Conquer Her

Chapter 8


”Can I leave, now? ” I asked. It has been hours since he revealed the date of our engagement. We had our lunch, basically he worked and I ate.

And I felt bad about eating alone but I didn invite him, since I am still angry by his earlier behaviour. And also because he hit Brent.

I had messaged Brent earlier and he had said that he is fine, just a small cut and swelling.

”Did you not like the books, or do you want something to play? ” I twist my body to face him.

”I am bored being coped up in this room. So I wanna leave. Besides, what are you even getting from me being here? ” I asked.

”I don know. I just like seeing you in my office before my eyes. ” I huff in annoyance even if those words did give me butterflies.

”Will I always have to come to your office? ” I asked. I get on my feet and walk towards the floor to ceiling windows, behind Isaacs study table.

”I am not sure. ” He answered.

The city from here looked tiny and it gave the aura as if I was at the top of the world. I hope someday I will have even a little bit of that power.

I freeze when I feel his warmth behind me. His hand cup mine, which was flat on the window. His other hand bands around my belly.

A shiver runs throughout my body.

”Do you like it? ” He asked. His voice was heavy.

Clueless I nod my head.

He uncups my hand and removes my hair from one side and pushes all my hair to the other side.

My lips part as my breath hitches when he thrust his face in the curve of my neck. I whimper as my neck still hurts from his earlier hold.

His thumb caressing my bare belly.

”Is it painful? ”

I gulp the lump formed in my neck as I mutter. ”Y-Yes. ”

”Then don ever think of refusing to marry me as I could do many more things if you ever refuse to marry me. ” That snaps me out of whatever reverie I was in.

The anger seeps in.

”Are you angry? ” He asked. His other hand cups my neck from front and I whimper again. He caresses the bruise.

”Yes. ” I grit out.

”As a punishment….. ” I take a deep breath in when he gives an open mouth kiss on my bare shoulder. ”you can do whatever you want to me. ”

”Whatever? ” I asked, unsure. And at a lightning speed, I am turned around, my back collides with the window, his body pressed to my front. His knees thrusted in between my legs.

Both of our breaths, mingling with each other.

”Yes, except for refusing to marry me. ” I already knew that. I am not mad enough to demand this as I already know he will not agree with that.

”I am not refusing marriage….ah.. ” I moan as he rubs his knee on my lower region. ”I just want to wait till… ” I bit my lips to stop the moan as he kept rubbing his knee there. I glare at him. ”I want to wait till I turn 21. I-I am still young and I can marry this early. ”

He stops rubbing his knee and removes it from there. I took a breath of relief.

”What is the problem with marrying early? ” He asked. His not angry as I thought he will be.

”Marriage will create a hindrance for my college and studies. I want to give all of my focus to my college and studies. ” I replied.

For me, graduating with good marks is important. I also have to aspire for further studies.

”Even if we are not married, you still will not be able to give all your focus to your studies, since I will be in your life. By marriage I will just make you legally mine. So I think that will not create a problem. ”

”Th-This will be your punishment. ” I say.

After I graduate I will be able to stand on my own two feets and at that time I might be able to refuse this marriage.

He signs. ”Okay. ” My lips twist in a huge smile. ”But we are getting engaged at the fixed time. ” I nod my head enthusiastically.

”You know, it hurts to see you smile this much because of the postponed marriage date. ” He says with a smile. I just smile more broadly. Which makes him smile more.

”At least this made you smile. ” His looks got intense so I looked away as I cleared my throat.

”I am hungry. ” He says. I look at him to see his eyes dilated and instantly I look away.

”You didn eat your lunch. ” I say. Everyone will get hungry if they don eat their lunch.

”Hm. ” I get alert when I feel his hand on my cheeks, his thumb caressing my lower lips.

”Can I kiss you? ” And before I can even answer his lips land on mine. My hands land on his shoulder as his lips suck my lower lip.

I remained still as I didn know what to do. I never had a boyfriend and I didn find interest in romance movies and books so I don even know A of kissing.

”Lick my lips, love. Loosen up, yourself. ” He mutters and instantly he gets back to sucking my lower lip.

I do what he said to do. I very slowly lick his upper lip.

”Fuck yes, just like that love. ” He groans which gives me butterflies in my belly.

I get less on breathing so I flip my head to the side to intake air. He flips my head back to its position as he says. ”Breathe through your nose, love. ”

He instantly starts kissing me aggressively and I remain still as my focus was on his lips, which were soft, unlike mine. Suddenly he thrust his tongue inside my parted lips.

I get overwhelmed by his actions.

He roams his tongue all over the inside of my mouth. I whimper when he bits my tongue. I slap his shoulder at the loss of breathing. He leaves my mouth.

I start taking deep breaths.

”Fuck, you taste heavenly, love. ” I blush hard.

”You were hungry. ” I try to divert his attention. That was my first actual kiss, not just a peck but a kiss and I really liked it.

”Oh, love, now I am full and satisfied. ” Dumbfounded blush creeps up my face. He starts laughing loudly. I get irritated by his laugh.

”Don laugh. ” I shout, annoyed.

Still he keeps laughing. So I storm towards the sofa and grab the book which I was reading earlier. His laughing comes to a stop after a few minutes. I watch him through my peripheral vision to see him back to his work.


After a few minutes I asked. ”Can I check your office? ” Since, me coming here will not end anytime soon I better have a look at his office.

”Um, sure. Wait for me, I will be done in a few minutes. ”

”I am not a baby. I can look around by myself. You can get your work done comfortably. ” With that I get on my feet and trudge towards the door. I get out.

I give a smile to Carla. She, like her boss, just greets me with a good afternoon.

I take stairs as I look at every floor. On floor 10, I found a cafeteria for employees. It was crowded unlike the upper cafeteria, which was for managers and heads.

My eyes catch a very appetizing waffle and without a second thought I make an order for it.

My voice sinks with another voice. I look beside me to see a man with brown eyes and brown hair.

”We only have one piece of that right now. ” The man at the counter says.

”I was the one who ordered first so I am taking it. ” I instantly said.

”I was the one who ordered it first. ” The man with brown eyes says.

I turn towards him as he does the same.

”Mister, be a gentleman and let me have that waffle. ” I say with my hand folded on my chest.

”I am a gentleman but that waffle needs to be in my stomach. ” He replies. I glare at him.

”Now I will not back out from eating that waffle in front of your face. ” I spat. This waffle will be mine.

”Oh my god, this really is tasty. ” I look behind and my eyes widen when I see a woman in her late thirties eating that waffle.

I look back at that man and we both burst out in a laugh.

He offers his handshake as he says. ”Myself Andrew. ” I take his hand in a handshake.

”Myself Roxanne. ” I replied.

We again burst out in a laugh.

”It was nice meeting you, Andrew. ” I say after I overcome the laugh.

”Same here, Roxanne. By the way, in which department do you work? I am in the marketing department. Since I joined recently I don know many people. ”

”Oh, I don work… ” I get interrupted by a voice.

”Roxanne. ” I look behind to see Isaac. He ambles towards me. ”Why were you not picking your phone? ” He asked as soon as he reached me.

”Oh, I didn pay attention to it. By the way, you don know what happened earlier. ” I tell him about the waffle incident while laughing my ass out.

”Oh thats funny. Lets go back, I will get you that waffle. ” Isaac says. I turn towards Andrew and before I can bid him bye Isaac hugs me.

”What are you doing? ” I asked, embarrassed. My voice, muffled due to his chest.

”I wanted to hug you. ” He says, simply. His voice sounded strained but I ignored it. He parts himself from me as I slap his chest.

”You are a boss, what will your employees think if you behave like this? ” I whisper as I fast walk towards the elevator.

His hand lands on my back as he guides me in the elevator.

”Its because of you. You make me do stupid things. ” He whispers back and I just shake my head. When I looked at him, he was looking back.

I turn and see Andrew and all of the people with their heads bowed. Shaking my head we get inside the elevator.

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