Conquer Her

Chapter 6


”Where are you taking me? ” I asked. My eyes on the road. His cars glasses are so black that no one can see the inside.

”To my office. ” He answers. I look at him in bafflement.

”To your office? ” I asked, unsure if I heard him correctly. He nods his head with a cute smile on his face.

Agh. I hate him and his smiles.

”Why? Do you want me to work for you? ” I asked, tauntingly. Why the ** is he taking me to his office?

”If you want you can work, but I prefer you to work in my office. ” I glare at him.

”No, really why are you taking me to your office. ” I asked, with seriousness. I blink my eyes when he flicks the tip of my nose.

”Because, I have work and I also want to know you. I will do work while you tell me everything and anything about you. From your childhood to now, each and everything. ” My heart does a flip hearing that.

”I don want to marry you. ” I say and look away from his eyes as I feel I spilled water on his plans.

He grabs my chin and turns my face towards his. The smile on his face was gone as a hardened expression was adoring his face.

”Thats not a topic for discussion. You don have a choice. If I even hear a word from those luscious lips of yours about this topic, you would regret it. ” I shudder at the threat in his voice.

”What made you take this decision? You and sis were ready for engagement. What changed your mind? ” I asked.

His hands on my chin loosened. It moves downward and lands on my shoulder, his thumb caressing the curve where neck and shoulder meets. My lips part as his thumb starts caressing the curve very slowly.

”You remember the day, the day you were sleeping in Emilys room and you woke up because of us…. ” Blush creeps up my face as I reminisce that day. ”That day I fell for you. ” My breathing becomes heavy when he puts pressure on my neck, his lips immensely close to mine.

”So one glance made you fall out of love for my sis? ” I ask, breathlessly.

How can one fall out of love just by one glance?

My eyes widen when he takes me by surprise by pecking my lips. With widened eyes I look at him.

”Love, I never fell in love to fall out. You are the first and thats the reason I am marrying you. ” I overcame the surprise.

”Then what were those years of you two dating? ” I asked. That must be the reason Emily always was worried that he would marry someone else.

”The reason you will not like it. I will tell you some other time, just remember that I never fell in love, you are an exception. ” He again flicks my nose. ”And we are here. ” I blink my eyes and move away from him.

”Why do you flick my nose? Its annoying. ” I say. I grab the handle to get out.

”Ahh. ” I shriek when I get pulled. I find myself on his lap with my face in between his thighs. Blush creeps up on my face.

”Do you like to be there? I don mind. ” Hearing his comment I instantly moved away. With a red face I gave him an accusatory gaze.

”You were the one who pulled me and why did you even pull me. ” I asked. As I eye his thigh. They were hard. Definitely he has muscles. I instantly look away in order to not be found peeking at his thighs.

”I had told you earlier not to get out by yourself. Wait for me to open the gate. ” I roll my eyes.

”And I had told you I hate to be controlled. ” I snap. The door of his side gets opened by his driver.

”We will have this talk in my office, since we have all our lives for these talks. ” With that he gets out of his car. I waited for him but at the last minute my mind changed and I opened the door by myself.

I find his hand mid air. He takes it back. I get out and flick my hair back. His hands find their way on the small of my back as he pushes me.

I look in front to see a very humongous building with his companys name adoring the front.

”You need to learn that you do what I ask you to do. ” I hear him say. I give a polite smile to the guard.

”And you need to learn that I never do what I am ordered to do. ” I replied.

His earlier confessions don make my earlier resolve to make him break the marriage go to water. Besides, its another thing that I really don like to be ordered around.

Good mornings were thrown towards him but he ignored them all, not even a nod. On the other hand, I greeted them back, even if I didn know them.

”You don need to greet everyone. ” He says as soon as we get inside the elevator.

”Yes, I do. If the boss doesn greet them back then I need to. And what is your problem with me greeting them back. No scratch that, do you have some problem that you don greet them back? ”

I look at him when I find him silent. He had a small smile on his face. ”You question a lot. ” He remarks.

”Yes, I do. Deal with it Mister. ” I reply as I flick my hair back. He gets in a fit of laughter. I follow him.

”God, I love you. ” I stop laughing as I look at him surprised. At the very minute the elevators door opens. His hands got back to their earlier place as he urged me to walk.

It must be the heat of the moment.

”Carla, get me Mitwa constructions files. I will check them now. ” He says to a woman. She is also like my sister.

Blonde hair, pulled back in a sleek bun, high cheekbones, model like body.

She opens the huge brown doors and we get inside. While passing her, I give her a small smile, which she doesn return.

I look around. Its bigger than my dads office. Behind his study table are huge floor to ceiling windows, showcasing the beauty of this city. To my side is a seating area and a huge bookshelf behind it. To my other side is a small bar.

”How do you like it? ” He asked as he stood in front of me. Leaning so that our faces are face to face.

I take a step back as a replay of his pecks plays in my mind. He takes a step ahead longer than mine, so he is standing closer than earlier. I again take a back, bigger this time. He again takes a step ahead standing immensely close to me.

Our breaths mingled with each other.

”You will have back pain. Stand straight. ” I say as I look away. I sneakily take a very small step back, wanting to create some distance between us.

I shriek when his hand bands around my belly as he scoops me closer to him. My hands land on his chest.

”Were you worried about me? ”

”No, I wasn . ” I instantly replied.

”Don be shy. Or were you flustered by our closeness? ” He asked. A smirk adoring his face.

”No, I wasn . ” I reply and try to pry his hands off of me.

”Then why were… ”

”Boss, I have brought the… ” Carlas voice stops mid sentence. My struggling increases but his hands don leave me.

”Keep it on my table. ” He replies to Carla. The clicking of heels resonates in the office. I look beside him to see her keeping the files on his table. Not even for a second she looked at us.

As soon as the door closes I shout. ”Leave me. You **ing embarrassed me. ” I slap his chest.

”You did the same thing earlier. Tit for tat, love. ” With that he leaves me. I think back to the car incident. I glare at him.

”So you are a petty one. ” I remark.

”For you, I can be anything and everything. ” He swivels and ambles toward his table. I mimic his actions and as soon as he turns I straighten up.

”You are free to do whatever you want. Condition is that you can leave my office. ” He says as he grabs one of the files.

I ignore him and trudge towards his bookshelf to find something to read. I plop down on the sofa when I didn find anything appealing to read in his bookshelf.

”Didn find anything appealing? ” He asked. I rest my head back.

”Yeah. You have boring books. ” I mutter. I should leave. I will be getting bored and nothing else.

”What type of books do you like? ” He asked. I look at him with my head resting back.

”Fiction. ” I answered.

He grabs his phone and calls someone. ”John, I want you to get a bunch of the latest fiction books and the most famous one as soon as possible. And remove the books from my bookshelf to arrange those in it. ”

My eyes widened at that. As soon as he keeps his phone away I say. ”You don have to do all that. ”

He smiles. ”I can do anything for you, this is just a tiny thing. ” That flips my heart.

I look away as I say. ”How can you say all that when you have met me recently. ”

”Here the thing is not about knowing each other for long. I just want to do everything for you. Thats what my heart wants, love. ” He replies. I straighten up as I start fiddling with my phone.

”What if its a fleeting emotion? What if all this is just an attraction which will fade away with time? ” I say.

”Remember, if I really felt attraction I would have felt it with thousands of women that I have met, but its the first time I have felt something like this. And I mentioned it earlier. I love you, Roxanne. ” I stilled.

This can be good.

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