Conquer Her

Chapter 7


”She was being a bitch so I had to give her a lesson. ” I say to Brent as I lean on his bike. My nails have all of my attention, as I found it more interesting.

”That didn mean you go and dump your coffee on her. ” Brent snaps back. I look at him with a straight face.

”She did the same thing with Jane, so tit for tat. ” Instantly I recall Isaacs voice saying the same thing. I giggle at that.

”What made you giggle? Share with me. ” I eye Brent judgmentally as I say. ”No, I won . ”

His hand band around my neck as he pulls me to him. My face pressed up on his chest as he started tickling me.

I laugh.

”St-Sto…. ” I laugh. ”Stop it. ” I laugh. My stomach starts hurting from all the laughing.

Suddenly I find myself getting pulled away from Brent as he is thrown towards the ground.

”What the **? ” I shout after overcoming my laughing session.

I pivot towards the person who punched Brent. My lips part when I find Isaac.

His eyes focused on Brent which were blazing in anger. I try to jerk my hand off of his hold. It hurts as his hold was quite hard.

”Why did you do it? ” I asked, annoyed by his behaviour. At one second I like his behaviour and the very next minute his actions make me hate his whole being.

”I had warned you yesterday. ” He grits out to Brent. I look at Brent to find him standing on his feet, while throwing glares at Isaac.

I never asked Brent about yesterday.

”What had you warned him about? ” I asked. I look around to find students watching us. And sign in relief when I see a few men emptying the place.

Isaac Rodriguez doesn want rumours.

”She is my best friend and from your one threat, I will not stop meeting and talking to her. In fact, who are you to tell me to be away from Roxanne? ” My eyes widened at that.

Isaac **ing black threathen my best friend to stay away from me. I glare at Isaac, him being oblivious to all my glare.

”She is **ing MY FUTURE WIFE….. ” I look around wanting to see who heard his revelation and sign internally when I see the whole campus de-peopled. ”I have every right to tell you to stay away from her. ”

With anger blazing in my eyes, I look at his hand holding mine. With my last look at him, I bit his hand hard.

Instantly his grasp on my hand loosens and I pull my hand towards my chest. I caressed the place where he was holding me, as it was burning there.

Finally his eyes turn to me and I get surprised seeing his expressions taking a 90° change.

”Was I holding you tightly? Let me che….. ”

”Don **ing come to me. ” I shout. That doesn stop him. ”I said don **ing come to me. ” I shouted again. But he didn heed to my words.

”Let me just check that. ” He says. His whole focus was on my bruised hand.

Whats the use of showing concern when he was the reason because of whom I got it in the first place.

I take a step back when he reaches closer to me. In an instant Brent comes in between us. His huge height and broad back hides me from Isaac.

And the very next minute Brent is thrown towards the side as I cry out.

”DONT FUCKING COME IN BETWEEN ME AND ROXANNE. ” With watered eyes I eye Brent whos on the ground.

I make a run to him but get stopped by a hand banding around my belly.

He turns me in his arms so now I am facing his chest. I try to move away from him but his arms around me are way too tight. I can feel his arms on my bare belly as my crop top has ridden up.

”Lets go. ” He whispers.

”No. ” I spat. ”Leave me. ” Without giving a care to my words he swivels, lifting my body slightly up so now my feets are on his he starts walking.

”I said leave me. ” I struggled on his arms, I hit his shin with my shoes, but except for a hiss he didn lose his arms. He throws me inside his car.

Instantly I latch for the door, but it gets locked. I glare at him as he gets inside through the other side.

”Don look at me like that, love. ” He says.

”Then how should I look at you? ” I ask tauntingly.

”With love and…. ” I move back when his face comes insenly close to mine. ”and like you want to eat me just like how I want to eat you. ” My breath hitches. With a flick on my nose and a peck he moves away.

He grabs his laptop and starts typing vigorously on his laptop, completely forgetting the earlier ordeal.

”Why the ** did you do that to Brent? And who are you to threaten him to stay away from me? ” His hands, stills on his keypad. ”Remember he is my best friend. He is very important to me. If something happens to him or he gets severely injured because of you you will see the worst of me. ” I threaten.

He looks at me. ”Is he more important than me? ” He asked. His hardened face and straight lips emitting anger.

”Yes. ” I say as I look away.

”You should always think before answering me, love. I am a very possessive man…. ” I peek at him, to see him getting back to his laptop. ”But remember love, in the future your thinking might change. ”

”Will see. ” I replied back. I am really astonished with his confidence. But he doesn know that in my future he is not included.

”Where are you taking me? ” I asked, in order to change the topic.

”Office. ”

”I don want to. Drop me at home. ” I instantly reply as I fold my hand on my chest.

He doesn answer.

First he beats my bestfriend and threatens him to stay away from me and he is taking me to his office without asking me. And now he is not answering me.

In anger I kicked his car. I am frustrated but it still didn take his attention.

Annoyed, I spat. ”What rights did you have to announce that I will be your wife? I am not your wife and ne….ahhh. ” I bawl when Isaac pushes me back, making my back collide with the door, his hands on my neck, stopping my air passage.

I looked at him with a whimper and his face was radiating anger.

”Remove that thought out of your head. I am warning you one last time. ” My lips part when I feel the shortage of air. Tears well up in my eyes in fear.

I am frightened to my core.

I start feeling darkness and before I can give in the darkness he leaves my neck. Instantly I start taking big gulps of air, coughing vigorously.

I look at him and flinch as a shriek erupts through my lips when he throws his laptop on the floor of the car. Its screen shatters in pieces.

With scared eyes I look away from the scattered pieces of laptop to him.

He was breathing heavily. He looks out of the window. His shoe, tapping on the floor furiously.

I don say anything fearing that he might do something to me. Tears started falling through my eyes.

I can never marry this man.

The car comes to a halt. His driver opens the door for him. He gets out and this time I patiently wait for him to open the door.

I wipe away the tears, not wanting to make a fool of myself.

He opens my side of the door, and I come out. His hand lands on my small back as he guides me in. I don greet anyone, with my eyes downcasted I avoid everyone.

We get inside the elevator. The silence of the elevator was cut through by my sniffling. And I try to stop my sniffling, resulting in erupting a weird voice.

We get inside his office and I obediently sit on the sofa quietly.

I stilled when I heard the steps. A book gets thrusted in front of me. Its the book which I was reading yesterday. I grab it and he goes back to his seat.

I just open the book and get lost in my thoughts.

How will I spend my life with a man like him? He is jolly with me all the time, whatever I do he will always be giving me those smiles. But when I utter even a word of not marrying him his jolly attitude turns into anger instantly.

I will have to think of a way to stop this marriage. But if I even utter a word of protest he will really kill me this time.

I flinch when the book is taken from me. I finally look up to see him sitting on the table in front of me with a straight face.

”I am not going to apologise. I can handle all your tantrums and attitudes but if you utter even a word of protest for this marriage you will see the worst of me. I am a very dangerous man and if you come to know how dangerous I am you will run away. And I am trying hard to not show you that side of me. ”

He cups my face. I got tearful as I remembered his behaviour from earlier.

”I love you. I can do anything for you. I can turn into a man which you desire, I can change my habits, I can change anything and everything for you, the only thing which you have to do is marry me. And we are getting engaged this coming week. ” More tears started falling from my eyes.

He pecks my lips. His eyes land on my neck.

I whimpered, when he caressed the place where the bruise now lies.

”Does it hurt? ” He asked. I don say anything angry at him.

Today he has given me two bruises and I don know how many more are written in my life, never knowing that in future a lot of bruises were written in my fate.

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