Conquer Her

Chapter 5


”I am not going to marry him. ” I shout uptenth times for my parents to hear. Since this morning we have been having this conversation.

”You will. ” Dad shouts back. I glare at dad.

”How can you even say that? That man straight away denied marrying sis, the person whom he was dating for years, dad, for years. How do you believe him to be loyal to me after marriage? ” I snap. The thought of marrying my supposed brother-in-law is straightaway disgusting.

”Just marry him, Roxanne. ” My shoulder slumps as I look at my sis. Her face was indifferent. The girl who was crying her eyes out yesterday, is also trying to make up my mind for marriage.

”Why? ” I asked, frustrated.

She looks away as she says. ”Because he will not back out. When he wants something he takes it by hook or by crook. Be grateful that he is at least asking to marry you. ”

”But I am still young. I am just 19 and its not an age for marriage. ” I cry out. ”Besides, if I don want to marry him, he won force me, right? ” I asked.

No one would want an unwilling wife.

My eyes swivel towards sis, when I hear her groaning in irritation. ”What I said right now, didn reach your brain or what. That person will get anything if he wants. Get that shit inside your head. ” Sis snaps.

”So should I just give away my life cause that person gets whatever he wants? ” I snap back.

I don even know why they are making that man look so dangerous. In all my encounters he was very jolly, except yesternights event, and controlling as well.

”YES. ” Sis gets on her feet. ”If you don want to get your life destroyed then yes, you should gladly give your life away to him. ” With that she leaves dads office. I fell on my seat.

I look up at dad with glossy eyes. ”I don want to get married, dad. ” I mutter.

He signs and looks away. ”You don have a choice, darling. ” He informs me. That brokes my heart.

”What can he do, if I-I deny to marry him? ” I ask, shuttering, dreading the answer.

”I can only say that hes very powerful, he can do anything, without getting in trouble and if his maternal family gets involved then we will be doomed. ” He gets on his feet. Walking past his study table he stops before me. He caresses my cheeks as I close my eyes. ”Just marry him. ”

Tears start falling through my closed eyes. Dads warmth leaves me and after sometime I hear the door closing.

He left.

I open my eyes and look at my mother, who was silent the whole time. She also gets on her feet. I plead through my eyes.

”Just marry him, my princess. It will be good. Even your sister has agreed for you to marry him. ” With that she also leaves.

I look in front, a humongous window giving a view of the outside. My eyes fall on a bird, flying freely in the sky.

With this marriage I will be trapped. My dreams of earning and travelling the whole world, while tasting famous foods of every place will shatter away in thin air if I agree to marry him.

Suddenly my phone rings. I look down at the phone on my lap, broadcasting a foreign number. I ignore it as I get lost in my thoughts. But when it rings for the third time, I pick the call.

”What? ” I shout, irritated.

”Is that a way to talk to someone?….. ” I move my phone away and look at the screen. Is this his number? The number of The Isaac Rodriguez. ”Or is it just for me? I would love it if that tone of yours is exclusive to me. ”

”Its only exclusive to all the people who are irritating me. ” I snapped.

My life has taken a complete u-turn all because of his one decision.

”I think from now on your most of the things will be exclusive only for me. ” He says.

”Your thinking is completely wrong. ” I replied back.

Through his talking, I can think of him as a dangerous person. Why are dad and sis making him look like a dangerous person?

”I would love it if you made this thinking of mine right, love. ” He says, hoarsely. I blink my eyes. I gulp the lump formed in my throat and divert the topic.

”Why did you call me? ” Instantly a laugh resonantes in the phone. Unknowingly my lips also lift in a smile.

How ironic, the person because of whom my lifes happiness has been trapped, is the same person who had made me laugh for the first time since this morning.

”When will your college end? ” He asked.

”Why? ” I asked. Its another thing I didn go to college, thanks to him.

”Oh love, just answer the question. ” He says.

”I didn go to college. Besides, if you don know my college timings, how were you able to get there earlier? Don play coy. ” I snap.

He laughs again. ”You got me there, love. If you are at home, I want you to get ready. You are coming with me. ”

”No, I….. ” the phone gets disconnected before I can even deny it. I eye the phone.

Instantly the phone rings, I pick it up.

”Hey, dumbass, want to grab some pizzas? I am bunking classes. ” I roll my eyes at Brents annoying voice.

”No, I… ” I stopped myself from refusing the offer. ”Yes. Pick me up. ”

”Okie, dokie. ” Brent chirps.

That man can wait all his life, but I will do what I want and this would be the first step towards it.

I amble towards the garden of my house and sit on the bench, waiting for Brent. I have thought of a very nice plan. I will show that man how I am not an ideal wife material and his thoughts of marrying me will vanish in thin air.

I tilt my head back and rest it on the back.

I don know why he is not marrying my sister. She is perfect. A perfect wife for the Rodriguez family.

My phone rings and without giving it a look I whisk towards the gate. I halt, when I see a matte black car. I hear the sound of Brent. Instantly I pass the gates and my eyes fall on Brent, who has been bent on the bike by Isaac.

I ran towards them. My ears pick up the lines said by Isaac. ”….if you tried to go against me then be ready for the consequences. ”

”What the heck are you doing with him? ” I shout. His eyes snap towards me. I latch on his hand which is holding Brent down and pull on it. ”Leave him. ”

Instead of leaving him, he puts more pressure on him as a painful yelp erupts through Brents lips.

I glare at Isaac. ”Leave him. ” I demand, while my hands try to pull his hands away. He looks at me and I can see the anger in it.

”I will, love. But first tell me, were you trying to go with him? ” I shudder at the calmness in his voice which is a complete contrast to his looks.

”I never said yes to your plan. You just informed me. ” I say in my defence. Brent groans under him. I eye Brent.

”EYES HERE. ” He shouts, making me flinch and instantly my eyes snapped towards him. ”Now that I have your eyes on me. Answer me, were you planning to go with him? ”

I nod my head. And the very next minute Brent groans in pain.

”I again ask, were you? ” Instantly I shake my head. My heart is beating in fear.

”Words, love. ” He says sweetly that goosebumps rise all over my body.

”No, I wasn . Now please leave him. ” I plead. He finally moved away from Brent. Brent straightens up while groaning in pain. Before I could go to him I got stopped as a hand band around my belly and my back collided with his front.

”Lets go. I am a very busy person and we are wasting our time right now. ” He whispers in my ear.

”But Brent is in pain. Let me just check on him. It will take a few minutes. And if you are so busy, then you don have to take me anywhere. ” I snapped, thrashing in his arms.

”I can give him more pain if you take even a step to him. ” I stilled.

I ask Brent through my eyes and he just gives me a thumbs up while giving me a huge smile which makes him groan in pain. I laugh and Brent gives me an annoyed look.

Before I can say something more I get turned. He makes me walk towards his car. He makes me sit inside. He gets inside through the other side.

”Lets go. ” He says to his driver. I look behind to find Brent looking at us. My eyes close when a palm lands on my eyes.

”Don look at him. ” Isaac whispers in my ears. I hear the roaring of the car as he pushes my head on his shoulder.

”You can control me or my actions. ” I mumble.

”I am not trying to control you. I am trying to make myself the centerpoint of your life, love. ” He replies back.

But I don want to make him the centerpoint of my life. If I make him, I will have to say goodbye to my dreams and that I will never let happen.

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