And since then he can stop laughing.

”You continue your laugh, I am leaving. ” I say and hand him his helmet.

”Roxanne, here. ” I look at the side to see my other friends. Instantly I wave them back and run towards them.

The whole day went by, with surprise tests, assignment submission and boring lectures.

I am waiting for Brent, near his bike.

”Excuse me, maam. ” I look away from my phone. A man in black suit and glasses on his ear is standing in front of me.

”Yes. ”

”My boss has called you. ” I scowl.

”Who is your boss? ” I asked. Did dad come to college?

”Its Isaac Rodriguez. ”

What is he doing here? Is sis with him?

”Okay. ” I answered him. I keep my phone in my back pocket after messaging Brent, telling about the change of plans.

I started following that man. He took me out of the college gate and on the other side the SUV caught my eyes. Its glass tinted. We crossed the road.

The man knocks on the door and says. ”I have brought Miss Miller with me. ” The man opens the door. The man turns to me. ”Please get in, maam. ”

He moves away and my eyes land on the man, who is going to be my sisters husband, whom I always see in the news, the most powerful mans son, a business genius.

He is handsome, with sharp jawline, grey eyes, black hair and trimmed beard.

I get inside the car, and sit beside him.

”Hello, good evening. ” I greet him. Its awkward and last night has made it more awkward. I looked around and didn find sis.

”Good evening. ” He greets me back. His voice sends chills down my spine. The car starts moving.

”Why did you call me? ” He never took any effort to meet me during his dating years and now he has personally come for me, there must be a reason.

”Just wanted to get to know you. ” I nod my head in understanding. I doubt it.

”So, where is my sis? ” I ask. I look at him to find his eyes already on me. Instantly I look away. His eyes are intense.

”She is with her friends. ” I nod my head.

”Do you prefer something in food? ”

”Spaghetti. ” I answered. Maybe he really wants to know me. Since he is going to be my brother-in-law.

Never knowing that this was just a start. There were going to be many changes made in her life because of Isaac Rodriguez.

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