Conquer Her

Chapter 7

don even know A of kissing.

”Lick my lips, love. Loosen up, yourself. ” He mutters and instantly he gets back to sucking my lower lip.

I do what he said to do. I very slowly lick his upper lip.

”Fuck yes, just like that love. ” He groans which gives me butterflies in my belly.

I get less on breathing so I flip my head to the side to intake air. He flips my head back to its position as he says. ”Breathe through your nose, love. ”

He instantly starts kissing me aggressively and I remain still as my focus was on his lips, which were soft, unlike mine. Suddenly he thrust his tongue inside my parted lips.

I get overwhelmed by his actions.

He roams his tongue all over the inside of my mouth. I whimper when he bits my tongue. I slap his shoulder at the loss of breathing. He leaves my mouth.

I start taking deep breaths.

”Fuck, you taste heavenly, love. ” I blush hard.

”You were hungry. ” I try to divert his attention. That was my first actual kiss, not just a peck but a kiss and I really liked it.

”Oh, love, now I am full and satisfied. ” Dumbfounded blush creeps up my face. He starts laughing loudly. I get irritated by his laugh.

”Don laugh. ” I shout, annoyed.

Still he keeps laughing. So I storm towards the sofa and grab the book which I was reading earlier. His laughing comes to a stop after a few minutes. I watch him through my peripheral vision to see him back to his work.


After a few minutes I asked. ”Can I check your office? ” Since, me coming here will not end anytime soon I better have a look at his office.

”Um, sure. Wait for me, I will be done in a few minutes. ”

”I am not a baby. I can look around by myself. You can get your work done comfortably. ” With that I get on my feet and trudge towards the door. I get out.

I give a smile to Carla. She, like her boss, just greets me with a good afternoon.

I take stairs as I look at every floor. On floor 10, I found a cafeteria for employees. It was crowded unlike the upper cafeteria, which was for managers and heads.

My eyes catch a very appetizing waffle and without a second thought I make an order for it.

My voice sinks with another voice. I look beside me to see a man with brown eyes and brown hair.

”We only have one piece of that right now. ” The man at the counter says.

”I was the one who ordered first so I am taking it. ” I instantly said.

”I was the one who ordered it first. ” The man with brown eyes says.

I turn towards him as he does the same.

”Mister, be a gentleman and let me have that waffle. ” I say with my hand folded on my chest.

”I am a gentleman but that waffle needs to be in my stomach. ” He replies. I glare at him.

”Now I will not back out from eating that waffle in front of your face. ” I spat. This waffle will be mine.

”Oh my god, this really is tasty. ” I look behind and my eyes widen when I see a woman in her late thirties eating that waffle.

I look back at that man and we both burst out in a laugh.

He offers his handshake as he says. ”Myself Andrew. ” I take his hand in a handshake.

”Myself Roxanne. ” I replied.

We again burst out in a laugh.

”It was nice meeting you, Andrew. ” I say after I overcome the laugh.

”Same here, Roxanne. By the way, in which department do you work? I am in the marketing department. Since I joined recently I don know many people. ”

”Oh, I don work… ” I get interrupted by a voice.

”Roxanne. ” I look behind to see Isaac. He ambles towards me. ”Why were you not picking your phone? ” He asked as soon as he reached me.

”Oh, I didn pay attention to it. By the way, you don know what happened earlier. ” I tell him about the waffle incident while laughing my ass out.

”Oh thats funny. Lets go back, I will get you that waffle. ” Isaac says. I turn towards Andrew and before I can bid him bye Isaac hugs me.

”What are you doing? ” I asked, embarrassed. My voice, muffled due to his chest.

”I wanted to hug you. ” He says, simply. His voice sounded strained but I ignored it. He parts himself from me as I slap his chest.

”You are a boss, what will your employees think if you behave like this? ” I whisper as I fast walk towards the elevator.

His hand lands on my back as he guides me in the elevator.

”Its because of you. You make me do stupid things. ” He whispers back and I just shake my head. When I looked at him, he was looking back.

I turn and see Andrew and all of the people with their heads bowed. Shaking my head we get inside the elevator.

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