Conquer Her

Chapter 4


”I don want to marry Emily. ” My eyes widened at Isaacs words. My widened eyes turn towards sis to find her eyes already on him. Her hands were shaking.

I get up to give her some warmth and everything gets stilled as I hear him say.

”I want to marry Roxanne. ” Siss tearfilled eyes turn towards me. Her water filled eyes accusing me. I shake my head in a way to defend myself.

”What? ” I hear dad shout.

”I want to marry Roxanne. ” Isaac repeats his words. Emily gets on her feet and runs away to her room. My water filled eyes turn towards Isaac. His eyes are already on me.

”I don want to marry you. ” I shout.

I shouldn have decided to come here. I was better off by myself.

”You will. ” He challenges. ”And if you don , get your dad ready to say goodbye to his business and your sister to her designer career and say goodbye to your college as well. ” My blood boils in anger.

”Isaac, your grandfather had made an alliance between you and Emily. You can marry her younger sister. ” Isaacs dad exclaims. Isaacs eyes don waver from mine.

”I don give a damn about it. I will marry Roxanne and thats final. ” He says with finality.

”In your dreams. ” I spat. In an instant a smirk forms on his lips.

”In my dreams, you are already my wife, love and in my dream I am already taking you against every wall of my house. ” My face turns red in embarrassment.

”You are disgusting. ” I spat.

”I am only for you. ” He retorts back. Giving him my deadliest glare I leave the living room. I slow my pace down when I reach siss room. I knocked on her door.

”I am angry at you Isaac. Leave me alone. ” She shouts from the other side. I sulk. She thinks its Isaac.

”Its me, sis. ” I say. There is silence for a few minutes.

”I don want to talk to you. ” She shouts. I signed as I was hoping for the same reply. I dial Brents phone. He picks up.

”I wanna go on a long drive and don dare to ask any question. I am outside of my house. ” I say and end the call. I trudge out of the mansion. I ignore the calls thrown towards me.

Suddenly I get pulled by my hands. I turn and my eyes harden seeing the person who is responsible for my sour mood.

”Where are you going? ” He asked.

”To hell. ” I snap.

”Roxanne. ” Dad shouts. I look away from him and at dad, who is behind him. ”Behave. He is going to be your husband. ”

”Dad. ” I say betrayed. How can he agree with this?

”Don dad me. Besides, where are you going? ” I groan in irritation.

”You never asked me these questions before, so why now? Is it because of him? ” I point towards Isaac, whose eyes are still on me and hands holding mine. ”And you leave my **ing hand. ” I shout.

”Roxanne. ”

”Mr. Miller, I will handle my wife. You all can go in. ” Isaac says with a small smile, as if enjoying the ordeal.

”I am not your wife. ” I snap. My phone starts ringing but before I can answer it, it gets snatched from my hand.

He answers my call and says, ”Raxanne is not going anywhere. ” He says to Brent.

”Say for yourself. And give back my phone. ” I shout. Isaac ignores me. I jump for my phone. But he moves it away. He ends the call and puts my phone above himself. My 54 ” height against his 61 ” height is not helping me.

I huff and stop making efforts. I twist my wrist to get it out of him.

Suddenly he moves immensely close to me and promptly I move my face away. He moved his face closer to mine and I couldn move my head back more.

”I desire for you. ” I blink at his confession. ”I want to possess you. I love your fierceness. And I will…. ” He moves his face beside me and blows air in my ear making me shudder. ”not stop until I make you mine, love. You will become Mrs. Rodriguez, by hook or by crook. You must also know, I don really desire for something but when I do its out of anyones thinking. So be a good girl and go to your room. ”

As soon as I feel his lips under my ears I lose my balance and his other hand instantly jerks out and bands around me.

”I think you have an addiction to watching movies. ” I remark. He moves back slightly. And if i try to straighten up my body, my lips would clash with his.

”Why do you think so? And if its your way of trying to know me and then for your information I don like movies. They just try to take our attention away from reality. ” He says. A cheeky smile adoring his face.

I roll my eyes. ”No. I wasn trying to know you. If I want to know you, which will rarely happen, I will straight away ask you. I said that because your dialogue of desire was really that type. ” I say.

”If you really want to know, then try denying this marriage. Then I will show you what I can do to make you mine. And I assure you, you will regret it. ” I shudder at his threat.

”Isaac. ” I flinch at my sisters voice. I try to loosen up Isaacs hold around me, but he doesn loosen up. He straightens up both of us and finally removes his hand from around me and spins.

”What is it, Emily? ” He asked, annoyed. I scowl.

”Don give her that look. ” I snapped at him. He can talk to sis with that tone. He should be apologetic but here he is showing arrogance to my sister.

”Would that make you come with me on a long drive? ” He asked as he looked away from sis and at me.

”No. ” I straight away denied.

”Then don order me. Because one thing you have to know about me is that to take something from me you have to give me something back. ” He says.

”I am going back to my room. ” I mutter and leave them both. Maybe they will concile and Isaac will change his mind. Since their love goes back 7 years and its a big time to make someone attach to someone.

As soon as I am in my room, I lock the door. I throw the rope ladder through my window and climb down.

I had bought this rope ladder on impulse shopping but it had helped me many times.

I manoeuvre out of the gates. I trudge towards Brents house. His house is just around the corner.

Watchman let me in. I stand under Brents room. Grabbing a few stones from the ground, I threw it on his window. After sometime he opens his window and looks down. I beckon him downstairs.

He comes with his keys.

”Who answered my call. ” He asked as soon as we met.

”Just some psycho. ” I answered. ”Lets go as we planned. ”

”Thats why I bought these. ” He shows me his bike keys. We made our way to his parking spot. A black Bentley and red Tesla along with an SUV was parked inside.

I hop on his bike and we drive away.

”This feels nice. ” I shout amidst the air and sound of a bike. On that Brent increases the speed. I latch my hand around him tighter.

Suddenly he starts slowing down. I look in front through his shoulder to find traffic police, checking everyone.

I groan in irritation.

We reach them and the police first check our face and instantly he grabs his phone to see something on it. He again sees my face then back again on his phone.

”Maam please stand at the side. You too sir. ” The police say. I frown.

”What did we do wrong? ” Brent asked the question which I wanted to ask.

”Just follow what I say. ” Huffing I hope down. I flank away the invisible dust. Brent turns his bike and takes it to a corner. I follow his trail. He hopes down and leans on his bike. I stand beside his leaning figure.

Suddenly everyones eyes stop on the matte black car, which stops in front of us. My eyes widened when I saw Isaac coming down from that car.

”What is Isaac Rodriguez, your sisters boyfriend doing here? ” Brents comments.

Isaacs eyes lazily fell on me. He walks towards me. A policeman stops beside him. He says something,while giving me some looks.

Are they talking about me?

Isaac flicks him to go away and he does so. I harden my features when I see him stopping before me.

”Lets go. ” Isaac says and grabs my hand.

”I was asked to stand here. ” I inform him and pull my hand back. He smirks.

”Now you don have to. Lets go. ” He again grabs my hand.

”Excuse me sir you can take her without her…. ” Isaac sends a death glare to Brent, shutting him off.

”Kid, I am in a shitty mood. And when my mood is shitty I might do something which will be highly inappropriate so shut your **ing mouth. ” I flinch. His glare turned towards me. ”And if I hear even a word from your mouth then you will see. ” He pulls me, making me walk.

I look behind and mouth to Brent that I will call him. He gives a thumbs up.

I get pushed inside the car. I glare at him for being rough. He gets inside the driving seat and roars the car to life.

”Didn I tell you not to go anywhere? ” I don answer. He can talk to my shoes for all I care. From my peripheral vision I see his hand on the steering wheel tightening.

”Roxanne, I asked something. ” He grits out. It takes everything in me not to waver due to fear. Suddenly he stops the car in the middle of the road. I look at him and before I can understand anything, I find myself on his lap.

He grabs my chin, my lips pucker out.

”When I ask something you need to answer. ” I shudder at the anger erupting through him. Until now I have only seen him joking around and his anger is frightening.

”FUCKING SAY SOMETHING. ” He bellows, making me flinch. Instantly I move my head up and down, in a nod. Tears have formed at the edges of my eyes.

”WORDS. ” He barks. I again flinch.

”Yes. ” I say. Suddenly a horn resonantes. I look past Isaac to find the headlights of a car.

”I think we should move or park it to one side. ” I mutter. Since he had stopped in the middle of the road it might cause problems for others.

”Whoever has a problem they can ** it in their ass. ” I stilled, when I felt his lips on my puckered one. He moves back slightly then again pecks my puckered ones.

His breath was heavy. I feel his hands on the buttons of my jumpsuit. I move away from him before he can do anything. His heavy breathing resonantes in the whole car.

He roars his car to life.

He took my first kiss without my permission.

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